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Eau Thermale Montbrun

Logo Eau Thermale Montbrun


Zoom in the village of Montbrun les Bains

Located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Baronnies Provençales, the municipality Montbrun les Bains enjoys an exceptional climate. Ranked in the most villages of France, Montbrun les Bains, 600 m above sea level, is blotti between Mont Ventoux and the Montagne de Lure, a fertile basin, protected from Mistral and watered by two rivers (Anary and Toulourenc). An oasis of sun and light with lavender and thyme scents...

The water sources of Montbrun have long been highly sulphicated and the Romans understood it well. Montbrun les Bains was a very fashionable station from the 16th century to the revolution. In 1865, the Marquis de Suarez d’Aulan built a spa facility copied on that of Baden-Baden.

Montbrun then becomes a city of important water cited as an example in medical circles.

This thermal water is known to relieve rheumatism, respiratory tracts and dermatological disorders of many curists who return to it every year


The Magic Water of Montbrun les Bains

Over the last 20 years, and surely for a longer time, the mineral composition of the water is particularly stable and balanced.
The thermal water of Montbrun has a magnesian calcic sulfur profile rich in silica with a spontaneous release of sulfurated hydrogen.

The richness of minerals and trace elements gives it remarkable properties in its spheres of predilection but also in the dermatological disorders and skin protection. Hypothermal, fairly important mineralization, they have a protective action against allergies and stimulate immune defenses. Its properties, known for a long time, have a trophic, fibrinolytic, anabolic and stimulating nutrient exchange in particular arthrosic. Apart from this fundamental sulphur action, it is very likely that the trace elements present play a significant role.

The mineral composition and the virtues of the trace elements and minerals of the Montbrun Thermal Water in the joint field:

Composition de l'Eau Thermale Montbrun

  • Silice: 20 mg/L stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Sulfates: 1360 mg/L
  • Hydrogenocarbonates: 274 mg/L
  • Fluoride: 1,31mg/L catalyses collagen synthesis
  • Calcium: 614.8mg/L in the form of tricalcic phosphates, structure bone
  • Magnesium: 39.72 mg/L is involved in the development of cartilage and bone that contain twice as much Magnesium as soft tissues
  • Potassium: 1.6mg/L is prescribed in cases of high sedimentation speed in inflammations.
  • Lithium: 0.08mg/L its interest resides in its relaxed properties, necessary in case of rheumatism.
  • Strontium: 12.7mg/L promotes bone formation.
  • Copper:
  • Manganese:
  • Zinc:
  • Bore: 63ng/L is involved in calcium and bone metabolism and promotes the multiplication of bone fibroblasts


Thermal water Montbrun is born the cosmetics Montbrun

Eau Thermale MontbrunWith water as qualitative, it was logical that a team of engineers work cosmetics. The laboratory has therefore specialized in the manufacture of natural cosmetic and dermatological care. By following a strict specifications, the technicians ensure the removal of the Montbrun thermal water directly from the drilling site. The water is then transported into tanks of one ton to be analyzed before being used in the manufacture of different products.

In the laboratory, the team manages both research and development, bulk manufacturing and finished product packaging.
During the development phase, all products are tested repeatedly to ensure total safety and efficiency. During manufacturing, products are controlled at all stages to provide care free of all internal and external defects.


The range of dermathologie Montbrun

The dermatological range Montbrun offers treatments combining the benefits of the thermal water drawn directly from the source of Montbrun les Bains to previously selected assets ensuring optimal efficiency and safety.

The mineral composition of the Montbrun thermal water is particularly stable and balanced with a calcic sulfur profile rich in silica and selenium ideal for sensitive skins. The richness of minerals and trace elements gives it remarkable soothing and anti-irritating properties particularly suitable for sensitive and reactive skins.

All treatments in this range are hypoallergenic and without essential oils. The formulas are of natural origin (between 99% and 100%), and certified organic by ECOCERT.

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