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STOP dog and cat scratches - 60 ml - Penntybio

STOP dog and cat scratches - 60 ml - Penntybio

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Thanks to its plant-based composition, this Soothing lotion offers a solution 100% natural against itching that your cat or dog encounter. Spray 60 ml.

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If your cat or dog scratches, there is no reason to worry about it. However, repeated itching and scratches can lead to more worrying problems such as hair loss, skin lesions, even serious infections.

STOP gratte is a soothing and deodorizing lotion based on natural plant extracts for the hygiene of the dog’s skin and cat. This lotion is used against scratching and for the maintenance of plant pads.

Natural extracts of rosemary and lavender have an antiseptic and healing property.

Plus, gthanks to natural extracts of geranium, the STOP gratte lotion helps to reduce the effects of the Augustat and other mites by the known repulsive effect of this plant.

If this soothing lotion is primarily presented for cats and dogs, it can also be used on other pets.


Penn'Ty Bio tips to reduce the itching of your animal


1 - When you get out of the bath your pet, don't rub too vigorously the skin with the towel. This friction will further irritate his skin.

2 - Animals with itching often have dry skin, which can accentuate your animal's desire to scratch and thus worsen its condition.

3 - A regular brushing of your animal will stimulate its lymphatic system, brushing acting as a massage. The lymphatic system helps to eliminate body waste and ensures the transport of white blood cells across the body to better defend against invaders, as well as other functions. Since a deficient immune system can be a factor in your pet’s itching, brushing on a regular basis would probably be an important habit to adopt.

4 - A balanced diet, of good quality and ideally biological to your animal will undoubtedly improve its diet and reduce (see delete) the itchings of everyday life.

5 - Use our soothing STOP gratte lotion, specially formulated against itching.

His composition
Natural lavender seeds, geranium, rosemary and other plant species. Buffered solvent.

Terms of Use
Shake well before use. Several times a day, spray the product on sensitive areas. Itching in an animal can occur because of many reasons. To know the exact origin, do not forget to consult your usual veterinarian. There is the only specialist who can identify the source of the problem


Conservation:24 months in its original packaging. Standard storage conditions at room temperature. Careful, this product sucks the gel.


Packaging:Spray lotion of 60 ml. This lotion can be used without any concern during treatment using our Stop chips and ticks


Mandatory regulatory information
Prudence advice (CLP): P102 -Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Phrases:Read the label before use. Empty packagings can be disposed of as banal waste.

Types of insects
Creeping insects
Types of insects
Flying insects
Application mode
A spray
Parquet chip
60 ml
Indeed pig
Nac (new pets)
Small rodent

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Lorsque mon chien commence à se gratter, je passe ma main imbibée de ce produit sur la zone qui semblait irritée . Le chien cesse aussitôt de gratter...


Très bien

Le produit à soulagé les démangeaisons de mon bichon

Lyse H

Efficace même pour l'homme !

J'ai acheté ce produit pour mes chats qui avaient été infestés de puces et ayant moi-même été piquée, ne trouvant pas de produit spécifique pour soulager les démangeaisons, qui, comme chacun sait, portent aux nerfs, après avoir lu la composition, je me suis dit que si elle convenait à la peau délicate animale, ça devrait marcher pour nous, et en effet, c'est efficace et soulageant !

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STOP dog and cat scratches - 60 ml - Penntybio

Thanks to its plant-based composition, this Soothing lotion offers a solution 100% natural against itching that your cat or dog encounter. Spray 60 ml.

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