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Eucalyptus citriodora, pmd, P-menthane-3,8-diol or citriodol®, ,

a natural repulsive

Application d'un répulsif à base de PMD ou citriodiol

Definition of pmd

He carries different names : eucalyptus citriodora, p-menthane-3,8-diol, paramenthane-3,8-diol, pmd, menthoglycol or citriodol®.

It is a naturally occurring repellent in very small amounts in the essential oil of the leaves of the lemony eucalyptus (corymbia citriodora), an endogenous tree of australia, but now cultivated in most hot places in the world.

This essential oil is known in the United States under the name "oil of lemon eucalyptus" ("lemon eucalyptus oil").

It was registered by the European directive in biocide products (bpd) 98/8/EC.

It is the only derivative of an active natural compound that can be used as insect repellent in the United States and in europe.

This product fits into the composition of repulsive products that can be applied to the skin, clothing or other surfaces in order to repel insects, such as mosquitoes.

Is the pmd toxic ?

When used in accordance with label indications, p-menthane-3,8-diol is not a hazardous substance to humans or the environment.

Risks to human health
the pmd belongs to the category of toxicity 4 (practicely non-toxic) for oral irritation, skin and skin, but in the category of toxicity 2 (moderately toxic) for eye irritation. Therefore, its use is generally safe, but care must be taken away from the eyes and especially with young children. Therefore, when using this type of product, follow some basic rules:

  • Don't put in your eyes.
  • Do not apply on the face or hands of small children.
  • Do not spray directly on the face or near, but spread on the face and neck using the hand.

Risks to the environment:Due to low toxicity and limited use the pmd is not considered harmful to the environment

Effectiveness of the pmd

natural pmd is as effective as the deet in the duration of action and repulsive effect. the deet has for many years been the reference for measuring body repellants.
Cdc (center disease control) has recognized the "oil of lemon eucalyptus" (ole) as the only natural substance derivative that can repel mosquitoes carrying the Western Nile virus.

This natural active ingredient is effective against a wide range of flying and creeping insects that seek to spike you to feed. It repels mosquitoes, flyers, sand flies, flies, fleas, as well as ticks, leeches, chicks, Augustats, flies, ants.

Is it effective on all insects? Generally, it works well with the most part of insects but it does not work with spiders and stinging insects: bees, wasps, frelons, etc

But whatever the active matter or concentration, no repulsive is 100% effective since a bite on 4 or 5 would be done through the clothes.

The efficacy and duration of action are very variable depending on the concentration of the product and for the moment there has been no "mastic resistances" or a decrease in the effectiveness of the repellants over time.

Natural or synthetic pmd ?

Pmd can also be synthesized, but a study shows that repulsives using synthetic pmd mixtures are not as effective as those containing natural mixtures.

This finding is generally applicable to all molecules that are synthesized. For example, eucalyptus is known to be less effective than eucalyptus.

Recommended repellants

The Ministry of Health has considered as effective as anti-body mosquito repulsives (2009) the products composed with the following four main molecules: the deet, the picaridine, the IR3535, the P-menthane diol (pmd).
Some formulations contain essential oils but their use is not recommended.

Sun protection

In case of need, sun protection must have penetrated the skin and a 20-minute delay is recommended before the repulsive application.

Pmd and children under 30 months ?

The pmd that comes from the essential oil of eucalyptus citriodora , appeared in the ird table (Institut recherche développement) of January 2006 for use from 3 months.
The main biochemical components of eucalyptus citriodora are terpenes: monoterpenes, monoterpenols, terpennics, sesquiterpenes, including lemonella (≥74%).
The Afssaps counter-indicates products based on terpenes in less than 30 months due to the risk of convulsions (although exceptional and dependent on the administered dose).
The pmd having a close molecular structure and a presence of terpenes (0.35%), the afssaps, as precautionary measure and pending more information decided not to recommend the pmd below 30 months. But at the moment, no cases of neurotoxicity have been recorded and no adverse effects have been reported during the chikungunya outbreaks at the meeting in 2006, while more than 100,000 pmd-based packagings have been provided to the population.

Natural body protection against insects

We offer 4 body protections, whose active ingredient is pmd:

1 - The Anti-insect lotion spray for skin Penntybio, concentrated 25% of pmd. it contains no gases, no products of origin of synthesis, no alcohol but only vegetable oil. it can be used to remove all spike-sugar insects and so premunite you with their bites (bedroom, mosquito, tick, red pouch, etc.).

Skin insect repellent lotion spray

Penntybio insect repellent body lotion , thanks to its active ingredient, Eucalyptus citriodora extract , is effective against...
In stock

2 - The lotion Anti-moustics aries, concentrated at 20% pmd. Effective against European and tropical mosquitoes. Without propellant gas, compressed air spray, 100% active product. free from synthetic products.

3 - The lotion Anti-tic aries, concentrated at 20% pmd. The natural solution, specially designed to effectively protect your skin from tick bites. Without propellant gas, compressed air spray, 100% active product. free from synthetic products.

4 - The lotion Anti-mosquito moisturizing aries, concentrated at 13.2% pmd. Effective against European and tropical mosquitoes. protects mosquitoes and moisturizes your skin with the shea butter it contains. Without propellant gas, compressed air spray, 100% active product. free from synthetic products. offers up to 6 hours of protection.