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Himalayan Salt Sphere USB Lamp - Zen Arôme

Himalayan Salt Crystal USB Lamp Sphere

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Look at my beautiful crystal ball ... of salt :) Discover this lamp made of real Himalayan salt crystal. A luminous object as beautiful as it is enigmatic. The warm orange light it emits creates an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. To offer or to offer!

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This beautiful luminous object has certainly already caught your eye when passing in front of the windows of decoration stores. As beautiful as they are enigmatic, it captures our attention and offers us a unique spectacle.

Advantages of this salt lamp

Himalayan Salt USB Lamp

+ A fascinating decorative object providing a soothing soft light

+ Block of salt carved by hand and shaped by craftsmen

+ Nomad, plugs into a USB port

+ Possibility of connecting it to the mains (adapter not supplied)

+ Each lamp is unique, of different shape, color and intensity

+ Helps to purify and deodorize your interior

+ Neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your electrical appliances

+ Naturally increases the production of serotonin promoting sleep

+ Improves mood, concentration, relaxation and a sense of well-being

+ Can help limit light in the evening while enjoying dim light

+ Reduces stress and seasonal depression

+ Ideal for a relaxation session

+ Block of salt extracted from the largest salt mine in the world, a real guarantee of quality

+ Guaranteed realization without working with children

An enchanting natural decoration

This salt lamp is hand carved and crafted. Each lamp is unique, of different shape, color and intensity. It is mounted on a wooden base and plugs into a USB port. Once lit, the fixed orange color that emerges from it offers an astonishing and magical spectacle. You will inevitably appreciate the atmosphere as well as the soft, sensual and relaxing light.

Its natural look and perfectly spherical shape blends perfectly with all decor styles and all rooms.

Purify and deodorize your interior

Indeed, the salt crystal is known as a natural deodorant and purifier of your interior. Salt lamps purify the air with the power of hygroscopy. This means that they attract water molecules from the surrounding medium and then absorb those molecules along with any foreign particles they carry into the salt crystal.

Moreover, when the lamp is lit and produces heat thanks to the bulb placed inside, this same water then evaporates in the air and captures the particles of dust, pollen, smoke, harmful particles.

Himalayan Salt USB Lamp

Beneficial negative ions

Salt crystal naturally emits negative ions. These negative ions will have the ability to neutralize electromagnetic radiation. Place the candle holder near the computer, your smartphone, the television and any other electrical device that you use frequently to reduce the potential danger of this radiation.

In addition, these negative ions are useful in countering the positive ions naturally present in the air. Positive ions are said to drain you of energy (or drain your body of energy), while negative ions help collect pollutants to get rid of them, and rejuvenate body and mind.

Once negative ions reach the bloodstream, they are said to produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin, a chemical hormone that helps relieve depression, relieve stress, and promote daytime energy.

Using a crystal salt object daily promotes better quality sleep and improves both mood and concentration.

By eradicating positive ions from your indoor environment, crystal salt helps reduce stress and promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. The soothing and zen orange color that emanates from it also helps to soothe you but also to fight against depression and seasonal depression. When autumn arrives, for example, many people are affected by this feeling of depression due to the lack of sun. The salt crystal helps the body and the mind to cope with the fact that the sun sets earlier. Objects made of salt crystal are also used in chromotherapy to reconnect body and mind and to improve inner balance.

You can absolutely use this candle holder as part of a meditation or yoga session. It is a real ally in terms of sophrology and creating an environment conducive to relaxation. 

Himalayan Salt USB Lamp

Do I have to leave it on all the time ?

No, you don't have to light the lamp constantly. The salt does its job of capturing and radiating naturally. But the heat given off by the bulb combined with the Himalayan salt increases the spread of negative ions which eradicate the positive ions.

In addition, if the degree of humidity of the room in which it is placed increases and the lamp remains off, it may "weep" and deteriorate. It is a natural phenomenon. The salt picks up the humidity in the room and the lamp begins to crumble.

For salt lamps, bulbs of at least 15 watts are usually used, depending on the size of the lamp. It remains important that they generate heat for the salt lamp to have its ionizing and hygroscopic effects.

LED bulbs can also be used in these lamps, but keep in mind that these bulbs do not emit the same heat as a filament bulb. Therefore, in this case, the salt lamp would only have a decorative effect.

Origin and source of these blocks of salt ?

Cutting a block of salt with a circular saw

The candle holders we offer are made from salt harvested from the Khewra salt mine in northeastern Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalayan range.

These blocks of salt were formed over 250 million years thanks to the slow drying of the sea and the simultaneous elevation of the mountain range.

This salt mine has a total of 19 levels where the extraction takes place (including 11 underground). From the entrance, the mine extends up 730 meters into the mountain. The total length of the galleries is about 40 km. The underground part covers an area of at least 110 km². About 70% of the extracted rock salt is intended for industrial use. The remaining 30% is edible.

This rock salt, extracted from rocks dating back millions of years, is pure, without additives, non-iodized and rich in iron. Its pretty pink color is due to the oxidation of the iron contained in it.

The candle holder is carved from a plate of pink salt. It is then shaped and hollowed out to allow you to place a candle in its center. The manufacturer Zen Arôme guarantees us that no child of the country is exploited either in the salt mine or for the manufacture of the candlestick.

In which rooms should this salt lamp be placed ?

Himalayan salt usb lamp

A salt lamp is a light that provides soft and warm lighting. It will bring a bit of its magic wherever it is installed: living room, bedroom, kitchen, office... Be careful, however, not to place it in a humid room.

As explained above, a salt lamp has the particularity of absorbing ambient humidity. It is therefore recommended not to place it directly on a piece of furniture but to use a support. The wooden base attached to the base of the lamp is already a protection. But it may be insufficient if your room is loaded with humidity. Forget the idea of placing it in your bathroom or in your laundry room.

Inside your home, the temperature should stay around 19°C with a humidity level of around 40-60%.

Technical specifications

- Dimensions : Diameter: approximately 8 cm / Height: approximately 8 cm

- Weight : approximately 500 grams

- Materials : Himalayan salt crystal, Pakistan origin; wooden base.

- Possibility of connecting it to the mains using a suitable adapter : see the model in question here

Learn more about the Zen Arôme brand

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Himalayan Salt Crystal USB Lamp Sphere

Look at my beautiful crystal ball ... of salt :) Discover this lamp made of real Himalayan salt crystal. A luminous object as beautiful as it is enigmatic. The warm orange light it emits creates an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. To offer or to offer!

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