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Khadi® Natural Cosmetics

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The history of the movement Khadi

The movement Khadi was founded in 1920 in India under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. The aim was to promote the products of Indian villages, as opposed to industrial products imported by the English colonial power. The objective of Khadi remained faithful to the initial movement: favouring the rural economy to improve the living conditions of the population. This involves excluding intermediaries and paying producers in a fair manner. Prices are set in advance and harvests are pre-funded.

Natural Ayurvedic cosmetics Khadi® are developed in collaboration with Indian experts from Ayurveda and incorporate medicinal plants, which are also used for Ayurvedic remedies.

Khadi® combines traditional Indian manufacture with modern requirements of natural and organic cosmetics. The products are produced under Ayurvedic license in India, close to plant harvesting or cultivation sites, and are certified according to the most demanding standards in Europe including the regulation of BDIH.


Commitments Khadi

- Products formulated based on medicinal plants,
- Double certification : Ayurvedic license and BDIH
- Respect for producers Indians of raw materials,
- Vegetable colors that cover white hair in one application,
- Without artificial dyes, no paraben, no perfume additive, no mineral oil, no preservatives, no dyes, no peroxide or other chemical additives.
- 100% Vegan - No test is performed on animals, whether the final ayurvedic product or the ingredients.



Literally science (Veda) of life (Ayus in Sanskrit), it is the oldest traditional medicine. Ayurveda has been recognized as a full care method since 1982 by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Medicinal plants

The formulas Khadi integrate medicinal plants which are also used in Ayurvedic remedies. The products are produced under Ayurvedic license in India, close to plant harvesting and cultivation sites. Shampoos contain at least 20% plants, flowers or fresh fruit.


Respect for people

Khadi buys its raw materials directly to Indian local producersaccording to the principle of Equitable trade. The brand is committed to helping to maintain rural employment in India: all plants are collected by the inhabitants of the region.


The tradition restored to the taste of the day

Vegetable colors Khadi (100% powdered plants) are the fruit of ancestral Ayurvedic preparations and are simply unique in their combination and quality. All colors can be mixed together to get a unique tint among an almost infinite palette of colors...