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Multi-purpose coconut skincare oil - 100 ml - monoid pluma

Multi-purpose coconut skincare oil - 100 ml - monoid pluma

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Themulti-use organic care oilatCocofor body and hair moisturizes, nourishes and sublime thanks to its high concentration of organic coconut oil. The incontournable dry and sensitive skin in the summer. 100 ml glass bottle.

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Huile de soin multi-usages au cocoMoisturize your skin after the sun !
Did you take advantage of summer to make the full of sun and good mood? do not let your skin make grey mine because it is not hydrated enough. summer can as winter is a test for the skin. exposure to the sun, if it gives a pretty color to the skin unfortunately tends to dry it and alter the protective barrier that constitutes the epidermis.

THEmulti-purpose coconut treatment oilWill allow nourish, moisturize and sublime your skin. an oil composed ofvirgin coconut oilandTiare flowers,which is the basis of a good monoid. coconut brings propertiesnourishings and repairs. very rich in essential fatty acids, lauric acid and myristic acid, it has a relipidating action and is very quickly absorbed by the skin. providing a pleasant feeling of comfort,It will allow feed and sublime your skin but also your hair.

Sound coconut perfume is particularly addictive. this care oil will allow to relax. She's perfectly finesuitable for sensitive skin and dehydrated and will strengthen the natural barrier of the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Your tan is sublimated throughout the summer. the pleasure of the gesture associated with the power of a care.

With its range exclusively made in france, praïa is a brand of organic care concocted with certified cosmos organic formulas. the brand has the particularity to market products without a case. she is also a partner of the association for the protection of boa vista turtles.

Monoï, a multi-purpose product
1 - nourishes the skin: apply the monoid after the shower when the skin is still wet.
2 - relax: add a few drops of monoid oil in a hot bath for a moment of pure relaxation while moisturizing your skin.
3 - takes care of the hair : apply the monoid to your lengths, wrap your hair in a hot towel. A few hours later, make a shampoo.

+ of this coconut care oil
+High concentration of organic coconut virgin oil
+ moisturizes, nourishes and enhances your skin and hair
+ soft and satin skin / hair brighter
+ Perfum Coco irresistible
+ without parabens, without chemical filter, without chemical preservatives.
+a certified formula cosmos organic
+made in france
+ a brand committed to the association for the protection of boa vista turtles

Its main assets
actifs huile de soin Coco Praïa MonoïCoconut oil:Coconut is the symbol of tropical beaches. behind the hard hull of the fruit hides, with its pulp and milk, a true treasure. coconut milk, obtained by pressing the grated pulp, makes the skin soft and supple. It is also from the pulp that you get the coconut oil called also coconut fat. Thanks to its high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is very nourishing for the skin and hair and offers an enchanting odor. it is the most active ingredient in this care oil.

Tahiti's tiara flower:The tiaré flower (gardenia tahitensis) is a species of small shrub with powerful jasmine fragrance, present in much of the peaceful island, up to vanuatu. tahiti tiare flowers mixed in coconut, exposed to the sun for days and days give the monoid, a care oil for hair and skin. flowers are then planted in refined coprah oil for a maximum of ten days due to a minimum of ten flowers per litre. this manufacturing process, common to all producers of tahiti monoid, is a method similar to perfumery swelling. The "recipe" requires some prerequisites such as picking flowers in the early morning and selecting the best of them.

Why use after sun care ?
Even by using sun protection during your sun exposure, your skin has provided a considerable effort throughout this day. sun, salt, wind, sand... all the factors that fatigue and dry your epidermis. It is important to rehydrate the skin and nothing like a care oil formulated with targeted assets to repair the epidermis, soothe it and moisturize it. without a good hydration, your beautiful tan skin will end up in crocodile skin !

Praïa treatment oil ensures a pleasant feeling of comfort after a day of sun exposure. It allows to moisturize, nourish and sublimate the skin and hair. its texture leaves the skin soft and sublime your tan throughout the summer.

Oil care ... not sun protection !
The ingredients of monoid oil are not only natural, but also very healthy. In other words, they are neither allergens nor harmful to the skin. However, unlike the ideas received, this oil has no protection against uva and uvb. It is very beneficial before exposure to prepare the skin and then to moisturize the epidermis, but certainly not during! attention therefore, this oil is not a sun protection since it is not enriched as a protective filter.

User advice
The monoid naturally freezes below a temperature of 25°C. to enjoy its benefits, even during the winter, pass the product under a hot water net. this product does not protect from the sun.

This oil is ideal to moisturize daily or in a special way during the holidays. for better penetration of the product, apply it to wet skin at the outlet of the shower.

To relax after a long day, pour a few drops of oil in your bath. Be careful not to slip out of the bathtub !

For soft hair, you can quite make an oil bath with your monoid. After applying the oil (don’t have the hand too heavy, otherwise you’ll have trouble rinsing everything), paint your hair to properly distribute the product and wait for about 20 minutes. Then wash your hair.

The oil can also be used to massage or massage.

Learn more about the real tahiti monoid

Fleur de Tiaré

Definition of the monoï de tahiti according to the name of origin : The monoï of tahiti is the first cosmetic product to have obtained a name of Origin. Since 01.04.92 the ingredients used as well as the process of manufacture of the monoid of tahiti are rigorously specified by decree 92-340 after which: “the monoid of tahiti is the product obtained by the maceration of tiare flowers in refined coprah oil, extracted from coconut harvested in the geographic area of French polynesia in the stage of ripe nut, on soils of origin. These nuts must come from the coconut tree “Cocos Nucifera” and the tiare flowers of the plant species “Gardenia taitensis” (flora of candolle) of polynesian origin harvested at the stage of button...”

Ingredients inci
Coconuts nucifera oil, perfume (fragrance), linalool, gardenia tahitensis flower, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, tocopherol, farnesol, benzyl alcohol

* ingredients from organic farming.
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
96.5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Conservation time: 12 months after opening

Certification:This after sun care is natural and certified organic cosmos by ecocert.

Conditioning: 100 ml glass bottle.

Zoom on actions of cabo verde natura 2000

1% pour le corail

The praïa brand is committed to the cabo verde natura 2000 association to remit 1% of its sales to the nail. This association was founded in 1998 as part of a life project, which gave its name to theong. From the outset, the organization develops several projects and initiatives for the protection, conservation and management of the environment, the natural resources of Cape Verde, and the social development of the local population.

The collaboration of local, national and international organizations and institutions, through grants and assistance, is the source of a large number of conservation and cooperation projects to help and protect the natural resources of this archipelago.

The objectives of the association:

- preserve the natural resources of Cape Verde by adequate management, focusing mainly on key or threatened Aboriginal species, such as marine turtles, birds, marine mammals, etc.

- training local and international staff; focus on academics following environmental studies, but remain open to all interested persons.

- raising awareness of the use and sustainable management of the natural resources of the archipelago.

- improve basic infrastructure that contributes to the development of the Cape Verdean people (education, sanitation, water supply, etc.).

For more information on sun creams and protections, please consult our thematic folder.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
100 ml
After sun

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Sophie T.

J'adore !!

Très bon produit. L'odeur est juste top !! La texture aussi. J'aime bien l'utiliser pour les vacances, c'est plus pratique en camion ou en camping plutôt que de faire mon mélange habituel huile de coco et aloé vera !
Seul inconvénient, si la température est trop basse, il faut faire fondre le monoï en faisant couler de l'eau tiède sur le flacon ... A utiliser donc quand on n'est pas pressé !
J'ai également essayé la version odeur Fleur de Tiaré et on se croirait direct en vacances !! Au top !!

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Multi-purpose coconut skincare oil - 100 ml - monoid pluma

Themulti-use organic care oilatCocofor body and hair moisturizes, nourishes and sublime thanks to its high concentration of organic coconut oil. The incontournable dry and sensitive skin in the summer. 100 ml glass bottle.

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