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Ecodoo, the best friend of the house

Ecodoo offers a complete range of eco-products that affects all day-to-day tasks of the house: cleaning, maintenance, dishes, laundry care, atmospheric deodorisers, insecticides, recycled household paper and personal hygiene paper.


Ecodooa pioneering approach

From his creation, Ecodoo collaborated with Ecocert in the development of a repository, which has the merit of laying the foundations of a workbook whose proper execution is controlled. The first ecological product put on the French market was the cream to recur Ecodoo in July 2006. .


Ecology and Effectiveness

- Active principles of plant and/or mineral origin.
- Biodegradable raw materials.
- No oil derivative and no coloring or synthetic fragrance.
- Products conforming to Ecocert-certified "Ecodetergents and Ecodetergents with Organic Ingredients".
- Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
- Recyclable packaging, reuse of packagings, no overpacks, no bisphenol A.
- Dish liquid bottles are made of 100% recycled PET
- The ranges of dishes and lesivielle are formulated without preservatives, 100% natural
- Made in France.



- Very good value for money.
- Concentrated formulas: less water and more active ingredients.
- Multifunction products: a basic function and complementary functions.
- Containers and caps suitable for a dose just without overconsumption.
- Concentrated formulas to increase product quality and efficiency.
- Sweet formulas respectful of health and the environment.
- Effectiveness of use comparable to conventional products.
- Traceability of raw materials for a quality guarantee.


Ecodoo dedicated itself to the essentials!

- Efficiency for generations, Essentials Ecodoo are the first range of household products that cover 100% household tasks.
- 6 easy-to-use products.
- All made in France.
- Certified Ecocert.


The ecological detergent repository

Created by Ecocert for maintenance products, the "Ecodetergent" repository aims to fill the absence of regulations and/or repository for detergents based on natural substances and without petrochemical tensioactives. It is a quality guarantee to the consumer that will recognize products made with natural substances and environmentally friendly processes.


Comparison of ingredients according to the different existing references

Aqueous phase tap water
source water source water
Tensioactive anionic, non-ionic, amphotery: synthetic or natural anionic, non-ionic, amphotery: synthetic or natural, easily biodegradable
anionic, non-ionic, amphotery: of natural origin, easily biodegradable
Assets aggressive: chlorine, ammonia, caustic soda, volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene, hexane) aggressive: chlorine, soda, ammonia, strong acids, volatile organic compounds limited to 10% in the product
natural origin: vinegar, small milk, citric acid, lime carbonate, plant extracts
Addendums perfume, colorant and synthetic curator (formaldehyde, triclosan, phenylphenol)
perfume, colorant and synthetic curative (1.3 dioxane, chloracetamide)
Referential: essential oil, natural colour (caramel, carthame) and preservative (sorbic acid)


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