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Organic Soap The Green Pâte - Pot of 800 grs - Savonnerie Brunort

Organic soap La Pâte Verte - Savonnerie Brunort

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The Organic Soap Green Pâte is an indispensable for the handicrafts and crafts where you sat your hands! It allows to clean the skin perfectly and smoothly. A soft but active consistency slowly melting by emulsifying the spots that eliminate rinsing. Pots of 350 gr or 800 gr.

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Savon bio la Pâte Verte - Savonnerie BrunortDid you empty the car or the mower, set the bike chain, rowed the chimney, fished the garden and a thousand other DIYs and .... your hands are stained with cambouis, fuel, gasoil, earth, soot, glue, ink?

No panic, the soap La Pâte Verte was first created to effectively clean hands all dirtsures even the most tenacious, and this safely because this soap is certified organic by Ecocert. It protects the skin thanks to its organic oils and glycerin and respects it by leaving a very soft protective thread.


The + of this green paste
+ Organic soapEcocert certified (made with original raw materials) plant and biological glycerin, sunflower oils, olive and coconut)

+ French manufacturing in the sarth by the family soapy Brunort (wise to respect the health of people and nature)

+Respect the skin because it contains no aggressive or dangerous ingredients like solvents

+ Protecting attacks thanks to glycerin and organic vegetable oils that soften

+ Respect the environment. Soluble, without plastic microbeads, without solvent or VOCs (volatile organic compound): safe for water and air. Biodegradable, it can be used anywhere without pollution risk

+ Very economical: a soap hazel is enough for every washing.

+ Can be used even very repeated without any inconvenience. It does not cause skin drying or irritation, so your hands are clean and soft.

+No waste: If the open pot is overturned, the soap does not flow and if the lid is not recovered and the soap dries, just fill with fresh water pot and let it humidify again.

+ Rinse easily even to sea water.


Why this green color?
If the green paste soap has this color, it is because it is composed of a chlorophyll-based colorant.

Savon bio la Pâte Verte - Savonnerie Brunort

How to use it?
The Savon Pâte Verte is used after all dirty work: wet your hands, take a little hazelnut of soap, rub, insist on stains and rinse.


And that's not all, its use does not stop there!!
You want to clean everything before the big colds.

You find that the plastic garage door is stained, that the garden chairs that stayed outside are blackened: A little bit. The Green Pâte on a wet sponge, go everywhere, rinse and see them as new.

You can rinse the floor. The Pâte Verte does not pollute water (no solvent or insoluble microbille) or air (no C.O.V. volatile organic components).
The door of the insert has become opaque, there too The Green Pâte makes miracles.
In the kitchen you can clean the glass and the inside of the oven, the work plan, the sink, the hood and the pans in vitroceramic: everything is degreased and shiny.
To restore brilliance to copper and silverware nothing like La Pâte Verte.
The Pâte Verte is exceptional to clean the shirt collars or the children’s weed pants.

But again? marble tables, oven, shutters, garage doors, PVC garden lounges, even metallic car bodywork ...., caravan

For the sailors: it cleans the gelcoat, skai, it removes the smells, removes the tasks of blood, fish scales, black traces of rubber, rust paint, salt.... It can rinse with sea water

You've noticed that La Pâte Verte is a soap MULTI USAGE, it replaces the many products that contain your closets. It is generally addressed to all the tinkers, mechanics, ... Now use the only BIO soap Green Pâte for your hands and clean it all.


Soap features Green Pâte
Aspect: paste ; color : green ; smell: almond
Density at 20°C: 1.20
pH measured according to T-73-101: +- 8,00

Savon bio la Pâte Verte - Savonnerie Brunort

His composition
Some say it looks like marshmallow, or even modeling paste. This chlorophyll-colored organic soap is a scholarly blend of natural products: sunflower oils, coconut, corn, all transformed into soap with potash.

The solvent-free mixture incorporates calcium carbonate, soft almond oil, vegetable glycerin and other secret ingredients!

Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate, Potassium olivate**, Aqua, Potassium cocoate**, Virgin sunflower oil*, Glycerin**, Sodium chloride, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragance CI77288,
* ingredients from Organic Agriculture,
** processed from ingredients from Organic Agriculture
99.91% of ingredients of natural origin and 16.85% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture.


This soap comes from an artisanal and conscientious production in compliance with ecological ethics standards. ECOCERT GREENLIFE has certified products since 2008. The soap La Pâte Verte :
- Respect the skin because it contains no aggressive or dangerous ingredients like solvents.
- Protects attacks through glycerin and organic vegetable oils that soften.
- Sure. It is made with vegetable and organic glycerin raw materials, sunflower oils, olive and coconut. Without preservatives or animal fat in accordance with the law.
- Respect the environment. Soluble, without plastic microbeads, without solvent or VOCs, it is safe for water and air.
- is certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE and contains 99.91% of ingredients of natural origin and 16.85% of the total ingredients are derived from Organic Agriculture.
- Is a soap made in France by a company concerned with respect to the health of people and nature.


Packaging: Recyclable pot of 350 gr or 800 gr. The packaging is not bulky, convenient. It closes easily to protect the soap.


For the little story
This soap was invented and developed by Bernard Bruère in his workshop of Mareil sur Loir in the Sarthe.

In the 1950s, this former agricultural worker had created car and motorcycle maintenance products. "The Brunort products clean effortlessly," was the slogan of the time. In 1991, he sold his literal product, Belgom, which made the bodyworks and tires shine on white flanks. He then specialized in soap, "with the idea of improving it for the health of the hand". And then his son Pascal took over. It is he who in the workshop, a former stable, mixes the ingredients in a baker's knead, gets the dough he makes flow in green pots. The green paste has been sold for a long time by distributors flying the countryside on their vans. They've been missing. Since 2019, Arthur Bruère has been the third generation of the company. Bernard's little son (founder in 1962) and Pascal's nephew, the manufacture of organic soap the Green Pâte remains in the family giron and the artisanal mode of production remains unchanged.


Green paste, an environment-friendly soap


Labels / certifications
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350 gr
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Glass / glazing
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Data sheet and security

Fds soap green paste

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C’est LE SAVON qu’il faut toujours avoir .
Ça marche pour tout type de nettoyage , de tâches....Je fais beaucoup de jardinage et bricolage et l’utilise depuis plus de 15 ans
Bio, se rince facilement - contrairement à la pierre d’argile- efficace, ne raye pas ( verre, vitrocéramique) .
Bref, tout simplement parfait



J'utilise cette pâte verte depuis quelques années, je l'utilise dans de nombreux domaines (ustensiles en inox,vitroceramique,mobilier de jardin,voiture et même pour enlever des taches sur les vêtements).Elle laisse les mains très douces et il faut très peu de produit.
Je la recommande vivement.

Clémence L.

Parfait !

Hyper utile après une cession jardinage sans gant ! Il laisse les mains douces et ça sent bon. Je l'utilise aussi pour nettoyer mon plan de travail blanc et ma vitre de poêle à bois. Il est vraiment top et économique car une toute petite quantité suffit !



J'utilise ce produit depuis des mois et c'est un excellent produit.
Efficacité, durabilité, bonne odeur, pas d'allergie ni de rougeur...
Je conseille vivement!

Chrystele S

Très efficace

Produit extrêmement efficace pour se laver les mains lors d'un chantier de peinture non acrylique, et naturel ! Je l'utilise également pour les tâches sur le linge et j'ai pu récupérer un évier en plastique très tâché.

Patrick Mornet


savon absolument genial, nettoie tout : peinture feutre graisse herbe etc tout en laissant une odeur agreable ainsi que la peau douce
peut eventuellment permettre de nettoyer des surfaces diverses faire essai prealabledure tres longtemps. est recuperable a tremper dans de l eau s il est devenu trop sec
en tant que vendeur de produits d entretien à la retraite je sais de quoi je parle


Très efficace

Découvert par hasard chez une connaissance, nous avons pu constater sa grande efficacité pour nettoyer les mains après des travaux salissants.



Utile pour les vêtements, les canapés ,les mains... Toutes les taches! !

Jean Nono


J'utilise pour:
- Cambouis sur les mains et sur vêtement,
- Goudron sur carrosserie,
- Faïence et émail salle de bain,
- Robinetterie surtout si calcaire,...

Chrystele S

Efficace !

Très efficace pour le nettoyage des mains quand on fait de la peinture et pour diverses tâches sur les vêtements. Je recommande vivement !





Pâte verte

Excellent produit que j'utilise depuis longtemps.

Marie-Claude GARNIER

savon pour cracras

extra pour le fiston qui fait de la mécanique


pate verte

Savon très utile au quotidien et vraiment performant

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Organic soap La Pâte Verte - Savonnerie Brunort

The Organic Soap Green Pâte is an indispensable for the handicrafts and crafts where you sat your hands! It allows to clean the skin perfectly and smoothly. A soft but active consistency slowly melting by emulsifying the spots that eliminate rinsing. Pots of 350 gr or 800 gr.

Write your review