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3 insect repellent pipettes Bio for cat and kitten - Biovétol

3 organic insect repellent pipettes for cats and kittens - Biovétol

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These insect repellent pipettes for cats and cats actively fight against many parasites such as chips, ticks, augusts, mosquitoes ... Composed of a mixture of natural plant assets, the product will spread over the entire surface of the body to build a protective film against these unwanted insects. 3 pipettes 1 ml.

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Pipette insectifuge pour chat BiovétolFleas, lice, ticks, augusts particularly affectionate our pets. they can easily take refuge in their hair and sting them regularly to feed themselves. But it's not a fatality! if the invasion of these insects is important to the animal, appropriate veterinary treatment should be considered. the insect repellent pipette Biovétol for cats and cats (from 8 weeks)is a very effective solution for pushing these insects and avoiding their installation on the animal.

The pipette is composed of 3 powerful plant-based active ingredients:margosa, géraniol and lavandin.Once applied to the animal, the product spreads over the entire surface of the body by diffusion in the sebum and builds a protective film against chips, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, phlebotomes and Augustats. This 1 ml 3 pipettes box will protect the animal for about 3 months. the action becomes optimal about 48 hours after the installation of the pipette.

It can be suitable for all cats from 8 weeks.

The + of these pest control pipettes for cat
+ contains margosa, géraniol and lavandin, 3 plant-based active ingredients
+ allows effective control of ticks, chips, phlebotomes, mosquitoes, lice and Augustat
+ pipettes controlled by the organism ecocert
+ efficient for 3 months
+produced and made in france
+tests carried out by an independent laboratory

Pipettes insectifuge pour chat certifiée par Ecocert

The first pipettes controlled by ecocert
Since its creation in 2008, biovetol designs and produces innovative solutions for animals, guided by an eco-responsible approach. from design to shipping through manufacturing, everything is carried out within the company located at pamiers in ariège (09).

Despite the initial absence of organic labels specific to this type of product, the laboratory Biovétol has developed solutions with active ingredients of natural origin (mineral and plant) and derived from organic farming, ensuring the preservation of ecosystems by reasoned culture and pest control to biocides of plant origin, alternative to synthetic pesticides.

The appearance, at the beginning of 2018, of dedicated organic repositories and associated labels, enabled a precise framework to be given 10 years earlier and the deployment, today, of a complete range labeled by ecocert.

User advice
External use. use each month reserved for cats (from 8 weeks) and cats. a pipette (1 ml) is designed for an animal from 500 g to 5 kg. put appropriate gloves, keep the pipette vertically, the opening tongue facing up. Open the pipette: break the tongue by pulling it backwards and forward. apply the 2-point pipette on the animal’s body (between the shoulder blades and in the middle of the back), on an area where it cannot lick. lick the pipette and eliminate it. let the animal get rid of. wash your hands carefully after use. ensure that animals do not lick each other. avoid washing the animal within 48 hours of the application. In the event of high parasitic thrust, it may be necessary to renew the operation after 2 to 3 weeks. In the event of significant infestation, it is highly recommended to treat the animal’s environment with specific products.

Pipettes insectifuge pour chat et chaton Biovétol

Actifs principaux de ces pipettes insectifuge Bio

Active ingredients
The géraniol: Also called rhodinol, géraniol is a terpedic alcohol that is naturally present as a molecule in the plants of the géraniaceae family. (Granium, pelargonium, erodium, ...). it is considered 5 times more powerful than lemongrass. it is obtained by fractional distillation from cympobogon winterianus jowitt by extracting all impurities without any chemical means.
Its properties:Géraniol has very effective insecticide and repulsive properties against parasites. This active principle causes dehydration of adult parasites and stops the growth of eggs and larvae. géraniol offers a true natural alternative to chemical treatments against chips and ticks.

The extract of margosa: The margosa extract comes from the seed of the neem tree, a tree of indefa known by the Hindu farmers for its repulsive qualities.
Its profits:Effective on a large number of insects and mites. it acts at several levels of the physiology of these insects: digestion, growth, sexuality. the effects of neem extract on parasites are not immediate, it is necessary to wait 2 to 3 days to see the death of insects or their leak.

Lavender:Lavender is a cross species of classic lavender and aspic lavender. The smell of lavender oil is pleasant for man but repulsive for insects, which is why it is present in many insecticides.

Composition insect repellent pipettes for cat/chaton Biovétol
Active substances: Margosa-Extrait* (60 g/L) case No. 84696-25-3, géraniol* (8 g/L) case No. 106-24-1, lavandula hybrida* (0.5 g/L) case 91722-69-9.
*biocide classified tp19 (insect repellent). Regulatory information according to (EC)1272/2008, (EU)528/2012, (ce) n°1451/2007.

Ingredients:Lavandula angustifolia water*, thymus vulgaris flower/leaf/stem water*, aqua, azadirachta indica bark/seed extract, corylus avellana seed oil*, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*, cymbopogonianus herb oil*, lavandula hybrida oil*, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil*, cinnamo.

(1) contains 77.75 % of organic certified ingredients.* contains 99.05 % of plant or mineral ingredients.

Conditioning: A cardboard box containing 3 pipettes of 1 ml.

Some tips penn'ty bio
To avoid the invasion of chips or ticks in your home, do not wait for your pet to be covered ... it is often too late! Remember that in your home there is a constant temperature, summer and winter. we advise you to treat your pet as a preventive, every month of the year, whether it lives in the city or in the countryside, in the apartment or in the house. This preventive measure is a protection for your pet but also for you and your home.

If you don't want to protect your pet all year round, treat at least spring to winter. These small daily gestures will make you many services.

Biovétol, engaged in an environmental approach
For several years, biovetol has contributed to the safeguarding of bees and the development of their colonies through the sponsoring of hives, as part of the project "A roof for bees". The bee is an essential marker and actor of ecological balance. By killing, it participates in pollination of more than 80% of flowers. its disappearance would be a real disaster for nature and human beings. The news reinforces the commitment of biovetol because the bee has just been ranked among endangered species.

Soyez acteur de la sauvegarde des abeilles en achetant ce produit Biovétol

Employment precautions
Don't swallow. not treat animals less than 4 weeks, sick or convalescent. not apply to a fragile or injured skin. avoid contact with the eyes, nostrils, mucous membranes of the animal during the application. not exceed the dosage indicated. in case of ingestion, in case of allergic reaction, consult a veterinarian. It is advisable to test a drop between the shoulder blades and to wait 24 hours to ensure that no allergic reactions occur. Use biocides carefully. before use, read the label and product information. to avoid confusion, keep pipettes not used in the original packaging. EUH208: contains géraniol, limonene, linalool, citral, lemonellol, eugenol, farnesol. can produce an allergic reaction.

More information about these insects ?

Types of insects
Creeping insects
Types of insects
Flying insects
Application mode
A spread
Parquet chip

Specific references


Data sheet and security

FDS Pipettes Biovétol

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Pas certaine

Je ne pense pas que ça fonctionne étant donné que l'un de mes chats est revenu avec trois tiques dans le cou deux semaines après. Les autres n'ont rien donc je vais continuer de les utiliser.

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour MJA,
Pour rappel, il s'agit d'un produit insectifuge qui créer une barrière répulsif pour éviter que les tiques ou les puces ne s'installent sur votre animal. Il s'agit donc d'un produit préventif et non curatif.
Au contact de votre félin, la tique s’accroche à son poil et s’y installe, le plus souvent vers la tête, dans le cou ou autour des oreilles, là où la peau est la plus fine. Une fois en place, la tique se plante dans la peau du chat et se nourrit de son sang pendant plusieurs jours. Il est alors indispensable d'extraire les tiques à l'aide d'un tire-tique ou crochet à tiques. Si des tiques sont déjà fixées sur votre animal au moment ou vous appliquez les pipettes, cela ne les enlèvera pas. Par contre, les pipettes permettront de tenir à distance les tiques qui ne se sont pas installées. Sur la période printemps/été, il est très important de faire un contrôle régulier de présence de tiques, surtout si votre chat se promène à l'extérieur toute la journée.
Penn'Ty Bio


Produit nul, ne perdez pas votre argent

15 jours après l’application de ce produit, mon chat de gouttière à toujours des tiques.


Bon produit efficace

Je recommande ce produit pour les animaux
Prix intéressant, fonctionne bien, j’habite à la montagne où il y a des moutons et les moutons sont pleins de puces et mes animaux sont vraiment protégés pendant 3semaines sûre.


pipette chat

Bon produit avec un mélange d'actifs végétaux. Très bien.


Tres bien

Mon chat ne se sauve plus à l'approche du produit alors que les autres produits lui faisaient couler le nez. Celui ci na pas d'effet et mon chat l'accepte très bien. Le seul produit pour les aoutat que jai trouvé très contente

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3 organic insect repellent pipettes for cats and kittens - Biovétol

These insect repellent pipettes for cats and cats actively fight against many parasites such as chips, ticks, augusts, mosquitoes ... Composed of a mixture of natural plant assets, the product will spread over the entire surface of the body to build a protective film against these unwanted insects. 3 pipettes 1 ml.

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