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Questions-Answers on Maintenance Products

Q: Would I like to know if the disinfectant products for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet... bio disinfect as much as normal cleaning products based on bleach or other water? more I would like to know if the bio laundry cleanses the linen?
R: Yes, our disinfectant is approved anti-bacterial and fungicide provided that the dosage must be at least 0.4% or 1 l for 250 l water. It is certain that our laundry is less "aggressive" than some commercial laundry for both tissue and tasks but the result is very correct. In addition we can use the bleaching and possibly for certain tasks a detachment before washing. Given that many customers order us regularly I think they are satisfied with it.

Q: After using the laundry powder Lerutan A few days ago, the dishes went out all dirty, so right now I start a new washing but it doesn't change anything, so I'm very disappointed with this product. And since that day against my heart, I have to use another product, now I don't know what to do with the remaining 5 kg of powder
R: Our dishwasher powder SPOUN LAVAGE is an eco-product that contains neither phosphate nor synthetic anticalcaire, in accordance with the Nature & Progress specifications. Indeed, depending on the region where you are located, the water is more or less limestone. In the case of a very hard water, one observes the deposit of a white film on the dishes. This phenomenon can be amplified by the fact that the technological evolution of dishwashers makes them consume less and less water and therefore in the absence of synthetic sequesters, it can remain more trace. Dishwasher powder is the most complicated detergent to formulate when you guarantee to use natural ingredients. Our recommendations: To deal with this problem, we recommend to sprinkle the dishes directly with a little bit ofliquid rinse (1 to 2 pressure on the SPOUN RINCAGE bidon) before launching the rinsing cycle and ensure that the vents of the dishwasher propellers are not obstructed. To recover the state of your dishes on which the white deposit is already located, we recommend that you make a rinsing cycle alone by having watered the dishes directly with a little rinsing liquid in advance.

Q: I want to buy 100% biodegradable healthy products. Note all components on your LERUTAN ex LESSIVE LINGE packagings anionic and non-ionic agents on coprah enzymes essential oils. I compare with ECOVER which notes zéolithe agent whitening active soude silicata citrate polypetides enzymes I have the impression that your laundry is less polluting while ECOVER is also guaranteed I don't know if I have to trust all these products sold in BIO store. How to make the right choice?
R: Yes, the Nature and Progress logo on each product requires us to respect a very strict specifications on the composition: 100% natural on plant basis, 100% biodegradable.

Q: I am allergic to formol and its derivatives (quaternium 15...). Does your dish liquid contain such preservatives? I would like to find a product that allows me to do the dishes without gloves!
R: Our products do not contain any of these additives. They are totally on a non-aggressive plant basis. You can use our products without gloves.

Q: Can you tell me about your maintenance products? Are these products not harmful to septic tanks?
R: All our maintenance products are 100% vegetable they are guaranteed organic but also 100% biodegradable so no problem for septic tanks, the products are digested by the bacteria of the pit.

Q: I'm currently using your concentrated liquid laundry, but having two children who get a lot of salt, I can't always get all the work done, so I was wondering if your concentrated powder laundry wouldn't have a better efficiency (since I'm not going to come back to a "chemical" laundry!!!
R: In the liquid laundry, you have no bleaching. This one is sold separately. However, in the laundry white powder, you have a bleaching incorporated. But it is important to know that the bleaching only acts from 60° C. You also have the possibility for some spots to rub them before washing with some pure laundry.

Q: Je has just acquired a 1.5 litre bottle of concentrated liquid laundry of the Lérutan brand. I read behind the manual: 1 to 1 1/2 inch for a 5kg machine. Is the "doll" the bottle cap? I put 1 1/2 cap in the washing compartment of my washing machine and it seems very little to me.
R: All 5-litre laundry cans are sold with a doset of 60 ml. For 1.5 litre bottles, the cork acts as a meter.

Q: Can you confirm that the washing and rinsing water used with your products can be recycled as garden watering: plants shrub flowers...
R: Yes and no. Our products are 100% biodegradable but for this, you must leave the time for bacteria to do their work as in a septic tank or in the decantation basins of a treatment plant. So you can use it for watering but alternately with fresh water.

Q: I'll send you this email to find out if, regarding the Lérutan liquid laundry, a dosette fits well 60 ml as you had specified in a previous mail. I find that it takes a lot of laundry to wash (on the packing instruction it is specified that it takes 2 to 3 doses for a 5 kg machine) and with a 1 kg can we do not do much washing. I thought organic laundry was more concentrated so less need of products.
R: The dose is 60 ml. The quantities indicated on the box are given for a very dirty linen with a very hard water. You can without a problem decrease them. Two doses are usually enough. We also have liquid laundry concentrated in 5 liters or there, the doses are divided by 2.

Q: I would like to know if your maintenance products have the European School.
R: No the ecolabel must be requested for each product reference and is very expensive. Only large companies can afford to get the ecolabel. So we've contented ourselves to the Nature and Progress label, which is one of the most demanding labels. For more information, do not hesitate to consult his details on our special page "Labels and Certifications".

Q: I have a very limestone water, and I wouldn't want to install a softener. What do I have to do to get a soft linen out of the washing machine and pleasant to iron, to wear? Knowing that I am against industrial softeners thanks for the answer.
R: We have an alkalis or sequestrant in our catalog. It is precisely intended to soften water during washing. We also have a 100% natural softener that can be used for some textiles. Personally, I use it with towels and linen.