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Glass bell for veralia diffuser

Glass bell for Veralia diffuser

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Veralia glassware. Double glass bell model specific to the Veralia diffuser. Perfect to replace the broken one.

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Verrerie pour diffuseur VeraliaIf the glassware of your Veralia diffuser is broken, you can quite replace it, without having to redeem the complete diffuser. This is the double glass bell model identical to the model provided when you buy the Veralia diffuser. A very pretty and well-worked glassware that beyond the technical performance of realization, offers an uneven rendering when the diffusion operates.

The handcrafted glassware made of Pyrex® is blown to the mouth by a great Verrier Master. Each piece is unique.


Verrerie in Pyrex (high quality very shock-resistant glasses) blown to the mouth.

What kind of diffuser ?

This glassware is suitable for essential oil diffusers operated by ultrasonic noisy. There is therefore no diffusion injectors in this glassware (in comparison to a diffuser by nebulisation). The mist generated by the device will concentrate in the inner bell and go out by the chimney on the top of the glassware, thus creating a mist flow up the room.

Maintenance of the glass bell

We recommend cleaning the glass bell to remove any limestone deposits and essential oils.
1. Disconnect the unit and remove the double glass bell.
2. Empty the water from the tank and replace it with 50% water and 50% vinegar.
3. Start broadcasting for a few minutes.
4. Stop the diffuser and gently wipe the inside of the bell and tank to remove any traces of vinegar water.
5. If traces of essential oils are present at the base of the inner bell, use a cleaner based on alcohol and essential oils (see here).

Precautions of use

Glass piece, fragile, to be handled with precautions.

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Glass bell for Veralia diffuser

Veralia glassware. Double glass bell model specific to the Veralia diffuser. Perfect to replace the broken one.

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