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The birth of an engaged project

Born on its agricultural lands in the south of france more than 45 years ago with the ambition to offer life better for all, by linking Man to earth Laboratoire Gravier, founded by gravel jeans, made its first productions in 1975, with the idea of offering accessible care to the greatest number and from organic and local agriculture.

As a pioneer of bio, the laboratory participates in the co-creation of the 1st organic specifications for cosmetics and maintenance products, which will come out in the 1990s, thus committing to push back the limits of development and eco-design for certified organic care. The laboratory has always had the ambition to advance its expertise, its formulation excellence in order to push the limits to offer the best products to its consumers.

With this sustainable philosophy, Jean gravier created the world’s first certified organic ecodetergent in 1997 and one year later the first organic certified cosmetic product.

The Laboratoire Gravier, it is also a family story; the transmission of a father-to-son know-how. Jean-François, son of the founder, is a doctor in pharmacy and botanical engineering. He has been passionate about this area since his early childhood, and he is passionately pursuing his father's environmental commitments and is following him 25 years later.


More than 45 years after...

Today, with more than 45 years of experience and innovation, the commitment of the laboratory remains intact: bio is a philosophy and ecology is an engine of progress.

A strong commitment enriched with agricultural and botanical mastery that ensures careful selection of raw materials by focusing on organic and local agriculture, but also the choice of organic and fair sectors.

The force of Laboratoire Gravier also comes from its scientific and pharmaceutical proficiency, a guarantee of a healthy and demanding treatment. the Laboratoire Gravier ensures a strong French production and quality control for eco-designed care whose ingredients are highly concentrated in active, biodegradable and formulated under pharmaceutical control. they contain no controversial ingredient.

It is thanks to all this that the laboratory pushes day after day the limits of bio quality, naturality, safety, concentration and eco-responsibility.

Today Laboratoire Gravier is a human-sized company, with environmental and societal commitments always focused on progress in order to offer the best to consumers and participate in the ecological transition.


Discover the presentation video of the gravel laboratory


Development in France

The Laboratoire Gravier is proud to offer products made in france, especially to lussan in the gard (occitania) since 1975. this village labeled among "the most beautiful villages of france" has exceptional landscapes and natural agricultural lands.
The choice of the laboratory has always been to work with producers in the region. these local supplies provide a careful selection of raw materials from the organic and ecological sector. certain raw materials not produced in france and imported are subject to the same strict regulations and are controlled to ensure their qualities.
These commitments affirm a pioneering vision of bio, allowing to develop natural products, without coloring or synthetic scent while offering formulas tested under pharmaceutical control.


A total control of the production chain

The Laboratoire Gravier attaches great importance to the design, monitoring and realization of the entire production chain in its internal premises. This force allows to control it from a to z starting with the supply of raw materials, the formulation of products, the manufacture, the quality control and to finish the packaging.


A global environmental approach

The Laboratoire Gravier is committed to the environment by setting up its headquarters in a hqe activity area located in lussan, commune of gard, within a natura 2000 zone.

In the middle of nature, this building complies with the requirements of the high environmental quality "hqe", guaranteeing a mastery of external impacts and interior comfort.

The natura 2000 area is part of an approach to the protection of fauna and flora by following the European network of natural sites. a unique world of work, in coherence with the values of the laboratory, within an eco-constructed place or one sees the luxuriant nature at a loss of sight. Since the creation of this hqe structure, many projects have emerged.

The laboratory meets many eco-responsible criteria such as:

- the specially designed battered ground parking to ensure soil permeability, it allows to fight floods, maintain the thermo-hygrometric continuum required for species, develop soil microfauna (insects, snails, spiders...), fight against soil impermeabilisation especially in an activity area.

- rainwater is recovered for toilet feeding and watering green spaces.

- it also has a patio to bring natural light to the offices and save electricity. in production and in storage areas, large-scale velvets contribute to allowing natural lighting of the premises.


Commitment to a collaborative project in agroforestry

In 2021, the gravel laboratory partnered with the agroof scop to contribute to the participatory project of research in Mediterranean agroforestry with aromatic and medicinal fragrant plants in the heart of our region of Occitania.

By co-financing this research project, he would like to encourage rational and reasonable agriculture. This commitment helps farmers who bring their raw materials essential to the realization of their products through the pooling of research results.


100% green energy

The building with high environmental quality is equipped with a photovoltaic power plant, a natural electricity, directly injected into the enedis network. hot water used for the manufacture of products is heated from solar panels in roof. the electricity consumed by the building is 100% green and recyclable, of regional origin (engie) from hydroelectric dams and wind turbines installed in occitanie. It is thanks to these choices of electricity production and consumption that the laboratory produces its products by reducing the impacts on the ecosystem around us.

For 2020, this represents a share of carbon avoided by more than 71% of offset carbon emissions. gravel laboratory continues its policy of controlling the environmental impact of its activities to get closer to carbon neutrality.


Recycling of waste and packaging 100% recyclable

In the DNA of the laboratory, there has always been a desire to have the least possible negative impact on the planet and it also passes through the packagings. 100% of our plastic bottles and cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, to minimize the number of wastes and resources. All of our packagings are eco-designed and have sorting instructions. The commitment to the planet does not date from yesterday but lasts in time for more than 45 years. a rse approach to reducing the carbon footprint, while having a close relationship with our local regional and local suppliers.

As part of the cosmos repository, gravel laboratory conducts a review of its packs every year to identify improvements that can be made to reduce the overall environmental impact of products.


Solids - zero waste

The Laboratoire Gravier goes further in its ecological commitment and has made since 2019 a solid range - zero waste, 100% natural and certified organic, without plastic packaging, with a 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. these products are very concentrated in active matter to allow for longer use. the solid products of our brands allow us not to use plastic and to limit water consumption, a fundamental resource to preserve.

In 2020, gravel laboratory produced 297819 solid cosmetics 85g loaves. the equivalent of 85g plastic packaging bread is 39g plastic material or more than 11 tons of avoided plastic as well as carbon for the manufacturing and transport of conventional packagings.


Collective actions

The Laboratoire Gravier annually supports the association donations in solidarity, in a social interest by donations (products of hygiene, maintenance or aromatherapy) in order to help people and families in difficulty.

These steps have enabled several times to contribute to the “Christmas for All” operation. In 2020, solidarity donations gathered no less than 1 million gifts thanks to the support of its partners and patrons. our approach also extends on sustainable partnerships, certified by fairtrade max havelaar, since the Laboratoire Gravier is committed to selecting ingredients from fair trade.

It is important for the laboratory that all of our actors (suppliers, distributors, NGOs...) follow the same philosophy.

In 2020, we became a member of the make friday green again event, an alternative to the black friday in france, more responsible that brings together more than 1200 brand partners.

Our various commitments aim to raise awareness among our consumers about responsible eco consumption, a more responsible world and to reduce our ecological impact.

The welcoming booklet of new employees at the gravel laboratory allows to communicate on the intrinsic values of the gravel, ecology, social, environment laboratory.

Volunteer cleaning activities around the lussan site are organized with volunteer staff during dedicated days.

Un flacon, un don - Fondation Gravier


The gravel foundation

The gravel laboratory, through its new foundation, is committed to education, health and food in Thai.

Far from the heavenly landscapes and sandy beaches, in Thailand there are economic inequalities that force the poorest inhabitants to live in difficult conditions: food insufficiency, lack of school equipment limiting learning opportunities and, finally, too high hospital costs.

The gravel foundation, for a non-profit purpose, wants to fight these inequalities but also to offer a bio wave among populations in need: origin, education and care for all, this is our mission.

The realization of this commitment is through the trust you make us by making our actions possible.

One of them is named "a bottle, a gift." indeed, on the whole range Cosmo Naturel Hygiene, for each bottle purchased, 50 cts of euros will be donated to the foundation in order to finance actions of land: a solidarity food distribution, the supply of schools in school equipment and access to care for the poorest populations.


Support innovation

The Laboratoire Gravier, thanks to its human-sized structure and the internalization of its production chain, allows unfailing agility for many years.

During the first containment in March 2020, in the face of the shortage of hydro-alcoholic gel, all teams mobilized to support health care personnel during the health crisis, specific production lines were dedicated 24 hours a day to make hydro-alcoholic gel and provide hand creams. a double objective: to help the country during the pandemic and to propose a new product for the care of hands. for that Laboratoire Gravier and its R♣D department, designed a formula that was adapted in record time. More than 35,000 litres of alcoholic gel from the brand L’Artisan savonnier were produced and distributed in all the france, thanks to a production in 3x8.


The logistics involved in the environmental approach

The Laboratoire Gravier entrusts its shipments of goods to two major e-mail players. the company geodis (calberson) and db schenker. these two companies are fully engaged in the themes, environmental, social and societal and thus extend the commitment of the values and concerns of the gravel laboratory.


A pioneering vision of bio

Since 1975 Laboratoire Gravier is naturally committed to contributing to the progress of bio. Its philosophy, focused primarily on the preservation of biodiversity, allows it to place Man and Earth at the heart of its activities. In addition to its ecological ambitions, the laboratory is committed to sustainable development, and made in France by offering cosmetic care and organic and eco-designed detergent products inspired by nature.

By its agricultural and botanical master Laboratoire Gravier co-writes the first organic specifications with nature and progress in 1977. looking for the best gravel jeans, founder of the project and his son Jean-François federated and conveyed their inheritance to all the actors who accompany them in the creation of healthy products.

Our employees are committed to the family values of this pme, and are committed to conveying the requirement and quality of research that focuses on agriculture and user well-being. Aware of global and environmental issues, bio therefore has a prominent place in the philosophy of the laboratory and ecology is its driving force for progress.

The Laboratoire Gravier is committed to preserving the land and its biodiversity through ecological production methods for a minimum impact on the environment, a hqe building, green energy, recyclable packaging and recycling of its waste by specialized companies.


Expertise at the heart of products

The combination of scientific and agricultural knowledge, natural and biological components guarantee products to highly concentrated assets, from fair sectors for sustainable consumption and production. This know-how contributes to the progress of the laboratory by always pushing more towards "better with less. »

Philosophy is based on the search for the best through our product offering while meeting the needs of consumers. These innovations are feasible through careful manufacturing processes and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.


Certifications produced from the gravel laboratory

The Laboratoire Gravier committed by nature since 1975 guaranteed quality products through demanding specifications for its cosmetic and maintenance products.

According to the marks made by the gravel lab, here are the certifications it has obtained:

For cosmetics:

-cosmos organic certified by cosmécert

-cosmos approved controlled by cosmencert

-cosmos certified by cosmencert


For maintenance products:

- ecodetergent bio ecocert certified by ecocert greenlife

Ecodetergent ecocert certified by ecocert greenlife

-ABIANCE biological parafum controlled by ecocert greenlife - F32600

- AMBIANCE perfume Natural ORIGINE controlled by ecocert greenlife - F32600.

-ab: certified by the certifying body office Veritas.

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