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Borage vegetable oil

Fleurs de Bourrache

Origin of Borage oil

The boraginaaceae family (borago officinalis) is an annual plant measuring 30 to 80 cm. It is covered with stiff whiteish hairs, see spicy. if this plant probably comes from sponge or maroc, it has now colonized Europe and the whole france. We find it on the edge of the paths or on abandoned grounds.

If its current name "scratch" appears around the 13th century, its name would first come from the abou rach (sweet).

This very mellifer plant was once widely cultivated as a food, condimentary or medicinal plant.

The flowers and young leaves were consumed. Currently, the leaves are mainly used after drying in decorative as sudorific or soothing. from August, the flower falls, leaving 4 black seeds to appear, from which we will extract the borage oil.

huile végétale de Bourrache ladrôme

Production of organic botanical oil

Découvrez l'huile végétale de bourrache biologique

The flowering of this plant is spread over two months and the picking of the seeds must be mature, which obliges the producers to spread the crop. the manufacture of stuffed oil is traditional.

The seeds, after collection will be stored away from heat and light and dried naturally, without the use of preservatives. In the lower country, tarpaulins are installed under the plants while in usa, a vibration system causes the fall of mature seeds.

As the seeds are often attacked by the charançon, obliging producers to treat, it is best to consume organically grown stuffed oil.

A virgin oil will be obtained by mechanical processes and filtered by physical means.

Drunken oil is a relatively expensive vegetable oil, yet this plant is very common in our regions.

Cela is explained by 3 reasons:

1 - its culture is difficult

2 - its delicate harvest ( spread over 2 months)

3 - its yield is low (20% dry weight)

Composition of borage oil

Two polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in this oil:linoleic acid (37-39%) which is the essential fatty acid precursor of the omega-6 series and gamma-linoleic (19-23%) found in the literature under the name gla or agl.

There are also other fatty acids like oleic acid (18-20%)palmic acid (10-12%), stearic acid (4.7%), vitamin e, minerals and erucic acid (1,2-1.6%) .

All these components confer remarkable properties to ionate oil, both internal and external.

Acrylic is an essential fatty acid that must be imported since our organism cannot synthesize it. the agl participates in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, brain, hormone system. . it is in borage oil that the percentage in agl is the highest (minimum 18%) .

Properties and uses of borage oil

Four main components are found in this oil:

- L’linoleic acid which belongs to the family of omega 6 is indispensable. A deficiency in omega 6 may have significant effects on our skin (scalp dry skin, and tarne) but also on nails.

In the skin, linoleic acid cannot be transformed into an agl and it is known that a deficit in gamma-linoleic acid can lead to a dermal drought with squames formation and a strong keratinization.

- L’acid Gamma-linolenic or agl intervenes on the synthesis and maintenance of epidermis cells and helps to naturally reduce inflammation and skin redness.

- THEoleic acid, which can be found up to about 20% at the property to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, which promotes elasticity, suppleness and hydration of the skin. it also has the properties to feed and protect very dry skins. oils rich in oleic acid such as borageness are particularly suitable for dry skins and more specifically for mature skins.

- L’palmitic acid is an important component of the skin barrier and the acid layer of the skin. It is a saturated fatty acid like the Steatric Acid.

All these components give the oil to stuff well-known properties by those who want to preserve their "property".

It will be your beauty ally in the case of dehydrated skin, brittle and fragile nails. It will help prevent wrinkles formation and will allow the skin to regain flexibility and tone. this oil, which effectively intervenes to improve the suppleness and hydration of the skin, proves to be of great interest in the fight against stretches. The interesting properties of the stuffed oil have prompted manufacturers to use it in many cosmetics such as: cleansing milks, facial lotions or beauty creams.

The ostracian and borage oils are close enough, so which one to choose ?

If the ostrich contains less linoleic acid than the ostrich, it still contains more gamma-linolenic acid. they both have interesting properties but, in external use, for skin problems, the stuffing oil is probably more suitable. for the undecided, there is also the solution to make a mixture equally of each !

So the oil of borage, in external use, is a real beauty treatment for your skin, nails or hair. it also solves many epidermal problems: abnormal drought, redness, allergies, ..

- smooth effects on wrinkled, tired and devitalized skins.

- action against premature skin aging

- preserves or restores flexibility and firmness to the skin

- significant capacity to regenerate cells

- moisturizing action that will promote restoration of protective lipidic film and fight drought and fragility of skin cells

- protects the skin from sun, wind, cold, pollution

- helps to repair brittle nails

It can be used both for the face and for the body, nails or hair, pure or mixed, with other vegetable oils for massages, but it is mainly in wrinkles treatment that it will be the most interesting.

To carry out an anti-wrinkle treatment of the face, just apply the pure drunk oil directly to your face by gently massaged up to complete oil penetration. a massage morning and evening, for a minimum of 1 month, on areas particularly subject to wrinkles, will allow a double action anti-age treatment:

1 - fade the existing wrinkles.

2 - prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Attention: the stuffing oil is easily oxidable. it must be kept away from light and heat.

Discover the vegetable oil of organic borage