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BIO EQUITABLE* is the label for companies in partnership with producers from emerging and developing countries.

Producers engaged in BIO EQUITABLE can be grouped into associations or cooperatives. They then sell their own agricultural production and participate in the operation of the association. Producers can also be engaged live with a locally installed private company. They sell their agricultural production and receive technical and financial support services. Finally, production can be carried out within a farm or agricultural plantation. In this case, employees of the structure are paid from their agricultural work. Here, the plantation must provide sufficient guarantees on the working conditions and remuneration of its employee team.

* The label "BIO EQUITABLE" was filed in June 2002 at the INPI in Marseille.


Bio Equitable provides guarantees to producers and processing companies

A mutual commitment on:

- minimum prices (calculated according to production costs)

- volumes

- sustainability of the partnership (at least 3 years)

Depending on their needs, producer groups may request advances on crops or pre-financing from their partner buyers.

A development project is defined over several years to meet the needs of producers and the industry to sustain it. Commitments for social and ecological progress are also made at each link in the chain.


The brand Bio Fairprovides guarantees to consumers

The label is based on respect for the repository ESR of ECOCERT and is subject to annual control by this independent body.

The use of the logo is made under strict and transparent conditions (we will only present here the visual on cosmetic products):