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Dentifrice watermelon arvensis mint with Fluor - Lamazuna

Dentifrice watermelon arvensis mint with Fluor - Lamazuna

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If you like mint, you'll love that toothpaste.certified organic COSMOS Organic essential oil of arvensis mint!The arvensis mint, with its high concentration in menthol, promises a reinvigorating toothbrush!That toothpaste. contains fluor to fight even more against caries.

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Dentifrice à croquer Menthe arvensis Lamazuna

Do you want to start an effective and hygienic Zero Waste in the bathroom? Go to the toothpaste to bite to wash your teeth.Crush, brush and rinse! It's as simple as that!

You will love this certified organic COSMOS Organic toothpaste and its playful, practical and ecological format!

If you like mint, you'll love that reference. This essential oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties, antalgic and anaestheticideal for mouthaches. The arvensis mint, with its high concentration in menthol, promises a reinvigorating toothbrush!

1 tablet = 1 toothbrush, it's simple as hello and zero waste!

Very convenient to carry when you are on a trip or noon on your work place, this watermelon toothpaste takes little space and allows to limit pollution: as dry, no need for plastic tube! A bag of 120 tablets is equivalent to two toothpaste tubes.

Ce toothpaste contains fluorine to fight even more against geese.


Dentifrice à croquer, fabriqué en France

The + toothpaste Menthe arvensis
+ Playful, practical and ecological format
+ Contains essential arvensis mint oil for an ultra fresh breath
+ Contains fluorine to fight even more effectively against geese
+ 1 pellet = 1 toothbrush
+ 1 bag of 120 pellets = 2 months of brushing
+ With the toothpaste to crunch, impossible to waste! The product Zero wastes par excellence
+ Cover as well as tube toothpaste
+ Very easy to carry. Just take the number of watermelons you need!
+ Ideal for travel or weekends
+ Organic certified toothpaste Cosmos Organic
+ Single bag paper materials produced from FSC wood
+ Made in France


Dentifrice à croquer à l'huile essentielle de menthe arvensis

To get his toothpaste is to waste less!
Every year in France, it is not less than 180 million toothpaste tubes to be used, then dumped. Often unrecyclable, they are part of these wastes found in nature. Zero Waste followers already knew the solid toothpaste, but it shows some limits. Here's a whole new solution: the toothpaste! The plastic tube of a toothpaste is not only polluting, but especially not convenient. Indeed, you have all noticed that when you arrive at the end, it is difficult to extract the link still stuck inside. In addition, it is complex to be able to properly dose the necessary quantity, not to mention that it sometimes happens that the hazel on the toothbrush ends at the bottom of the sink even before being used. In other words, not happy to be a scourge for the planet, the classic toothpaste tube is not practical or economical at all.

Pastilles dentifrice à croquer, fabriqué en France

The toothpaste revolutionizes the zero waste. Already predosed, a tablet corresponds to the right dose required to wash an adult’s teeth. It fights the dental plaque and avoids the caries. It protects gums and reduces teeth. It foams as much as a classic toothpaste. In addition, pellets are easily and discreetly transported, even at work or on the plane. Everything is 100% natural. Even the packaging was thought out. Made in France in single paper material, it has a recyclability rate of more than 94%. It is much more ecological than doypacks bags (recyclable to 70%) or multi-material toothpaste tubes that cannot be recycled. The bag is produced from FSC wood from forests in northern Europe.


Anecdoteon the product
Among the 3 toothpaste to croquer Lamazuna, this one is the only one to contain fluorine, but be careful, they have been taught! To dose fluorine, they followed the recommendations of the High Health Authority (HAS) and the National Medical and Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM). This is a dose at 1450 ppm, so to satisfy all mouths and to give good press to solid toothpastes, often described by dentists for their absence of fluorine in their formulas.


Instructions for use
1 pellet = 1 toothbrush! Take one to create a dough then brush your teeth as usual (about 2 minutes) after slightly moistening your brush. For a better conservation of your pellets, keep them in a hermetic pot rather than in their original bag (this will prevent them from taking moisture and losing efficiency). The absence of a zip on the bag is voluntary from the manufacturer. So that the toothpaste bag is the most recyclable possible, it has made the choice not to add plastic zip for a hermetic closure.

A bag contains 120 tablets. You will have 2 months of use for 2 toothbrushes per day!

Comment utiliser le dentifrice à croquer ?

The ingredients of this toothpaste past the magnifying glass

1 - The ingredients that act against the dental plate and clean your teeth:
- Corn starch (ZEA MAYS STARCH*) and abrasive agent (MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE) to blur teeth and have a bright smile.
- The surfactant (SODIUM LAUROYL GLUTAMATE) that cleans and allows to have a beautiful foam.

2 - Ingredients for a fresh breath and good oral hygiene:
- SORBITOL and XYLITOL for a soft and fresh taste without risk of caries.
- The essential oil of Menthe arvensis (MENTHA ARVENSIS*) for an ultra fresh breath thanks to its high concentration in menthol. Antibacterial, antalgic and anesthetic.
- The anti-cariogenic fluoride (SODIUM FLUORIDE).
* from organic farming

Agglomerating factor: MAGNESIUM STEARATE. it is a vegetable aid needed when pressing the pellets.

Naturally allergens present in essential oils:LIMONENE.

Ingredients INCI
* from organic farming - 10.5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming
** natural ingredients - 100% natural ingredients
*** naturally present in essential oils


Precautions and conservation: Not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 12 years of age because it contains essential arvensis mint oil. Don't swallow. Do not use in case of allergy to any of the components. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry and fresh place, away from the light.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Slow cosmetic
Labels / certifications
In form
Contains fluorine

Specific references

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Excellent :)

Une première pour moi, et franchement je suis conquis !
Le format est vraiment très pratique, transportable et plutôt agréable au goût.

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Dentifrice watermelon arvensis mint with Fluor - Lamazuna

If you like mint, you'll love that toothpaste.certified organic COSMOS Organic essential oil of arvensis mint!The arvensis mint, with its high concentration in menthol, promises a reinvigorating toothbrush!That toothpaste. contains fluor to fight even more against caries.

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