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Cleaning product

Our organic maintenance products

STOP to harmful maintenance products for our health and environment. Discover all our organic maintenance products to be used daily in your home.

From floor to ceiling to linen and furniture, Penn'Ty Bio offers a wide range of more economical and environmentally friendly maintenance products. In keeping with the environment and the whole family, prefer a organic household product without chemicals to preserve the quality of indoor air and your skin.

Noxious ingredients are often too numerous and are unnecessarily useful in your traditional household products, not to mention their negative impact on our health and the planet. Without endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and mutagenics, the organic household product also comes from local production. Your house shines like a new smile and you make a gesture for the ecosystem!

For your soils, windows, workplans ... Formulated exclusively on plant bases, they are certified organic by Ecocert.

Cleaning product

Jasmin express degreasing for cooking -...

The express degreasing eliminates quickly dirt and fat projections, even cooked in the kitchen: wall tiles, work plan, kitchen furniture, table.. It is suitable for food contact with rinsing and...
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Leather care lotion - 500 ml

The leather care lotion is ideal for regular leather care : shoes, clothing, leather goods, leather sofa or armchair. Its spray format is practical and also allows it to be applied without...
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Organic oleo-calcareous liniment - 500 ml

Anaé organic oil-limestone liniment is a highly reputed cleansing milk that can be used for everything: baby's diaper, face and body. But it can also be used for older children as a face make-up...
In stock

Ready to use hypoallergenic multipurpose...

Here is the ultimate multi-surface cleaner. This hypoallergenic multi-purpose cleaner will allow you to clean everything from floor to ceiling while respecting sensitive skin. 500 ml spray or...
Product in stock

Ready-to-use spray disinfectant - 500 ml

This product was developed to eliminate bacteria on all surfaces. He owns one. bactericidal effect according to NF EN 1276. Wherever cleanliness and hygiene must be irreproachable, this product...
In stock

Scrubbing cream with natural enzymes - 500 ml

Arcyvert scouring cream is made from natural enzymes . Certified organic by Ecocert, it is suitable for ecological and effective cleaning of your entire home. Its fragrance, based on pure,...
In stock

Exotic Verbena scouring cream – 500 ml

Lerutan scouring cream makes it possible to clean all dirty surfaces , without scratching or damaging. With essential oils of Exotic Verbena , it is very gentle on surfaces. 500ml...
In stock

Anti-limescale liquid spray 500 ml

This anti-scale Lerutan allows to descale without rubbing the taps, sink, stainless steel... It acts quickly, cleans, makes shine and leaves a fresh and pleasant smell. Bottle spray of 500 ml.
In stock

Liquid Stain Remover with Biel Sodasan -...

The use of ox gall as a powerful stain remover is an ancestral peasant recipe. With its gall liquid soap, the Sodasan brand has updated this "knowledge". The liquid gall stain remover is ready...
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Glass cleaner spray - 500 ml

This product allows you well on clean windows but also many cracked, vitrified, lacquered, stratified surfaces . It is perfumed with essential oils. Flacon spray of 500 ml.
In stock