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Sommier earth

Terre de Sommières

Sommier soil is in the form of a powdered clay, often ochre-colored (even if there are different shades: white to purple, passing through pale brown and green).

It is an ultra thin smetic clay that can absorb up to 80% of its water weight. This land is a great dry dish without halo, oil, butter, diesel, makeup, etc. on fragile surfaces such as textiles (even silk,) furniture fabrics but also carpets, leathers, marbles, granite, cabinets, floors (tile, stone, parquet, concrete). it also absorbs and neutralizes many other types of spots: urine on cushions, wine spots on the tablecloths, etc.


A little history on the land of sommières

Sommier soil was discovered at the beginning of the 19th century near the village of sommières near Montpellier. on site its artisanal exploitation has always been reduced (production of a few hundred tons) and limited to mainly French consumption.

The first use was the degreasing (wool wash) by absorption of fatty bodies, practiced by the scarons and sheets. It is currently extracted from quarries of the Mediterranean basin, especially at the maroc where it is known as the fez soap.


The benefits of somming soil

+ multi-purpose dry dish
+ absorbs greasy body stains (beurre, oil, makeup, gasoil. without leaving aureole ( thanks to its "micro balls" that roll on the spot without altering the support)
+ neutralizes persistent stains and odors (urine, wine)
+ 100% natural clay
+ non-flammable
+ non-toxic for the environment


Some recipes based on sommier soil

Standard operating mode for dry removal of grease spots: Sprinkle the surface to be treated generously without scrubbing. let act for several hours, 2-3 hours minimum, more if the spot is old. Then rub, stir gently and finally suck to remove the powder, the spot will be gone.

When using it on a case-by-case basis ?

Grease spots on clothing, fabrics and textiles, leather: There are some clothes, fabrics and textiles, hard to wash with water, such as large duvet covers, sofas, butter stained, makeup, etc. Somming soil is quite appropriate to treat this type of textiles. sprinkle in such a way as to cover all the spots. Allow for a few hours, depending on the oldness of the stain, rub if necessary, then remove the powder using a vacuum cleaner. brush the garment, cloth... only when the powder is completely dry. This method works in many cases: grease stain on leather boots, suede, makeup on a leather bag, stains on clothes, ties....

Oil spots on parquet :Start by eliminating the excess fat left by the oil, with an absorbent paper or a drinker, then sprinkle the soil of somming generously on the stain, without scrubbing, and let act at least 2 to 3 hours. gently rub the powder when it is impregnated with the stain, then suck. if the stain persists, renew the operation.

Stains of wine or sweet drinks:Sommier soil will perform miracles to remove a red wine spot from a cloth (cloth or garment). Sprinkle with sommier soil on the wine stain, allow for at least 3 hours and remove the powder that has absorbed the wine stain.

Urine spots on cushions, carpets, armchairs:In addition to its very absorbent qualities, the soil of summaries fixed odors. same operating mode as previously. very effective for the little pee of our dear children (or cat of the house) on parquet, carpet, carpet, car seat ...

Supprimer tache d'urine avec la terre de Sommières

Waxing spots on waxed furniture:Take a clean and soft cloth, imbibrate it with a bit of terebenthine and somming soil. Then slightly stamp the wax spot on your furniture or parquet floor. Leave for half a day. aspirate, then iron ink to protect.

Candle spots:First, gently remove the candle wax with a thin blade or a wooden spoon. If there is still a candle lay down absorbent/buvard paper and pass a hot iron on it, ( wax recess). Finally, sprinkle the seedlings. wait for one night, the next day brush the residues that will be "discollected", then suck.

Acheter de la terre de Sommières

Oil or grease spots on granite or marble:Start by sprinkling the stain of fat with somming soil. Allow 2 to 3 hours (see half day). remove the powder using a vacuum cleaner, or a broom. If the stain is recalcitrant it is possible to make a paste by mixing the soil of sommers and the essence of turpentine. combine the 2 ingredients so that the mixture is pasty and can impregnate the pores of the stone. Apply the dough with a brush, and let it work between 12 and 24 hours.

Paint stains: oil painting: Sprinkle the stain generously with sole soil! wait a few hours then remove the powder that has destroyed the spot. If the stain persists, combine somming soil with terebenthine gasoline. then use the same operating mode as previously.

For handicrafts or mechanics:Dirty hands after auto or motorcycle mechanics or DIY, we know, but how do we get rid of it? clay lands such as somming soil combined with water are very effective. add water to the seedlings, to obtain a paste, rub your hands. The mixture will remove the largest. finish with black soap in paste.

Make his soap detach :Traditionally used to increase the detachment of soaps in proportion to 10% of somming soil to be incorporated into the soap in liquid phase and then dry.

By deodorizing inside:Place a little powder in the litter, in the ashtrays. Sommier soil will naturally act to deodorize your interior.

Absorber une tache d'huile avec la terre de Sommières


General remarks on the soil of summaries

1 -It is important not to let the stain immerse itself, and act quickly by removing the maximum fat from a paper. Avoid taking a liquid dismantling or using water to remove stains on an absorbent support (wood, leather...) as this could worsen the situation (the liquid penetrates and enlarges the stain). Use somming soil to remove the greasy spot and apply it generously on the spot.

2 - If the stain is old, it must be warmed to the hair dryer, or with an iron for the wax (of 2 layers of paper wiped-all in this case) before sprinkling it with somming soil. the more the stain is old the more it will be necessary to renew the operation with the soil of sommières, until the stain disappears. Sommier soil is suitable for grease spots on wool or carpet. brush the garment, cloth... only when the powder is completely dry.


The technical characteristics of the seed soil

- 100% smetic clay without treatment
- Absorb 80% of its water weight
- non-flammable
- ph around 8.5