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Natrue is a recent 2008 group of manufacturers of natural and cosmetic cosmetic cosmetics based in Brussels. Initiated by German manufacturers (Weleda and Logona In particular, he wished to acquire an international dimension. It seeks to ensure the availability and diversity of quality raw materials.

NATRUE and its Scientific Committee protect the quality of the label. Independent partners manage the certification process. Each product is controlled by fully independent certification/control bodies.

Le Label NATRUE has a goal: to strengthen consumer confidence in natural cosmetics. It has established a high standard, and strict criteria ensure that all certified products adhere to it.


The product you buy labeled Natrue is as natural as possible, with the following guarantees:

- Natural and organic ingredients

- A limited number of authorized manufacturing processes

- Environmentally friendly practices

- No fragrances or synthetic dyes, no petrochemical products (paraffins, peg, -propyl-, -alkyl-, etc.)

- No silicone oil, no silicon derivatives

- No ingredients from genetically modified plants or organisms (according to the European Bio Standard)

- No irradiation of the finished product or its finished plant ingredients

- Not to be tested on animals


The 3 Natrue certification levels

1 - Natural cosmetics:

This level guarantees maximum naturality.

It is the basis of the NATRUE Label: It defines which ingredients are allowed and how they can be processed. The products of the other two levels must first meet the criteria of this first level.

To respect nature, natural ingredients can only be processed by a limited number of processes. Depending on the type of product, a minimum threshold of natural ingredients and a maximum threshold of natural processed substances must be met.

2 - Natural cosmetics in part biological:

At least 70% of natural ingredients* must come from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild harvesting.

Compared to the first level, we require a minimum content of higher natural ingredients, and the maximum content of natural processed ingredients is reduced.

*seee processed ingredients of natural origin, if applicable

3 - Biological cosmetics:

At least 95% natural ingredients* must be derived from controlled organic culture and/or controlled wild harvest.

In addition, the minimum natural ingredients content is even higher than the second level. Only specific products can reach this level, based on current scientific knowledge. Achieving this level is a real challenge for manufacturers.

*see processed ingredients of natural origin, if applicable

Transparency is a fundamental principle for Natrue. Criteria and all information related to the certification process are available to the public on www.natrue.org.