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The pioneer of natural and organic cosmetics

The history of the laboratory Logona is closely linked to the history of "biouvance" in Germany. Created in 1977 by the naturopath Hansel, Logona Today plays a leading role in controlled natural cosmetic laboratories.


Innovative by nature

The laboratory is one of the founders of the first natural cosmetic charter, the "natural controlled cosmetic", the BDIH specifications. Today 100% of its products are certified on the basis of this demanding charter.

Since its creation, the laboratory has been the source of many innovations: from the first 100% vegetal hair coloring to the first "natural cosmetic" certified anti-aging treatment, to the first range of shampoos with sugar-based tensioactive...


The best of plants

To extract plant assets, Logona cold extraction in a water mixture - glycerin - organic alcohol. The extracts are made on the site, which allows the laboratory to have a comprehensive control over the quality of its extracts.

Logona has a unique installation in Europe: for 4 hours, the water mixture - glycerin - alcohol crosses dry plants (75 - 100 Kg per manufacture) under a slight pressure. The extraction is accelerated and intensified by an ultrasound emitter, which "opens" the cells of the plants. The result is a really intense fragrance extract. It must be diluted so that a novice can determine the species used.

Logona integrates between 1% and 5% of plant extracts into its formulae.

All plants extracted on site come from organic farming.

Quality inspires confidence

High-level technicians thus ensure continuous quality control and continuous improvement of products. The design of cosmetics without synthetic preservatives requires a very careful handling of components and products. Logona chose to make its cosmetics according to the pharmaceutical standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise).

With nearly 200 employees and integrated professional training in the company, Logona became a substantial agent of the local economy. The company remained faithful to its values: with 35 years experience, the laboratory has reached a real maturity today. His approach and values ensure his longevity.


Guarantees Logona

- For 35 years, Logona is a pioneer of natural and organic cosmetics,

- Certified "natural cosmetics controlled" by the BDIH,

- Products formulated without petrochemical derivatives (paraffin), without silicone,

- Without synthetic preservatives (parotene type),

- Without colorants or synthetic fragrances,

- With certified organic oils and plants,

- Not tested on animals.

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