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Argan organic vegetable oil

Origin of argan vegetable oil

Graine d'arganier

Argan oil is extracted from the oleaginous almond of the argan tree. L’arganier (argania spinosa,) of the sapotacea family is an endemic plant species that grows wild only in the arid and semi-arid zones of the south-west Moroccan. argania spinosa is the name that was attributed in 1911 to this curiosity of nature. It has been present for more than 80 million years at the maroc. This epic tree, which can reach 8 to 10 meters high and live up to 200 years, is easily recognizable in the Moroccan landscape. Arganary forests are quite sparse (about 30 trees per hectare). the fruits of this tree contain an oily almond from which the oil is extracted mainly by hand, despite a recent introduction of the mechanization of the process. production being very low and demand very strong in recent years, it has had the effect of making its selling price rise sharply. For millennia Berber women have used this oil for its cosmetic and food benefits. in those regions where climatic conditions are extreme, argan oil has always been involved in regenerating their skin, strengthening their hair and protecting them from sun and wind attacks.

Production of argan vegetable oil

Découvrez l'huile végétale d'argan biologique

Argan oil is mainly manufactured in women’s artisanal cooperatives south of the maroc. fruits, generally harvested during the month of August are dried in the sun to facilitate recovery of theamandon. to harvest this one without damage, the nuts are laid on a stone and struck with a hammer.

If for argan oil "food" amadons are roasted to give it a hazelnut aroma, the "cosmetic" quality does not undergo this treatment, which gives it a clear color and a very light fragrance. to finish and as for all quality oils, the extraction of argan oil must be carried out using suitable mechanical means that guarantee that the temperature does not exceed 60 °C. The oil is finally decanted and filtered on paper. in an artisanal cooperative, you need a 10 hours and 30 kilos of fruit to produce 1 litre of oil.

Composition of argan vegetable oil

Argan oil is very rich in fatty acids (≥75%), mainly in oleic acid (43 to 49,)% and linoleic acid (29 to 36%). We find it, in some of them huile végétale d'argan ladrômelower proportionspalmitic acid (from 11 to 15,)% of thestearic acid (from 4 to 7%) and many other acids such as myristic, pentadecanoid, palmitoleic, heptadecanic, α-linolenic (C18:3 n-3), arachidic, gadoleic, behenic.

It contains, in addition to these fatty acids tocopherols (600-900 mg/kg) with provitamin e activity, sterols (220 mg/100 g) including schottenol (44-49 %) and spinasterol (34-44)%

Sterols intervene directly in skin defense processes by regulating the mechanisms of inflammation. a structure similar to dhea, they participate in the renewal of the hydrolipidic film, in maintaining the structure and function of the cell membrane, they accelerate the synthesis of skin phospholipids and give a firmer appearance to the skin. it therefore participates in soothe, repair and nourish your skin.

Vitamin e is one anti-oxidant powerful. it helps protect your skin and to combat effects of aging.

Oleic acid (omega-9) nourishes the skin, makes it softer and softer but also brighter.

There are other assets such as triterpenic alcohols containing lupéol, with anti-inflammatory properties well established and helping to protect the skin.

Properties of argan vegetable oil

Studies in maroc and europe have confirmed the benefits that Moroccan women have contributed to this precious oil for centuries. the analysis of its composition only made it understand the reasons for its many properties. rich in essential omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin e, polyphenols and sterols, argan oil is full of virtues such as:

- facilitate repair and regeneration of the skin,

- to fight early aging and skin weakening,

- nourish and strengthen the skin, hair and nails,

- act against skin drying and physiological aging (wrinkles,),

- help restore the hydrolipidic film,

- relieve skin irritation,

This precious oil is suitable for all skins. Its richness of essential fatty acids and vitamin e make it an ideal oil for dry, even very dry skins.

Uses of argan vegetable oil

Pure or mixed with other components, the argan vegetable oil is used as well in light massages on the face as well as in local application on particularly dry areas of the body it is simply applied the oil and it is penetrated by a light massage of a few minutes.

Cosmetics and argan oil

Day cream, night cream, hair care, shampoo, serum,. the list is long of cosmetics that contain the precious argan oil but in what proportion, or at what price. ?

It is often indicated "enriched" or placed as the last ingredient of a composition. this precious oil will probably be mixed with synthetic ingredients. Obviously prefer pure and natural argan oil from organic farming, you will not be disappointed with the results.

11 reasons to use argan oil

1 - Argan oil assouplit, nourishes, moisturizes and nourishes your skin:

Due to its composition and mainly its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil is an ally in the daily care of your skin. it nourishes your epidermis and contributes to the regeneration of its cellular tissue.

2 - Argan oil slows skin aging

Vitamin e, contained in this oil, thanks to its property anti-oxidant, neutralizes free radicals and combats the effects of skin aging. its smoothing and smoothing effect makes it possible to blur recent wrinkles. a skin that is not regularly maintained will lose its elasticity. Skin aging will be accentuated and with, the possibility of early appearances of wrinkles or gutters. Argan oil is a natural anti-aging treatment that helps to fight the aging of the skin. We should all use it from the first fruits of adulthood.

3 - Argan oil against drying your skin

Use this oil regularly maintains a good level of hydration of the epidermis, avoiding as well as the skin dryes prematurely. it will bring the appearance of the wrinkles.

4 - argan oil helps reduce excess sebum

It may seem surprising to reduce excess sebum by using vegetable oil but according to many testimonies, the results are there. It is assumed that by promoting the restoration of the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis while letting the dermis breathe, the argan oil then contributes to a good regulation of the production of sebum. but be careful, to be effective, massages must be delicate in order to avoid overproduction of sebum related to the stimuli of the sebaceous glands, very sensitive to the rubbing of which they can be the object.

5 - Argan oil fades the kernels

To fade your circles a day or a little long night, just apply a few drops of argan oil on the contour of your eyes and perform a slight massage of tired areas for about ten seconds.

6 - Argan oil after tanning

The excesses of sun greatly accelerate the aging of the skin. the skin becomes dry and less elastic. it pigments small spots and wrinkles are more marked. back from the beach and after the shower, you have to rehydrate in depth, reconstitute the hydrolipidic film.

Argan oil will feed it, soothe inflammations and sublimate your tan.

7- Argan oil, a care for your hair

Argan oil works on the entire hair system it feeds, restores and protects thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and vitamins e. It is therefore recommended as a restorative care for dry hair, damaged by "bad treatments" such as sun, salt, cold, aggressive colors, etc. or against the appearance of forks.

It will fortify the scalp, bring shine to the hair while rejuvenating their natural and silky softness. apply argan oil from root to tip; distribute the product well; wrap the hair in a hot towel, then, after about 20 minutes, wash them with its usual shampoo. Unlike what one might think, argan oil does not scratch the hair, so it can also be used pure on fatty hair, followed by a specific shampoo that will act on excess sebum.

8 - Argan oil, lip care

In winter, dry and cold air promotes the slender lips. the argan oil with its moisturizing and regenerating properties, will protect your lips from the cold, feed them in depth and give them flexibility to avoid their drying. Apply a few drops of argan oil on your lips and then gently massage them by rubbing them to each other.

9 - Argan oil, an oil also for massage

Although rich in lipid, it is an oil that quickly penetrates the epidermis and leaves no fat film. Argan oil can therefore be used as a massage base, either pure or mixed with other ingredients (plant oil, essential oil, ...).

10 - Argan oil, hand care

To keep hands soft, it is enough to do, every morning after the shower, a slight massage of these with a few drops of argan oil.

11- Argan oil, a nail care

Like the skin, the nails deteriorate, dry and break with the cold, water, detergents, etc. Argan oil can help to nourish and strengthen them.

To restore brittle nails, nothing like lemon mixed with vegetable oil. we can use fresh almond oil or argan. Massage your nails, two to three times a week, with a mixture consisting of a tablespoon of oil and a lemon juice fillet. lemon juice can be replaced by a few drops of essential lemon oils. If you have time. a trempage of your nails about ten minutes in the same mixture will be even more effective.

Argan vegetable oil in massage

Massage is the fastest way to enjoy the benefits of an essential oil.

Create your own massage oil, using "soft" and non-aggressive essential oils. the total concentration of essential oils shall not exceed:

Oil for the face: 1 to 2 % (20 to 40 drops for 10 cl)

Body massage oil: from 2 to 5% (40 to 100 drops for 10 cl)

Here are some ideas of mixtures:

- against the squeezed hands: an equal mix of these four essential oils is particularly effective: true lavender, geranium rosat, cedar atlas, palmarosa.

- for normal or mixed skin care: we can use the essential oils of palmarosa, carrot, rosewood, geranium and Ylang-Ylang

- in the case of superficial burns or sunburn: true lavender or aspic

- the essential oils of carrot, geranium rosat, patchouli and true lavender will help the argan oil in skin easing, in the prevention of stretches for example.

Attention : to use only after the first 3 months of pregnancy.

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