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Lavender supergrass soap - 100 grs Totem Savon

Lavender supergrass soap - 100 grs Totem Savon

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Soap overgrass Lavandeis perfect for the toiletbody,ofhandsorface face face. Ultra-soft, it is made with ingredients close to soap making:sunflower oil,goat milkandhoney. Perfect.all skin types, it will leave a flowery note of lavender to your skin. 100 grams bread.

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Découpe du savon de manière artisanale

The soap ongras lavenderIs a soap formulated for everyday toilet. it will be used for both body, hands or face. this soap produces just a slight foam because it is without coconut oil. He's washing as well! it is suitable for all skin types. It containslavandin organic essential oil (auvergne origin), offering a delicately scented, relaxing and soothing odor. Moreover, its formula includes gard pink clay for a very successful visual effect.

This soap is soap engaged !Lise-Anne (the founder of soapmaking) has the heart of working his products as artisanally as possible. so the ingredients are local, organic and carefully selected. All manufacturing steps are handmade.

The soap lavenderContains4 flagship ingredients who gives him both real softness Use but also all the benefits your skin needs daily : sunflower oil, goat milk, honey and pink clay.

Organic sunflower oil, composition very close to olive oil (oleic acid at 88%) is still rarely used for soap formulation. Coconut oil is much more common. but by ecological choice (impossible to produce coconut oil in france), Totem Savon decided to minimize its use. sunflower oil offers great advantages for your skin. rich in omega 6 and vitamin e, it has undeniable repair properties. it prevents dehydration and has real softening and nourishing benefits for the skin. So they are perfectly adapted to dry skins, see very dry.

Organic goat milk contained in this soap comes from the goats of the dinge pottery (35). goat milk has many virtues: emollients, nourishing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cellular reconstituting. It contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants,..

So goat milk soap is really very effective for:
- clean the skin thoroughly and gently
- to fight acne
- contribute to the care of damaged skins and diseases (psoriasis, eczema)
- fight against skin aging

Honey:Like goat milk, honey is a powerful active ingredient in skin care. It is nourishing, antibacterial. It contains minerals, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes,... and like goat milk, honey is a powerful ally against acne, as well as for all skins because it is very nourishing for the skin. the honey contained in this soap comes from the chews of the seed, about 45 min from the soap. it is certified organic.

The pink clay: The pink clay is actually a mixture of white and red clay. It contains illiterate and kaolin. It is very soft, while absorbing excess sebum. She's invigorating. The clay is used for its properties for the skin and also for coloring the soap. This clay comes from the gard.

Les ingrédients utilisés chez Totem Savon

+ of this lavender soap
+ ideal for hand, body and face hygiene
+ ultra soft formula with coconut oil
+ delicately scented with lavender essential oil
+ is suitable for all skins
+ cold saponified soap
+ rebalances the ph of the skin by avoiding drying, redness, irritation and pulling
+ restores the epidermis and accelerates skin renewal
+ locally produced ingredients, a few kilometers from the soap factory
+ minimalist packaging with kraft paper ring
+fabricated, dried and artisanly cut into bretagne


Zoom on major assets

Actifs Huile de tournesol bio, lait de chèvre bio, miel de Bretagne et huile essentielle de Lavandin super bioOrganic sunflower oil
The fat used for saponification in this soap is the oil of oleic sunflower, to 100.% this oil has a composition quite similar to the olive oil with its composition in oleic fatty acid, to 88%. She's very soft. studies are underway because this oil is not used until now in soap and cosmetics, we have not finished discovering the virtues! produced in france, it is very interesting for all soap factories geographically distant from olive oil! it comes from the ursule farm in sold, certified organic.

Organic goat milk
If you fear using a goat's milk soap by imagining that it must have a strong and unpleasant smell, get rid of it! milk soaps offered by Totem Savon exhale a delicate fragrance thanks to their specially studied composition. by its nature, goat milk brings to soap an exceptional creaminess of foam and an unmatched cream. goat milk soap is quite suitable for sensitive, fragile or acneic skins without risk of negative reaction. goat milk soap does not irritate the skin and tend to soften it over time. as cold saponification takes place at room temperature for several weeks, ingredients are not heated and goat milk retains its properties. the milk of goat contained in this soap comes from the organic dinged pottery (35) only a few kilometers from the soap factory.

Bretagne honey
Honey is the sweet substance produced by bees from the nectar of flowers that they harvest and store in the beehive alveoli. This nectar is a solution scented with water and sugar produced, among other things, by the glands of the flower to attract insects and thus ensure pollination. rich in sugars and nutrients, honey is also a real hydration booster. naturally produced by bees, honey makes good to our skin and gently protects it since it has anti-inflammatory and slightly antiseptic properties. the honey contained in this soap is harvested only a few kilometers from soap.

Essential oil of lavandin bio
Lavender is a hybrid plant of lavender, but it is in fact usually it that composes the large purple touffs of the fields of the drôme!Lavandin (lavandula x hybrida) is a hybrid between the true lavender, which grows in altitude, and the aspic lavender (lavandula latifolia spica), which grows at a lower altitude, below 400 m. the perfume of lavandin is inseparable from the provence, its landscapes, its cosmetics, its perfumes and its soaps. Lavendin is appreciated for its purifying fragrance. You can enjoy its relaxing and calming properties during inhalation, especially at the time of the shower. the essential oil of lavandin super in this soap is cultivated and distilled in auvergne. It is certified organic.

User advice
Wet the soap in his hands to wash the different parts of the body. Possible use in mask twice a week for 5 minutes. make foam with water, let sit and rinse well. external use, avoid contact with the eyes. Keep away from light and dry.


Its composition
Saponified sunflower oil*, goat milk*, glycerin (naturally produced during saponification reaction), sunflower oil*, honey, Kaolin (constituting clay), illite (constituting clay), lavender essential oil.


Certification:Soap labeled nature and progress. It is a mention, a sign of guarantee for the consumer to find healthy and quality products, while helping to preserve and maintain the life and biodiversity of our planet.


Ingredients inci
Sodium sunflowerseedate*, caprae lac*, glycerin, helianthus annuus seed oil*, mel, kaolin, illite, lavandula hybrida oil*, linalool*

* ingredients from organic farming
** naturally contained in lavender essential oil


Conditioning: 100 gram bread presented in a minimalist packaging with kraft paper ring.


Conservation time:18 months after opening.


Lise-Anne Colin, créatrice des savons Totem SavonAbout the brand totem soap

TOTEM SOAPWas created in 2021 by Lise-Anne colin. It is a committed brand that offers handmade soaps for both toilet and household.

When designing its soap formulas and models, Lise-Anne aims at a specific use or care (for example, daily use, or weekly exfoliant), as well as an olfactory atmosphere. and of course, it reflects the composition taking into account the environmental impact of raw materials.

With soap totem, she wants to offer very soft, very simple soaps and for all. It expresses its ecological choices by offering 3 soaps without exotic matter (coast oil), to go to the end of its ideas. Soap campaign is soap that meets all its objectives: it is very soft, 100% from here and for all skins.

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Lavender supergrass soap - 100 grs Totem Savon

Soap overgrass Lavandeis perfect for the toiletbody,ofhandsorface face face. Ultra-soft, it is made with ingredients close to soap making:sunflower oil,goat milkandhoney. Perfect.all skin types, it will leave a flowery note of lavender to your skin. 100 grams bread.

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