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Solid shampoo for sensitive scalp - Peony powder - 70 ml - Lamazuna

Solid shampoo for sensitive scalp - Peony powder - 70gr - Lamazuna

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For one scalp and soothed, this solid shampoo is ideal! The winning combo ofchaulmoogra oil and pivoine powder assistance fight against pellicules and calm the skins irritated, damaged and desquamated.

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Shampooing solide pour cuir chevelu sensible Lamazuna

Strawberries, roots of painful hair, itching... Like the face or body skin,scalp is sometimes sensitive. It is subjected to many daily attacks that weaken it. Under the action of certain factors such as pollution or stress, the scalp thus develops an increased sensitivity. In addition to itching, a sensation of drought and a slight touch pain, pelicles can also appear. Indeed, the physiological flora of the scalp is altered and micro-organisms multiply. The cells of the scalp then renew faster and the pellicles form.

For a scalp cabbage and soothed, this solid shampoo is really perfect! Chaulmoogra oil and pivoine powder fight against pellics and help to calm irritated, damaged and desquamated skins.

Add essential oils to it lavandin grosso French that relieves itching and cedar Relaxing for a scalp holding-du! They also bring vegetable perfume and very pleasant fresh in the shower.

This shampoo specially designed for sensitive hair leather soothes you for the day!

Use it for 2 months at a shampoo every 3 days.

His formula is100% natural and vegan origin. It is perfectly suited to dry to sensitive skins.

And the real plus... it's a Solid cosmetic. Finish unnecessary packaging! This solid cleaner was created in a zero-waste approach. He iseconomic, ecological and practical.


The + of this solid shampoo
+ A scalp and soothed
+ Anti-sealing thanks to the pivoine powder
+ Soothing and antipellicular thanks to chaulmoogra oil
+ Powerful and protective thanks to sunflower oil
+ Calmant, relaxing and comforting thanks to lavender and cedar oils
+ A generous foam
+ Actives of natural origin - Without sulfates
+ Hard as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo
+ Ideal for travel or weekends
+ Slips without worry in a toilet kit
+ Zero waste target: No plastic bottle and packed in recyclable cardboard packaging
+ Handmade in France


Shampooing solide développé et fabriqué en France

Solid cosmetics, what is it?
Just like its liquid equivalent that has been known for a long time, solid cosmetics is designed to clean. Unlike a soap bread. There are many advantages:

1 - Very effective:Yes. Solid cosmetic is just as effective as liquid cosmetics, see even more. Since there is almost no water in this solid cosmetic, the active concentrate is much stronger.

2 - A healthy product:The brand Lamazuna has to work the most natural formulas possible. Active tensios used in their solid cosmetics are perfectly adapted and non-aggressive. Sodium coco isethionate (a derivative of coconut oil) offers both an excellent foaming power, washing, but also a good distribution on your skin.

3 - More economical:If the purchase price is a little higher than a classic liquid cosmetic, you will save on time as a solid cosmetic lasts longer.

4 - More ecological:Using a solid cosmetic is an ecological act. The manufacture of solid cosmetics reduces the impact on the environment by using recyclable cardboard packaging and reducing water consumption. You help reduce the use of plastics and therefore participate in reducing the amount of waste associated with your consumption.It is a true commitment to preserve the planet.

5 - Transport Facility:Solid cosmetics are easy and convenient to carry. They are small and light, perfect for travelling! Carriage of a bottle of liquid is always perilous. And, if we fly, there's the question of the liquids we can carry. With a solid shampoo, you won't have that problem. Just a soap box to carry your cosmetic without fear.


Main active ingredients of this sensitive scalp solid shampoo

Actifs poudre de pivoine, huile de chaulmoogra et huile essentielle de lavandin

Pivoine powder(Paeonia officinalis root powder)
Its large red, purple or white flowers make peony a plant mainly cultivated for its ornamental qualities. Thanks to the presence of paeniflorine in its roots, the pivoine powder offers very interesting anti-destination properties, ideal for irritated scalps. This powder is an ingredient that is particularly suitable for calming the skins and scalp subject to itching, including the film states.

Chaulmoogra vegetable oil(Hydnocarpus laurifolia seed oil)
Chaulmoogra has long been used in traditional Asian medicine, especially in India and China for the treatment of leprosy and skin problems. In cosmetics, Chaulmoogra oil is traditionally recommended in care for its beneficial effects in case of skin problems (peaux with atopic tendencies, acneic tendency...). Chaulmoogra oil has important antibacterial and anti-mycobacterial properties. Thanks to its very special unsaturated and cyclopentenic fatty acids (hydnocarpic, chaulmoogric and gorlic) it allows to fight pellicles. It soothes irritated, damaged and desquamated skins.

Lavender essential oil(Lavandula hybrida oil)
Lavender is a hybrid plant of lavender, but it is in fact usually he who composes the big purple tufts of the fields of the Drôme! Lavandin (Lavandula X hybrida) is a hybrid between the true lavender, which grows in altitude, and the aspic lavender (Lavandula latifolia spica), which grows at a lower altitude, below 400 m. The perfume of lavandin is inseparable from Provence, its landscapes, its cosmetics, its perfumes and its soaps. Lavandin is appreciated for its purifying fragrance. Calm and relaxing, the Lavender with a fresh smell is perfect to relieve stress and nervousness. It is used in this solid shampoo for its calming, relaxing but also healing properties.


Instructions for use
Fold and apply with your hands or directly to your scalp. It is not necessary to apply shampoo on your tips. Then massage the scalp to generate foam then rinse well and the turn is played!

Shampooing solide pour cuir chevelu sensible Lamazuna

Precautions of employment
Court guarantee a long life to this solid shampoo, like all our other solids, keep it dry in a conservation pot or in a Pochouette between each use. Essential oils. External use only, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not use in case of allergy to any of the components. It is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 12 years of age.


Ingredients INCI
Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Stearic acid, Palmitic acid, Taraktogenos kurzii seed oil, Kaolin, Paeonia officinalis flower powder, Coco-glucoside, Aqua, Lavandula hybrida grosso herb oil*, Cedrus atlantica wood oil*, Tocopherol, Linalool**.
* ingredient from organic and natural agriculture (21%)
natural ingredients (94.4%)
** naturally present in essential oils


Return and explanations on other ingredients the component

French organic sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus seed oil):nourishes and protects the hair. We preferred it to coconut oil for its French supply.

Tensioactive (sodium cocoyl isethionate): allows to clean the hair without squeezing the scalp. It is of plant origin but its manufacturing process involves a chemical synthesis step, so it cannot be certified organic. This is our choice to avoid aggressive sulfate tensioactives for your hair and the environment, as well as deceptive tensioactives in their cleansing powers.

Secondary tensioactive (coco-glucoside): boosts the foam brought by the sodium cocoyl isethionate.

Palmitic acid, stearic acid: fatty acids from olive oil that make it possible to formulate a solid shampoo, they bring hold and durability to the product.

Vitamin E (tocopherol, helianthus anuus seed oil) : anti-oxidant of plant origin that avoids the rancidation of vegetable oils. It is contained in sunflower oil. It may seem anecdotal to you as an ingredient but it plays a great role in the durability of the product.

The essential oil of cedar of the atlas (cedrus atlantica bark oil): fight against capillary fall, it is also relaxing and comforting. Brings a light wooded to the shampoo.


How to recognize sensitive scalp?

The signs of a sensitive scalp can include a painful sensation, irritation, tingling, itching sensations and redness. If your symptoms are severe, your scalp may be hyper-reactive or hypersensitive.

Whether your case is mild or severe, it is important to think about factors that can trigger this sensitivity of your scalp. These signs can be caused by unbalanced diet or use of unadapted shampoo. Similarly, exposure to certain climatic conditions, pollution or stress can cause a scalp sensitivity.

Take these factors into account, but also others, to determine why your skin is so sensitive and what is the best way to deal with this problem.


Conservation time: This product can be used for 12 months after the first use.


Packaging: 70 ml solid shampoo. Packaging in a recyclable cardboard packaging. Dimension: 7 cm in diameter. It is more relevant to speak in mL rather than in grams. Our solid cosmetics are all hand-made, they are cast into a mould of a certain volume, the density of our solids can vary from one lot to another because it depends on the hygrometry, heat in the room, density of the batches of raw materials. If the density varies, the weight varies while the volume, it does not move! A question of precision, therefore:)


Anecdoteon this product
This solid shampoo cannot be labeled organic COSMOS Organic for a good reason: our conviction to avoid absolutely any sulfate tensioactive. A sulfate tensioactive, even organic, is irritating to your scalp and has negative impacts on the environment documented in October 2020 by Cosmébio. On the other hand, the other types of surfactants are not suitable, in our view, for a solid formulation or for effective and pleasant shampoos to be used at the pH respectful of your acid scalp!


Lamazuna : a "economic" range and zero waste
Products Lamazuna are "economic". Their goal: to minimize the waste in the bathroom and to make great savings!

Vegan ingredients:The ingredients in the range of solid cosmetics are 100% natural. Either it are minerals or plants, in this case they choose them labeled organic. They have also taken the lead since 2010 to offer only vegan products. Reflecting on a daily basis innovative and safe products for health and the environment, Lamazuna wishes to begin a change in the world. Their products therefore contain no matter of animal origin. In addition, the Cruelty Free mention attests that they are not tested on animals.

Zero wastes:Without plastic, their products have no impact on the environment. The packagings are compostable, because printed in plant ink and, when the finished product does not have the ability to be composted, such as the toothbrush heads, a partnership with Terracycle allows them to recycle them fully.

A French craftsmanship:Their products are designed and designated in Marches in their offices, with the help of their graphic designer based in Paris. Their solid products are then developed in southern France and they rely on French suppliers whenever possible.

Natural ingredients:They use natural and organic products. Their mention Slow Cosmetics attests to the ethics of their products, whether in their natural formulation or in the environmental choices they make.

Biodegradable products:In addition to offering a range of solid and durable products that keep themselves alive, they have made the choice to sell their products in bulk or packed with recyclable and/or biodegradable materials to limit the environmental impact.

70 ml
Hair type
Hair type

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Solid shampoo for sensitive scalp - Peony powder - 70gr - Lamazuna

For one scalp and soothed, this solid shampoo is ideal! The winning combo ofchaulmoogra oil and pivoine powder assistance fight against pellicules and calm the skins irritated, damaged and desquamated.

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