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Greenpeace, the Cosmetox Guide

le guide cosmetox With its 64-page guide, Greenpeace questions both cosmetic manufacturers and consumers.
Based on the new regulations being developed at the European level (the REACH project), Greenpeace, for the sake of consumer information, has decided to ask French cosmetology and perfume companies to know their policy on the use of toxic substances.

The question is also asked to consumers.

Without abandoning innovation, let's already opt for cosmetic products without toxic substances and think more about product quality rather than quantity.
By consuming better, we will also consume less.

You will find on our website of shampoings, of shower gels , of the makeup, of detergents,. guaranteed without petrochemicals and whose efficiency is at least equivalent or better!

Invasive industrial chemistry

At present, more 100 000 industrial chemicals are in free circulation in the European market. Their world production grew from 1 million tons in 1939 to more than 400 million tons today!
Most of these chemicals have been marketed under a permissive European regulation, without a relevant assessment of impacts on health and the environment, especially over the long term.

In our body

200: This is the number of synthetic chemicals that can be found in our body today, making it a real receptacle for potentially dangerous substances.
Year after year, this body pollution increases and becomes increasingly complex.
However, very few scientific data exist on the long-term effects of most of these pollutants, in particular on their possible interactions (cocktail effect).

Here are some of the serious health effects associated with persistent and bioaccumulative substances:

  • Testicles, ovaries or breast cancers.
  • Fertility loss and decrease in viable sperm count.
  • Growth and development anomalies.
  • Damaged immune system.

You can find the entire guide by going on guide-cosmetox.pdf or on the website Greenpeace