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2 tick hooks - O’TOM-Tick twister for dogs and cats - view 2

2 tick hooks - O’TOM-Tick Twister for dogs and cats

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These hooks are specially designed instruments for removing parasitic ticks from the skin of animals and humans. Box of 2 hooks.

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crochet O’TOM® / Tick Twister®

Tick Twister® crochet is a specially designed instrument to remove parasites from animal and human skin.


The + of this anti-tice crochet
+ It removes all ticks, regardless of size (from 1/10 mm) and location.
+ It does not leave the tick rosster planted in the skin.
+ It does not compress the abdomen of the tick, so it minimizes the risk of transmission of pathogens (Lyme Disease, Tick Encephalitis, Piroplasmosis,...).
+ It does not require the use of chemicals (alcohol, ether,...).
+ It allows quick, easy and painless removal.
+ It is unbreakable, durable and reusable indefinitely.


Why is it so important to remove ticks?
Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of animals and man. During their blood meal, ticks can transmit dangerous diseases, as some ticks carry pathogens (bacteria, parasites,...). Unfortunately, the number of contaminated ticks has increased significantly in recent years.

To minimize the risk of catching a disease, ticks must be removed as quickly as possible, without breaking the rock, without compressing the body of the tick and without attacking or killing the tick in advance.

Tick bites can be limited by using chemical repellants but these often do not protect completely; all animal owners, hikers, etc... should therefore have in hand an effective tool to remove ticks.


Why use the hook o’tom® / tick twister®?

Détails sur la tiqueIt is essential not to compress tick during removal, to reduce the risk of saliva regurgitation, which can cause disease and/or allergy.
Pliers and other instruments currently on the market exert pressure on tick. The O’TOM®/ TickTwister® hook, which was developed by a veterinarian, takes into account the morphology of the tick, it does not compress its abdomen when removing it.Détail rostre tique

The tick roll is inherited from small tips that allow the tick to remain fixed. When pulling on the tick, these tips anchor and lock the “head” in the skin. The fact of shooting can therefore cause the rupture of the "header", which then remains in part or in whole in the skin; This can cause painful inflammation, or infection. When rotating, the tips of the rock are brought back along the axis of rotation, and the tick is removed easily, without a tensile effort, and thus limiting the risks of breaking the “head”. The O’TOM®/ Tick Twister® hook removes ticks by rotation and not by traction; moreover, thanks to its shape and size, it is very easy to use.

The O’TOM®/ Tick Twister® hook is the only instrument that allows the user to enter the tick without compressing it, and remove it by a rotation movement. This technique is the best way to remove ticks completely and safely.

crochet O’TOM® / Tick Twister®


Manufacture of anti-tick crochet: a specific material
The O’TOM®/ Tick Twister® hook is made of polyacetal. This polymer has been chosen to:
- His strength,
- Its resistance to solvents (alcohol, ether,...) and to the various substances that uninformed users could possibly have used before withdrawal,
- Its absence of toxicity; polyacetal is completely recyclable, and can be incinerated without chlorine emanation.


Direction of employment
1. Choose the most suitable crochet according to tick size.
2. Engage the hook by approaching the tick on the side.
3. Slightly lift the hook and TOURNER until the tick gets off (1 to 3 laps).



Demonstration video:

More information? See our detailed tick file.





Types of insects
Creeping insects
Ready for employment
Application mode
Small rodent
Indeed pig
Nac (new pets)

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Hyper efficace

A toujours avoir sur soi pour l'après balade aussi bien pour mes toutous que pour les humains !


crochets tiques

ok facile a utiliser.. nécessiterait un moyen de ne pas le perdre car de très petite taille


2 crochetstire-tiques

excellent .pourquoi ne pas vous avoir commandé plus tôt cet article ? satisfait .



On ne peux pas se passer de cet outil à cette saison. Solide et efficace. Je recommande



Très efficace, pas de problème

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2 tick hooks - O’TOM-Tick Twister for dogs and cats

These hooks are specially designed instruments for removing parasitic ticks from the skin of animals and humans. Box of 2 hooks.

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