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Insect repellent dry shampoo - 150 gr - Penntybio

Insect repellent dry shampoo - 150 gr - Penntybio

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The insect repellent dry shampoo provides protection to your pet, repelling anything that can infest its hair such as fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies... Easy to use, this dry shampoo is composed of Margosa extract, offering an effective action repellent and talc providing a splendid coat. Powder of 150 grs.

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application shampooing sec insectifuge pour chat ou chienSome animals do not particularly like water, it is sometimes difficult to use a traditional insect repellent shampoo. We're thinking about the cat that can get aggressive if you're trying to put it in the shower. When to your dog, too big or too heavy, it is often difficult to raise it in the bathtub. No more worry to you, now you can use the insect repellent dry shampoo to the extract of Margosa.


100% of the total ingredients are of mineral and vegetable origin

You will not find in this dry shampoo any chemical or synthetic substance, toxic to your animal, for you or for the environment. A real plus for everyone. It consists of only ingredients of mineral or vegetable origin.

Easy to use, this talc-based shampoo provides a splendid coat. Non-aggressive and respecting the skin balance of the animal, it gently cleanses to rid it of its parasites. He's going to push everything that can infest the animal's hair such as chips, mosquitoes, ticks, phlebotomes.. And as it is a dry shampoo it does not require water, so no rinsing and can be used on all types of peel. This powder insect repellent is usable on most mammals such as dogs, cats, kittens, rabbits, small rodents, Indian pigs, furets, etc.


The + of this insect repellent dry shampoo

+ No need for water, powder formula
+ Rapid and sustainable insect protection
+ 100% plant-based assets
+ Leave a silky and clean hair
+ Do not incommodate the animal


The key asset of this product

Extrait de Margosa - Azadirachta indica

Margosa extract : The margosa extract comes from the seed of the Margousier tree or Neem, a tree of indea known by the Hindu farmers for its repulsive qualities.

Its benefits : Effective on a large number of insects and mites. It acts at several levels of the physiology of these insects: digestion, growth, sexuality.

The effects of the neem extract on parasites are not immediate, it is necessary to wait 2 to 3 days to see the death of insects or their leak.


How to use this dry shampoo?

Use without rinsing. Sprinkle the product on the skin of the animal, if possible to regrow it from the back. Fry the animal to standardize the product on the coat, allow for 5 minutes and then brush the excess shampoo. The brushing is important especially for cats that often dry (safe but non-food product). It can be used on young cats.

Depending on the degree of pest infestation, you can treat once a week in case of infestation or once a month in preventive maintenance. Remember to keep this product in a dry and cool place.


Composition of dry shampoo insect repellent

Extract from Margosa, Talc. Active substance: extract from Margosa (CAS No.: 84696-25-3). 0.1% m/m.
Class Biocide TP19 (insect repellent ready for use).



Dust of 150 gr.


Our advice Penn'Ty Bio

To avoid the invasion of chips or ticks in your home, do not wait for your pet to be covered ... it is often too late! Remember that in your home there is a constant temperature, summer and winter. We advise you to treat your animal as a preventive every month of the year, whether it lives in the city or in the countryside, in the apartment or in the house. This preventive measure is a protection for your pet but also for you and your home.

If you don't want to protect your pet all year round, treat it at least from spring to winter. These small daily gestures will give you a lot of services.


Mandatory regulatory information

Prudence advice (CLP) : P102 -Keep out of reach of children.P101 -If a doctor is consulted, keep the container or label available.P103 -Read the label before use.
Additional Phrases : Eliminate empty darts packaging. Use biocides with care and protection when needed.

Types of insects
Creeping insects
Application mode
A spread
Parquet chip
150 gr
Small rodent
Nac (new pets)
Indeed pig
Low-yard animal

Specific references


Data sheet and security

Fds dry shampoo insect repellent penn'ty bio

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Insect repellent dry shampoo - 150 gr - Penntybio

The insect repellent dry shampoo provides protection to your pet, repelling anything that can infest its hair such as fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies... Easy to use, this dry shampoo is composed of Margosa extract, offering an effective action repellent and talc providing a splendid coat. Powder of 150 grs.

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