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Powder shampoo for shower - 60 grs - anaea

Powder shampoo for shower - 60 grs - anaea

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One. powder shampoo ? No wonder? Indeed, this shampoing, made of powder from particularly bentonite clay is innovative and particularly effective. Besides, it's economic. You can do it up to 90 shampoos with this single 60 gram tube.

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Utiliser un shampooing en poudre

You knew the classic, the liquid shampoo (composed of about 90% water). Certainly the solid shampoo more recently developed (containing still about 20% water). Discover the powder shampoo now. In this powder shampoo, we only keep the essentials by removing water, preservatives, fragrances, allergens or additives.

The organic powder shampoo Anaé is particularly innovative and will provide you with an unprecedented sensation of care and softness in the shower. Formulated based onbentonite clay mechanically modified, of a tensio active derived from coconut and coconut oil vegetable sugars (maltodextrine and Inulin), it remains extremely simple to use. In contact with water, the product moisturizes, slightly foam and wraps the hair for a moment of softness and well-being.

It was created in a practical and eco-responsible approach. Without water, the formula saves the resource, transport and packaging... A real move for our planet! Its use is very simple and suitable for the whole family.

Finally, it is easily customizable because it is without perfume.


The + of this powder shampoo
+ Inodore, suitable for adults and children
+ For all hair types
+ Allows to make up to 90 shampoos
+ Selected assets to restore softness and flexibility to your hair
+ Very easy to use
+ No preservatives or fragrances
+ Ideal for travel or weekend
+ 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
+ Certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS repository
+ Non-toxic, neither for man, nor for the environment
+ Not tested on animals
+ Made in France


Principaux actifs du shampoing en poudre AnaéMain active ingredients of this powder shampoo

The bentonite clay:The bentonite is also called Montmorillonite. The bentonite is a very fine clay. It offers a velvety feeling, is odorless and does not stain. It is composed of old volcanic ashes. Its name comes from the largest known bentonite deposit located in Fort Benton in Wyoming in the United States. These volcanic ashes are crushed with powder and dried. It's a clay that swells quickly. When it mixes with water, it acts like a very porous sponge. The bentonite clay treats fatty hair like normal hair due to its sanitizing and seboregulatory properties. It gives them flexibility and shine. It is rich in elements oligo, silicon, magnesium, minerals, which gives it particularly sought-after cosmetic properties. It is soothing, healing, decongesting, remineralizing and stimulating.

Sodium coco sulfate
Sodium coco sulfate is a tensioactive derived from coconut oil. This is the most used raw material in natural cosmetics to achieve, among other things, solid shampoos. Its excellent foaming power makes it very pleasant to use. It offers a very good feeling at washing. This solid container shampoo easily spreads over the hair and wash perfectly well.

Maltodextrine is a sugar obtained by the hydrolysis of corn starch, rice starch or potato starch. It's a certified organic sugar. It is an agent absorbing water (or oil) in dissolved form or fine particles. It is also fixed by allowing the cohesion of different cosmetic ingredients. He's also a film agent: Produces a continuous film on skin, hair or nails. It plays a role as a capillary conditioner by leaving hair easy to comb, supple, soft and shiny while giving them volume, lightness and shine. Finally, it is a skin care agent: Keep the skin in good condition. We understand his interest in the formula of this powder shampoo.


Utiliser un shampooing en poudre

How to use this powder shampoo?
Put a little powder in the hollow of the wet hand, emulate by rubbing hands, then apply on wet hair. The powder turns into a fine foam and gently wraps your hair. Rinse.


Certification:COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS repository


Composition:Sodium coco-sulfate, bentonite, maltodextrin**, inulin, citric acid, xanthan gum.
** Transformed from organic ingredients.
100% of total ingredients are natural
24% of total ingredients are from organic farming


Packaging:60 grams recyclable PP bottle.


Precautions of employment :Don't inhale. Don't swallow. Close well after use. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water.


Learn more about the brand Anaé
Anaé® is a range of products dedicated to the care and hygiene of the whole family, in an ecological and economical version. Anaé® also offers a line of basic ingredients to make a certain number of hygiene products. The products are simple, adaptable to multiple uses and customizable according to the wishes of the moment. They are made up of natural minerals and plant ingredients totally derived from French organic farming. Cosmetics are Cosmos Organic certified.

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60 gr
Hair type
Hair type

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Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Sofylili,
Merci pour votre retour d'expérience sur ce shampooing. Comme c'est de la poudre, nous vous conseillons soit de le saupoudrer directement sur vos cheveux humides, soit de vous le verser dans des mains humides. Cela limitera le côté volatile.
Bien à vous
Penn'Ty Bio


Bon shampooing mais trop volatile

Ce shampooing est trop volatile. De ce fait, lorsque vous en mettez dans votre main cela vous rentre dans le nez et/ou la gorge. C'est le seul inconvénient de celui-ci. Sinon, il mousse bien et il n'est pas nécessaire d'en mettre beaucoup pour qu'il soit efficace.

Léa G.


Je me suis laissé tentée par la description mais j'avais un doute sur l'efficacité ... et bien je suis ravie !! Il mousse plutôt bien sur mes cheveux mi-longs (en-dessous des épaules). et mes cheveux sont tout doux après. Et j'adore le côté pratique pour les week-ends ou vacances.

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Powder shampoo for shower - 60 grs - anaea

One. powder shampoo ? No wonder? Indeed, this shampoing, made of powder from particularly bentonite clay is innovative and particularly effective. Besides, it's economic. You can do it up to 90 shampoos with this single 60 gram tube.

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