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Menthol powder toothpaste - 40 gr

Powder toothpaste with extra fresh organic menthol - 40 gr

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One. toothpaste powder? No wonder? Indeed, this toothpaste, made of powder from bentonite clay and calcium carbonate is innovative and particularly effective. Besides, it's economic. You can do itup to 150 brusheswith this only 40 grams tube.

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Se brosser les dents au quotidien

You knew the classic, the dough toothpaste. Certainly the solid toothpaste more recently developed. Now discover the powder toothpaste. In this powdered toothpaste, we only keep the essentials by removing water, preservatives, fragrances, allergens or additives.

The organic powder toothpaste Anae is particularly innovative and will provide you with an unprecedented sensation of brushing. Formulated based onbentonite clay mechanically modified, calcium carbonate, dexylitoland vegetable sugars (maltodextrine), it remains extremely simple to use. When contacting the saliva, the powder goes out, becomes a foam and brushing becomes natural.

It was created in a practical and eco-responsible approach. The refillable, recyclable and powder-coated cardboard packaging prevents the use of plastic tubes while retaining the product in good conditions. Without water and without fluorine, the formula saves the resource, transport and packaging... A real move for our planet! Its use is very simple and suitable for the whole family from 7 years old.

Finally, it is economical, a very small dose is enough on your toothbrush, allowing you to make up to 150 brushes with this 40 gram bottle.


The + of this powder toothpaste
+ Innovative and efficient powder
+ Does not contain fluor or conservative
+ Allows to make up to 150 brushes
+ Extra fresh menthol taste
+ With powder : a very small dose is enough. Very easy to use
+ Without water, saves the resource, transport, packaging
+ 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
+ Zero waste target: No plastic bottle and packed in recyclable cardboard packaging
+ Certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS repository
+ Not tested on animals
+ Made in France


Principaux actifs du dentifrice en poudre AnaéMain assets of this powder toothpaste

The bentonite clay:The bentonite is also called Montmorillonite. The bentonite is a very fine clay. It offers a velvety feeling, is odorless and does not stain. It is composed of old volcanic ashes. Its name comes from the largest known bentonite deposit located in Fort Benton in Wyoming in the United States. These volcanic ashes are crushed with powder and dried. It's a clay that swells quickly. In contact with the saliva, it mixes and acts like a very porous sponge. The clay will play the role of thickening to bring texture to the toothpaste. It has an exceptional mineral content. It is thus ideal to remineralize the enamel of the teeth while neutralizing the acidity of the foods responsible for its degradation.

Calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate is one of the key ingredients of toothpaste composition. It is a very mild abrasive (e.g. more than bicarbonate) that does not scratch the enamel and a thickening that naturally brings calcium. He's also a white opacing agent.

As well as fluorine and hydrooxyapatitis, xylitol is an active ingredient that helps to protect teeth from dental caries. It is a natural sweetener of vegetable sources that one finds, among other things, in the birch bark. Xylitol is a sugar that inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for caries. They cannot use xylitol to develop and therefore do not produce acid. Over time, less and less bacteria responsible for caries survive the surface of the teeth. Xylitol also reduces the pH of saliva, which has the effect of neutralizing acidity generated by bacteria in the mouth.


How to use this powder toothpaste?
Sprinkle on the wet toothbrush and brush as usual. Based on clay, the powder becomes a fine foam in contact with saliva.


Certification:COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS repository


Composition:Calcium carbonate, bentonite, xylitol, maltodextrin**, sodium coco-sulfate, citric acid, xanthan gum, Menthol*.
* Ingredient from organic farming
** Transformed from organic ingredients.
100% of total ingredients are natural
11% of total ingredients are from organic farming


Packaging:40 gram cardboard tube with PS powder bottle.


Precautions of employment :For adults and children, from 7 years old: do not swallow, use under adult supervision. Don't look in the eye.


Learn more about the brand Anaé
Anaé® is a range of products dedicated to the care and hygiene of the whole family, in an ecological and economical version. Anaé® also offers a line of basic ingredients to make a certain number of hygiene products. The products are simple, adaptable to multiple uses and customizable according to the wishes of the moment. They are made up of natural minerals and plant ingredients totally derived from French organic farming. Cosmetics are Cosmos Organic certified.

Labels / certifications
40 gr
In form
Contains fluorine

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dentifrice en poudre, parfait et agréable

Vraiment une bonne surprise, tres peu de poudre est necessaire, efficace et agréable. Bien mieux que le dentifrice solide ou en pâte


Très bien

Nettoie très bien, sans parfum exagéré. Emballage pratique et hygiénique. Eco-responsable.
Longue durée vue la quantité. Je recommande.

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Powder toothpaste with extra fresh organic menthol - 40 gr

One. toothpaste powder? No wonder? Indeed, this toothpaste, made of powder from bentonite clay and calcium carbonate is innovative and particularly effective. Besides, it's economic. You can do itup to 150 brusheswith this only 40 grams tube.

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