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The ventilation diffuser

The ventilation diffuser is a very simple diffusion process. Most ventilation diffusers work with a disposable drinker (cellulose chip) on which essential oils are deposited. The diffuser is activated, the fan blows this impregnated drink and propagates essential oils in your room. The diffusion of essential oils is cold, which fully preserves their properties. Very quiet (only the low sound of the fan), this type of diffuser is also uninterviewed as it is sufficient to replace the cellulose disc. Ventilation diffusers are basic, robust and will cover surfaces up to about 60 m2 (according to the models). This mode of diffusion remains less suited to aromatherapy because the ventilation will only blow part of the molecules at the beginning (the lightest, those called the head notes), then in a second time the other part of the molecules (the heaviest, those called the heart notes). However, ventilation still remains a perfect way to create an olfactory atmosphere.

Nomeo ventilation diffuser - 60 m² - Zen Arôme

Nomeo ventilation diffuser black - 60 m² - Zen Arôme

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The NOMEO ventilation diffuser offers use nomad thanks to a possible power supply by USB, batteries or sector. Take him everywhere and spread your essential oils when and where you want it!

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Delivery expected from 01/31/2023

Presentation of NOMEO diffuser

diffuseur d'huiles essentielles par ventilation Nomeo

There's one that's missing! The essential oil diffuser Nomeo offers a resolute look modern and amazing. It works by ventilation. The process is simple, powerful and known for a long time: a breath of cold air generated by a silent fan passes through a pad in essential oils imbibed tissue thus causing the aromatic molecules that spread into the atmosphere.

Because the Nomeo broadcaster does not heat, you can use it safely, even when you sleep. It is a very simple diffuser of use and that really requires little maintenance. It will suit all those who want to discover aromatherapy without having any constraints.

Sa inshell meta black lacquered laser cut is treated. As for colours that you can turn at will, they will give him one unique decorative touch.

The other advantage is that it can work either with batteries (not provided), either by USB (strong provided), on the sector (adapter not provided, click here to see the suitable model). He is little bulky. What makes it a device very nomadic. So you can bring it everywhere with you. Use it in a room, in your office, in the hotel, in your bathroom, by car ... Where do you look? :) Remember, however, that it will give all its potential for diffusion in small spaces because its diffusion surface is 10 m2 maximum. So don't expect to embarrass your whole house just with him.

Nameeo wireless broadcaster offers a simple use thanks to a driving by a single button front.

3 actions are possible. A diffusion with a change of colors in gradient, a diffusion without lighting and finally a stop of the device. Attention, the color cannot be fixed on one in particular. The lighting mode implies a change of colors in degraded without action on your part.

3 bottled buffers are provided with the broadcaster. This will allow you to start your broadcast sessions with everything you need. You can then quite buy others (see here), especially if you want to change essential oils.

Benefits of NOMEO diffuser

+ A neat lacquered black metal hull
+ Pulsed air technology (ventilation)
+ Cold diffusion to keep the benefits of your essential oils
+ A nomadic use (range 6 to 8 h on batteries)
+ LED lighting with changing colors in gradient
+ Possibility of broadcasting without light
+ Fancy
+ Diffusion up to 10 m2
+ Perfect for initiation to aromatherapy
+ Easy care
+ Do not heat, you can use it safely
+ Unbeatable quality/price ratio

diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Nomeo

The operating principle of the NOMEO diffuser

The principle is very simple: a fan "propells" the air through a buffer that you have previously imbibed with essential oils. This pulsed air stream instantly spreads essential oils in the room. Since it is a very quiet device, you can use it in a room or office, its power not allowing to cover a complete house. Ventilation diffusers are reserved for smaller surfaces than nebulisation or ultrasonic diffusers

Your choice may be to these diffuser models if:
- You want a small, transportable diffuser to accompany you everywhere.
- You're looking to make little diffusion, simple and without complication
- You don't have the means to buy a nebulisation, ultra-nebulisation or ultra-sound diffuser

How is the NOMEO diffuser used ?

We recommend that you place the unit in the room half an hour before lighting it so that it takes the ambient temperature.

Step 1 : Remove the metal hull from the diffuser

Step 2 :Once the buffer is placed in the housing, pour a few drops of essential oils directly on the bottled pad.

Step 3 : Choose the power mode you want (piles, USB or via a sector adapter)

Step 4 : Take the ON button to start the device

Trick : Use rechargeable batteries to reduce environmental impact. Change drink when changing oils to avoid unwanted mixtures.

Fonctionnement du diffuseur à ventilation Nomeo 

- 1st pressure : gradient and colour change lighting
- 2nd pressure :Diffusion but stop lighting
- Third pressure : complete device stop (diffusion + lighting)


WARNING : Do not put more than 6 drops of essential oils or perfume/scented solutions on the drinker for each use. The device button should not come into contact with a liquid (water or scent). Don't immerse the broadcaster. The device must be used on a flat surface and on its feet. Do not obstruct the arrival of air under the diffuser to ensure good diffusion and not damage the aircraft. Remove the drink if the diffuser is no longer used for a duration of more than 3 days. Regularly changing firefighting prevents it from being glued to its location by the residues of essential oils. The drinker can also be rinsed with clear water by ensuring to dry it before a new use. As part of the diffusion of essential oils, please follow the instructions for use on the essential oil record to check whether it is appropriate for diffusion. The device must be used with batteries or batteries that do not have heating or deformation. If batteries are present in the device, it is advisable to disconnect the USB cable. If you want to power the device by USB, it is advisable to remove batteries from their location.

To fully enjoy your diffuser and limit the problems of soiling, we recommend using our special essential oils diffusion:

-Special synergies :25 mixtures available, for all tastes and situations or oursynergie diffusionIncluding 6 bottles of 10 ml (Douces nuits, Douceur d'hiver, Excursion en forêt, Méditerranéen, Provence et Secret d'herboriste)

-Pure essential oils for diffusion: 20 Pure Essential Oil References Penn'ty Bio(in 30 ml or 100 ml) or our offers Penn'ty Bio:Offer #1Including these 7 bottles of 10 ml: Citron, Citronella, Eucalyptus globulus, Super Lavandin, Soft Orange, Cinole Romarin and Exotic Verveine) oroffer n°2Including these 7 other 10 ml bottles: Tropical Basilic, Atlas Cedar, Globulus Eucalyptus, Fine Lavender, Green Mandarine, Peached Mint and Ravintsara).


NOMEO broadcaster interview

This device does not require a particular maintenance and its buvard buffer simply replaces. Do not disassemble the product and do not clean it with a maintenance product. In case of overflow of essential oils in the cavity or product, wipe the surplus immediately with a soft cloth so as not to degrade the product.

Technical specifications

- Dimensions : Diameter: 7.5 cm / Height: 5 cm
- Weight : 0.25 kg
- Dissemination surface : up to 10 m2
- Materials : Metal and PP
- Food sector : 5V - 500ma
- Battery : 3x3a (not provided)
- Packaging: Delivered in a neat cardboard box with photo and multilingual description
- Contains : 1 diffuser, 3 bowls, 1 USB cable and 1 multilingual user manual (French, English, Spanish, Italian and German).

NOMEO diffuser conformity guarantee

In the event of a failure during the warranty period (2 years on an electric part), you must contact us so that we can jointly establish a diagnosis. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction. If a breakdown is confirmed, your diffuser will have to be returned to us.

Learn more about the brand Zen Arôme

French company born in 2007 in the sun, on the coast of azur, Zen Arôme is the fruit of the marriage between know-how and passion for aromatherapy. We design our own models inspired by nature, everyday life and what surrounds us while combining innovative technologies. We implement our skills to make a simple idea an original, functional and a source of well-being.

Works on
Port usb
Works on
Works on
Light effects
Changing colors
Speed adjustment
Fixed 1 speed
Surface covered
10 m2
Emission of noise
Less than 30 db

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Nomeo ventilation diffuser black - 60 m² - Zen Arôme

The NOMEO ventilation diffuser offers use nomad thanks to a possible power supply by USB, batteries or sector. Take him everywhere and spread your essential oils when and where you want it!

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