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The domestic scleroderm, an insect still little known

Do you suspect the presence of scleroderm in your home? So in addition to scleroderm, there are also xylophageal insects (wood fish) because it is a parasitic insect related to xylophages. the scleroderm is an aggressive natural and has a very fine dard injecting a powerful venom and causing skin lesions. Find in this folder a set of natural responses and products that will allow you to fight this insect at best.

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Who's the scleroderm ?

le scleroderme - scleroderma domesticumLatin name: scleroderma domesticum
Family: Bethylid hymenoptery.
Size: 1 to 10 mm
Location: South west of the france
Period: All year
Particularities: females are apters and winged males

Adults measure 1 to 10 mm long. the general colour is brown; the head, projected forward, side door two small black and flat eyes. Like chest and legs, it's red-colored. antennae are yellowish, without hair, fine and short but well visible. The thorax is separated from the abdomen by a clean choking. The abdomen is black, consisting of six apparent segments, the last of which ends in the female by a retractable spine.

The sclerodermal female is apter (without wing). it does not fly and can live up to 3 months in favourable conditions: it is she who stings. the male is flying and lives only about a week.

The adult female of the domestic scleroderm picks her host's larva in several places with her spine and bites her mandibula several times for several days, up to complete paralysis. Then she feeds by sucking the hemolymph during a meal of several days before laying her eggs on the larva. the young larvae of the scleroderm are fixed on the host’s hue, while the female, who remained nearby, licks, evokes a rudiment of social life. at maturity, the larva leads a cocoon; nymphosis lasts from fifteen days to a month. just after the imaginal mue, males, less numerous than females (about 1 to 2,) mate and die.


What you need to know about the scleroderm

Les larves de vrillette des bois constituent les hôtes les plus fréquentes des sclérodermes The presence of scleroderms indicates the presence of xylophageal beetles, as the wood vrillette or the capricorne. Indeed, scleroderms live at the expense of the larvae of these hosts to live and reproduce. in the South-West of france, in the oceanic zone, there is only one generation per year of scleroderm. in hot countries, several generations can be followed (three in the Mediterranean regions).

In the balkans and south of the city, the scleroderms have always been known to the inhabitants and very feared because they can jump into the dwellings. some species would currently overflow Mediterranean areas to invade temperate areas. the introduction of these insects in your home can simply come from your firewood or a former furniture parasity by xylophages and of course by scleroderms.


The aggressive scleroderm

Taille du scléroderme par rapport à une mainDomestic sclerodem is common in the wood of beds, parquet floors. it can sting the day, even through light clothes but also at night because it is often found in the bedding. If the sclerodermal female stings you, it's that you disturbed him. His sting is unpleasant. Depending on individuals, it can pass unnoticed or cause pruriginating redness up to one centimetre in diameter. these redness persist for about a week and then are replaced by brown to yellow patches that gradually descent and remain visible for about 15 days.

In the case of repeated allergic reactions and bites, it is possible to have: fever, urticaria, adenopathies, satellites, curbs, remote edemas, nervousness or insomnia.

The nature of the venom is not known, but should not differ from that of other aculate Hymenopa. It is a complex mix of toxic proteins and enzymes, biogenic aminas and various other molecules.

To protect you from the sting of this insect, our eucalyptus citriodora products will help you. This natural substance offers a very effective barrier against insects. applied to your skin (i.e. balm, spray or roller-skating), they will allow to keep the insect remotely and avoid the bites.

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Scleroderm and biological control

Taille du scléroderme par rapport à une allumetteThe variety of behaviours and lifestyles in this small group (about 200 species) is amazing. Several bethylids were used, without great success, against various fruit pests, capsules (pink pink,) of seed (coffee cherry colyte,) of wood. Many play an important role in the procession of natural enemies of many depredators of crops and trees. so goniozus antipodum westwood is, in australia, a serious enemy of the carpocapse of apples and pears,

Cydia pomonella (blurred stone). in france, goniozus claripennis is an effective parasite of the pyral of the vine (sparganothis pilleriana, torticida). In Asian countries, some scleroderma are used as an auxiliary for biological control of xylophageal beetles responsible for forest degradation.


How to eliminate scleroderm ?

These insects can be very small (1-2 mm) and very difficult to see. They are often found in bedding, books or in folded linens.

1 - So it is best in the first time to change and wash at 60°C sheets, blankets, ... then to systematically treat mattresses, bed and bed with our insecticide 4j diluted to 5%. to give you an idea, the vaporizer 500 ml will allow you to cover about 5 m2 of surface. depending on your figure and surface of the parts to be processed, you can opt for the same insecticide, but under its concentrated form. You will then need to dilute it with water in a 5% sprayer (or 50ml pure insecticide for 950 ml of water).


2 - In a second time, it will be necessary to find the origin of their origin: firewood, furniture recently purchased, ... (the vrillette larvae constituting the most frequent hosts of scleroderms) and act accordingly by eliminating xylophageal beetles, source of life of the scleroderms. our extract of margosa will allow you to fight these xylophages.

The main property of margosa is to make unfit for insect consumption all treated surfaces, insects must then either leave the treated area in search of food or starve. thanks to its wide spectrum and long-lasting action, margosa is effective in most infested locations. spray or injection application. margosa blocks larvae development, disrupts food research and sterilizes adult insects. treatment will be to be carried out in vaporization on the wood or by injection directly into the holes with a concentration of 2% in preventive use, to 4% in curative.


And remember: The presence of domestic scleroderm conceals a invasion of xylophageal insects. You'll also have to settle this detail! do not hesitate to consult our complete folder on xylophageal insects.

The products you need against the scleroderm and the vrillette of the wood

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Source : -jacqueline Suzzoni-Blatger - Federal Institute for Research in Medical Entomology, Faculty of Medicine