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Logo Cosmo Naturel

With its 45 years of experience in organic cosmetic formulation, the Gravier laboratory has designed the range Cosmo Naturel to meet the daily requirements of each person in terms of body hygiene and facial care. Combining its experience in the selection of raw materials (primary materials exclusively of natural origin) and its know-how in organic cosmetic formulation, the Laboratoire Gravier offers through its range Cosmo Naturel highly successful products in terms of consumer ecology and safety and that meet the efficiency and user pleasure requirements that consumers are looking for.

The Laboratoire Gravier has declined through Cosmo Naturel several body hygiene and facial care solutions for the needs of each type of skin and hair, using varieties of plant and organic active ingredients. This range is distinguished from others by its concentration in active ingredients, its extreme softness in contact with the skin and hair, and its fresh, fruity, exotic or floral fragrances, very pleasant.

The range is made without paraben, silicone, PEG-free, phthalate-free, and without classic synthesis preservatives, perfumes are 100% organic essential oils. No cosmetics Cosmo Naturel is not tested on animals, in accordance with the cruelty-free cosmetic charter established by One Voice and the laboratory supports as a precursor in France.


New formulas in 2020

The range has responded for many years to the new specifications of Cosmetics Bioecological Nature AffectProgrès. But Nature and Progress recently decided to modify its specifications by keeping only unmodified products to unprocessed raw products. By making this choice they exclude 90% of the industry that have been doing, like the Gravier laboratory for years of the "Green Chemistry". This is why all the products of the range Cosmo Naturel are now certified COSMOS ORGANIC according to the COSMOS repository: Without sulfate tensio-active, so without ammonium lauryl sulfate, without sodium lauryl sulfate, without coco sulfate.


Cosmo Naturel - range with donkey milk

The donkey milk has been recognized for thousands of years for its exceptional virtues. Of a remarkable composition, very close to that of human milk, it was already considered by ancient peoples as an excellent remedy to soothe all kinds of evils.

Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it is also recognized as a natural tensor, revitalizer and regenerator of the skin. Cleopatra queen of Egypt, was the first to highlight the virtues of donkey milk. According to the legend, she took baths with donkey milk to keep a young and beautiful skin... Then, throughout the centuries, the most refined women used it to preserve the softness and shine of their skin.

The Gravier laboratory has developed a range of cosmetic products to benefit from the benefits of donkey milk: soaps, gel bath, shampoo, body milk, day cream.


Cosmo Naturel - range Essential oils

Essential oils "100% pure and natural" guaranteed neither cut nor deterpened nor mixed with alcohol or vegetable oils. These oils, for many, come from areas where the local population does not use synthetic fertilizer. These are often plants harvested in a wild state that are very sought after for their intrinsic qualities.

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