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The woodlouse


Who's the woodlouse ?

le cloporte - Porcellio scaberLatin name: Porcellio scaber
Order: Isopods
Family: Porcellionized
Size: 10-15 mm
Location: local in general wet
Period: all year



What you need to know about the woodlouse

le cloporte - Porcellio duboscquiYou may not know that, but the woodlouse is not an insect as such. He is one of the few earthly crustaceans. Breathing by gills, this 14-leg insect can only live in particularly humid parts. Feeding mainly mold foods or decaying vegetable materials, this insect is found only in uninhabited premises or cellars.
Among the 160 species listed in France, some species can perfectly resist a dry atmosphere.
Although rare, you can, following certain climatic conditions, have a sudden invasion of this charming insect in your home, even perfectly dry. Although it is not very pleasant to have hundreds of woodlice that walk around all over your house, it must be remembered that this insect is totally harmless for you, for your provisions and even for your clothes. Don't worry, in general, these sweaters don't last very long! .


How can we eliminate the woodlouse ?

1 - In a house, look for the water leak and delete there. In a cellar, remove any waste that could feed it.
2 - Treat infested areas with our anti-spam oil, also usable on the woodlouse (the neem contained in this product acts as a repulsive against the woodlouse).

3 - Sprinkle all infested or passing places with our datum earth.For action in the smallest corners, small holes and interstices difficult to access, prefer thespray diatom in the form of aerosol.


The products you need against woodlice

Directly access the detailed product data sheets to fight woodlice.

Diatomaceous earth – Kieselguhr Celatom -...

Diatomaceous earth (also called Kieselguhr Celatom) is a completely ecological and natural insecticide that helps fight against...
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This is what the woodlouse looks like in motion