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The cellar beetles


When you went down to your cellar, you found yourself in front of the cellar beetle ? Discover in this folder a set of answers and products that will allow you to fight this insect at best.


Who's the cellar beetle ?

le blaps -Blaps mucronataLatin name: Blaps mucronata
Order: Coloptera
Family: Darkness
Size: 2 to 3 cm
Location: any wet place (cave, pantry)
Period: all year


What you need to know about cellar beetle

Originally living in caves, this apter insect has easily adapted to all dark, humid and quiet places. Feeding from decomposition organic matter, such as rodents, its population generally grows along with rats or mice.

These other names give cold in the back : "Scarabée funèbre", "Scarabée puant", "Presage de mort"...

This beetle has a bad reputation for several reasons. First, he attends the dark and unsafe places and when he is debushes, instead of leaking, he stands arrogantly by lifting his rear train, and if you don’t take care of it, he sends you a nauseabond jet and stained by aerosol. His ecology and his behavior are thus sufficient to his disgrace, his black and dull color only blackens his image a little more.


How to eliminate cellar beetle ?

1 - Start by removing the origin of organic matter and evacuating all wastes that can serve them as food.
2 - Drop a few cockroach traps Infested areas.

3 - Spray directly on visible insects our insecticide All Insects Aries based on pyrethre.

4 - Sprinkle all infested or passing places with our datum earth. For action in the smallest corners, small holes and interstices difficult to access, prefer the spray diatom in the form of aerosol.


The products you need against the cellar beetle

Directly access the detailed product sheets to fight the cellar beetle.

Diatomaceous earth – Kieselguhr Celatom -...

Diatomaceous earth (also called Kieselguhr Celatom) is a completely ecological and natural insecticide that helps fight against...
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Here's what the cellar beetle look like in motion