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Fresh Kids Mint Dentistry – 50 ml - Logona

Fresh Kids Mint Dentistry – 50 ml - Logona

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Dental gel specially designed for the care of the teeth and gums of the evolving children. A dental gel that respects the balance of the childhood oral flora. 50 ml tube.

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Formulated especially to clean and ensure the health of the milk teeth until they are replaced by the final teeth, the soft mint dental gel for children Logodent Kids seduced by its natural fluorine intake via green tea extract and its renunciation of the usual ingredients that could attack the child organism while ensuring reliable cleaning.

Soft mint oil and natural mint aromas give this gel a very pleasant fragrance appreciated by children.
The gums are protected by extracts of calendula and camomile known for their soothing properties.
As children do not control the brushing technique very well and sometimes a little toothpaste, the Logodent Kids dental gel also contains very soft and non-noticing agents.

The ultra soft and natural foaming agent well distributes active materials in the inter-tooth areas even if the brushing technique is not yet fully acquired by the child.


The + of this mint dental gel for children
+ Without fluoride
+ With plant extracts from organic farming
+ Without conservative, perfume, synthetic dyes and petrochemical derivatives.
+ Without raw andhoxidized materials (PEG)
+ Without genetically modified plants.
+ Not tested on animals. Tested only on volunteers.
+ Recyclable and ecological packaging
+ Products « vegan », gluten-free and lactose-free


Instructions for use
- brush your teeth after every meal for 3 minutes.
- Change toothbrush every 2 to 3 months.
- Consult a dental specialist at least twice a year.


purified water, sorbitol, silica, sodium bicarbonate, washing bases (amino acids), orange essential oil, cameamélis extract*, camomile extract*, myrrrhe resin extract, shrine extract*, glycerin, xylitol, xanthan gum, mixture of natural aromas and essential oils, alginate,


Composition INCI
Aqua (Water), Sorbitol, Silica, Xylitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Citrus Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Commiphora Abyssinica Resin Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria), Flower Extract*, Echinacea Pallhan
* ingredient from organic farming
** naturally occurring substance in essential oils


Packaging: 50 ml tube. Also available Strawberry


Good oral hygiene
No dental plaque, no caries or periodontal diseases. This is why dentists recommend toothbrush after each meal or at least twice a day.
If everyone has to find the right brushing technique, it is important, however, to avoid injuring the gums, to always brush in the direction of the gums to the teeth.
The targeted cleaning of inter-dentary spaces is just as important as that of teeth. Finally, a balanced diet also plays an important role in preserving teeth health.


Logodent Kids, natural dental hygiene for small
The very first tooth of a child will already have a major influence on the development of his jaw and the positioning of the following teeth, the permanent teeth. Even milk teeth need care. Logodent Kids dental gels are dental hygiene products perfectly suited to children, which also have a very pleasant taste, brought by essential fresh mint oil or a natural strawberry aroma. With their plant dyes, these gels are also attractive to children. Their health-care effect on the teeth comes from the extracts of shrine and green tea, which fight the bacteria responsible for dental plaque and caries. Hamamélis, camomile and myrrh take care of gums and prevent inflammation. The silica gel, used with a limited dose suitable for children, eliminates the dental plate with a particular softness.

Accédez à notre dossier sur le dentifrice

For more information on toothpaste, please consult our thematic dossier on this topic.


Labels / certifications
50 ml
In form
Contains fluorine

Specific references




Rien a dire, ma fille l'adore.

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Fresh Kids Mint Dentistry – 50 ml - Logona

Dental gel specially designed for the care of the teeth and gums of the evolving children. A dental gel that respects the balance of the childhood oral flora. 50 ml tube.

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