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The scabies mite


Who are the scabies mite ?

The scabies are infectious, highly contagious dermatoses, whose agents are mites related to ticks and spiders.

We distinguish 3 types of scabies

The ruminants are affected by 3 types of scabies :

  1. Psoroptic or common scabies (Psoroptes ovis): the parasite lives on the skin or under desquamations. Common in sheep, it causes very important waterings on the entire surface of the body.
  2. Sarcoptics (sarcoptes sabei var. bovis or var. Ovis): the hollow parasite of tunnels in the skin. Common to cattle and sheep.
  3. Chorioptics (chorioptes bovis): the parasite lives on the skin or under desquamations at the paws and feet of animals. Common to cattle and sheep.

When the presence of Psoroptic or Sarcoptic scabies is detected, the livestock must be quarantine and treated.


The scabies mite, a nuisance for animals

In general, scabs affect the health of animals in four different ways:

  1. Skin damage that can get worse in dermatosis.
  2. Blood loss.
  3. Allergic reactions.
  4. Bacteria vectors that create ideal conditions for the development of infectious diseases


How to eliminate the scabies mite on an animal?

Spray our parasites ALT'O ZINSECT spray or gel after cleaning the animals (brush or washing and careful drying).
Depending on the extent of lesions, one to two sprays at 15 days interval are recommended.
It is recommended to make a continuous film on the entire animal and to insist on areas with lesions.
For sheep, tond areas before treatment and apply our insect repellent ALT'O ZINSECT spray


Attention, the scabies mite is very contagious

In the case of scabies mite at your home (persons or pets), it is important to treat the environment of the subject affected. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to treat bedding and clothing (if they cannot be washed at 60°C), but also shoes, mattresses, armchairs, ...

To treat, you can use all insecticides used in the fight against mites:
1. Insecticide Small insects (4J diluted to 1.5%). Preview 500ml / 5 m2 of treated surface.

2. You also have the ability to use the anti-atile spray ECODOO (alcohol + pyrethre)

3. The third solution is to deal with the anti-atile spray ARIES (alcohol + neem)

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Insecticide 4J diluted 1,5% - Special...

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Frequently asked questions about the scabies mite

Q: Hello, and thank you in advance if you can advise us before order on which product spray against the scabies mite. Very cordially.
R: If it is for an animal, the treatment of the scabies mite can be effective with our insect repellent ALT'O ZINSECT. Also, if it is for man, do not hesitate to see on the side of neem oil or essential oils such as Tea tree or Girofle.