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The history of the Lavera brand

It was the 1970s. And instead of being satisfied (or not) with traditional cosmetics, Thomas Haase, the founder of the Lavera brand, preferred to take a closer look at natural active ingredients and devoured the old specialist literature on cosmetics. He soon found that natural cosmetics offered an alternative to meet his skin's needs. He set to work with the idea of developing natural cosmetics that met the highest standards.

In a very small series, but with the highest standards in terms of organic ingredients and effectiveness, he created his first product: a lip balm. This is the cornerstone of the lavera brand, which is winning over more and more people, even abroad, and is still included in our range today.

A success story, including for the region
Since we were founded in 1987, we've manufactured almost all our products here in the Hanover region of Germany. And there's no reason for that to change. Because we can guarantee the highest quality of our natural cosmetics, make an effective contribution to preserving natural resources and, in everything we do, ensure respect for people and nature.

Nature is true

It's no coincidence that our name, lavera, comes from the Latin "verum", meaning "true". Because each of our natural cosmetics products embodies purely natural beauty care, and therefore the only true beauty care.

We know that nature offers us everything we need for beautiful skin and hair. For over 30 years, we've been deciphering its secrets and using them to develop unique compositions of active ingredients for each of our natural cosmetics: sensorially convincing, long-lastingly effective and tailored to the skin's every need.

What drives us 
We want everyone to be able to look after themselves in an exclusively natural way. That's why every day we work with passion and enthusiasm to produce the very best natural cosmetics that meet the highest standards. Through our actions and our products, we want to make our contribution to preserving the world.

Lavera, all for nature !

Protecting nature, the habitat and source of all our actions

From the moment we extract our raw materials, we ensure that they are of the highest quality (organic) and, if possible, of local origin. We do everything we can to reduce our energy consumption and already buy 100% green electricity, 20% of which will be produced by a large photovoltaic installation in 2023.

We also use as much recycled material as possible in our packaging, and are constantly striving to reduce the amount of packaging used in our products. The active protection of animals has been close to our hearts since the very beginning. Most of our products are already vegan. We have also been on PETA's positive list since November 2020.

Moving forward
It's great to see our commitment to sustainability recognised. Especially from independent juries and institutions. Since 2016, we have consistently held a place in the top 5 of the German Sustainability Awards. 

In 2020, we were also recognised as a GREEN BRAND for our sustainable and ecological actions, for the fifth time in a row. But lavera's commitment is also recognised abroad, with lavera winning coveted awards for its sustainable actions such as the "Victoire de la Beauté" in France and the "Free From Skin Award" in the UK.

Lavera is a climate-neutral company
Sustainable development isn't just a buzzword for us: it's been part of our corporate culture since the company was founded.

And on a holistic level. Since 2017, we have been striving to make our CO2 emissions climate-neutral by taking appropriate measures in our regional production chain and supporting climate protection projects. 

In 2017, we were able to make our paper folding boxes carbon-neutral by purchasing carbon credits and thereby supporting a climate protection project in Kenya (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001, no. 1008/1075), in 2019 we took a further step with certification as a "carbon-neutral company" (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001) and since November 2020 all our products have also been climate-neutral. 

We were able to achieve the latter two targets thanks to new emission certificates and support for additional climate protection projects in Peru (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001, no. 1114). In addition, we have been reforesting forests in Germany since May 2021, helping to make Germany's forests more climate resilient. 

This year alone, we will be planting the first 30,000 trees in degraded forest areas in the Hanover region, in collaboration with the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald and ClimatePartner. We have thus taken another step towards even greater environmental sustainability.

In order to obtain the "climate-neutral company and products" certification, we scrutinised our entire value chain and drew up a climate report for the 2018 financial year.

The data, collected in strict compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, was meticulously checked and confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. As a result, we knew how much CO2 had to be offset, and since then we have been paying the corresponding fixed amount each year to ClimatePartner certified climate projects (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001).

We are also constantly striving to reduce our CO2 emissions through energy-saving technologies and optimised processes throughout our production chain. For example, our new logistics centre in Bantorf was built to the highest possible energy-efficiency standards. 

Our high standards of quality and sustainability must also be reflected in the low energy requirements and low pollutant emissions of our company buildings.

Thanks to modern technology such as heat recovery pumps and twelve-centimetre-thick mineral wool insulation in the ceilings and outside walls, we can save 82,000 kg of CO2 per year. The planned large-scale photovoltaic system will provide additional energy-saving potential.

Lavera, a commitment to sustainability

How we support climate protection projects
Climate protection projects that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are also development projects. These projects benefit local populations and are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

We offset our company's CO2 emissions by supporting ClimatePartner's forest protection project in Peru (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001, no. 1114). 

This is helping to preserve the unique Tambopata rainforest. Without the project, the forest would disappear in around fifteen years, and with it not only the unique flora and fauna, but also the livelihoods and incomes of the 400 or so families who live in the 300,000 hectares of rainforest in the Amazon region. 

As well as preserving the forest and making careful use of its natural resources, the project aims to provide a secure income for the local people, for example by promoting the development of sustainable small businesses and through the production of soap and oil and the cultivation of Brazil nuts.

Through our support, we aim not only to protect the forest, but also to raise awareness that the forested areas of the Amazon region are important and valuable habitats that must be preserved. 

"Thanks to the project, we can take care of our forest and ourselves. Now everything will be better."

Felicitas Ramirez from the municipality of Alegría 

Our 2nd climate protection project was launched in Kenya (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001, no. 1008/1075). Here, in collaboration with ClimatePartner, we are supplying drinking water to the local population through the use of water filters. 

Thanks to lavera's commitment, 28 million litres of drinking water have been supplied and the disease rate has fallen by 41% in recent years.

To find out more about our climate protection projects, visit the ClimatePartner website.

Knowing exactly what's inside

In an increasingly complex world, it's essential to be well informed. Clear, independent labels on packaging make our decisions easier and are reassuring. Take, for example, the fact that 100% of our products are certified natural cosmetics. Each product goes through long and complex certification processes, designed to guarantee our customers transparency and safety, so that they know exactly what they are buying thanks to a whole series of labels.

We comply with mandatory standards
For several decades in Germany and Europe, very different criteria were used to assess natural cosmetics, causing a great deal of confusion.

That's why, since 2009, the majority of our products have been certified to the internationally recognised NATRUE standard, one of the strictest in the world. It specifies exactly which natural, nature-friendly and nature-identical ingredients may be contained in each product and in what proportions. Our hair care range is certified according to the strict and independent COSMOS standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

The Lavera warehouse in Germany

At Lavera, it's all about the plants
Since 1945, Britain's Vegan Society has been awarding its famous Vegan label. It has adorned our products since May 2004 and has now conquered a large part of our range. It certifies that no animal ingredients have been used, such as sheep's wool wax, for example, which we have almost entirely replaced with purely plant-based substances thanks to technical innovations.

Quality first and foremost
For us at lavera, it's always been clear that we wouldn't compromise on the quality of our natural cosmetics. That's why we're openly committed to using natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. For over 10 years now, lavera products have carried the organic logo, which we developed ourselves and which represents almost 300 organic plant ingredients, organic plant fluids and organic plant complexes, most of which we produce ourselves in the Hanover region.

We don't beat about the bush
It's a common misconception that silicones are a miracle cure for shiny, smooth hair. Our innovative hair care range offers a natural alternative, with active formulas that allow the molecules to attack superficial damage to the hair, smoothing it and leaving it feeling soft. As a result, the scalp - the foundation of healthy hair - remains intact.

Good news for anyone suffering from gluten intolerance
In our lip care products, we absolutely avoid using ingredients containing the problematic gluten protein. This means that lavera natural cosmetics can also be used safely in cases of gluten intolerance.

Totally green
The "Green Brand" distinction meets some very strict requirements. The experts in charge examine every stage of the value chain, from the extraction of raw materials to product design, including suppliers, transport routes, research and development, manufacturing, packaging, all levels of distribution and the disposal of empty packaging. A brand really has to do an exemplary job at every level for Green Brand to award it the coveted seal.

Lavera Naturkosmetik - Certified quality
We manufacture all our natural cosmetics in the Hanover region of Germany, where we have had a closed competence and value chain for many years. This enables us to ensure the highest quality at every stage, from production to recycling, and to do everything we can to preserve resources and respect people and nature.

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