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Synergies for diffusion

Organic Synergies for diffusion

When you mix essential oils, you will bring them into synergy. Experience has shown that the power of several oils is greater than just one (unity is strength!). Combining 2 or 3 oils with similar properties will create a synergistic blend that is more powerful but also different.

All the essential oils entering into these synergies that we offer are guaranteed 100% pure and natural.


Synergies for diffusion

Sweet nights - Organic synergy - Penntybio

With a particularly pleasant smell, this subtle blend of marjoram, orange, super lavandin and tangerine is an excellent relaxant. It...
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Relaxation - Organic Synergy - Penntybio

This mixture of essential oils of bergamot, mandarin, lavandin, and basil will relax you, will relax you. It will also erase the...
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Mosquito Repellent - Organic Synergy -...

With this mixture, you will be able to take advantage of the recognized repellent effects of essential oils such as lemongrass,...
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Adult Dreams - Organic Synergy - Penntybio

By combining the relaxing and calming properties of bergamot, lavandin, mandarin, cedarwood and peppermint , this blend of essential...
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Children's dreams - Organic synergy -...

Is your child tired, stressed, anxious or restless? Then, this mixture of essential oils of orange, grapefruit, mandarin and basil...
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