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Micro diffusion diffuser

The micro-diffusion diffuser also known as nebulization remains the best way to maximize the therapeutic virtues of essential oils. The principle is simple and effective. A pump sends air in a glassware containing your essential oils. The air will expel and burst through the giffard system of the micro particles of oils inside the glassware. A smoke will then form (like a fog), loaded with millions of particles of essential oils. She\'ll get out of the glassware and spread into your room. The micro diffusion diffuser operates cold so that essential oils can not be altered and they can maintain all their benefits.


Walia Wall Diffuser - 40 m2 - Innobiz

Walia Wall Diffuser - 40 m2 - Innobiz

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Diffuseur mural WaliaThebroadcaster Waliawill seduce a good number of users of essential oils. The individual and the professional. Equipped with an internal clock, it is programmed via its LCD screen to broadcast on the days and hourly beaches of its choice, in volumes up to 100 m3.

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Diffuseur mural Walia

The walia essential oil diffusion system adopts the principle of cold air atomization, a state-of-the-art technology system.

Advantage: Elegant design, easy installation, programmable.

Intelligent: Built-in microcontroller controlling the operating time and concentration of essential oils according to the settings.

Its diffusion technology by nebulization Cold guarantees you the greatest respect for your essential oils and keeps all their benefits. This process allows to release a maximum of aromatic molecules without heating them.

Its compact and discreet design allows it to easily slip into the corners of all types of pieces whatever their decor. equipped with an internal clock, it is programmed via its lcd screen to broadcast on the days and hourly beaches of its choice. a principle that interests certain individuals accustomed to the diffusion of essential oils but also a good number of professionals.

Placed in a medical waiting room, a meeting room, a spa, a shop, a living room of an ephad or a ski store, it is the simple and efficient diffuser that improves the comfort of everyone, wherever it is.

Its 100 ml tank ensures long-lasting diffusion of essential oils. It is the ideal asset to offer a real sensory experience to its patients or customers.

And as it works on batteries or on its electric charger, it does not require large installation work. Its fastening plate and key finally lock it.


+ of the walia diffuser
+ A unique experience: offer the benefits of aromatherapy to its clients, patients and teams.
+ Effective: Walia diffuses essential oils by nebulization in a room of up to 100 m3.
+ Easy to install: it works on batteries or on supplied electric charger, so it is fixed to the wall without needing to pull electrical wires.
+ Discretion: its compact and sleek design and white color allow it to melt easily into the decor.
+ Programmable: its internal clock is simply programmed via its lcd screen to define the days and timed beaches of diffusion.
+ Long-term dissemination: depending on the rate of diffusion chosen (break time between each 3-second broadcast), the diffuser works from 1 to 7 months on the same set of batteries (estimate for 10 hours of daily broadcast and a pause between 100 and 900s after each broadcast). a red led blinks to report when the battery fades.
+ Universal: compatible with all essential oils in the market.
+ Long-term: the walia diffuser is guaranteed for 5 years.
+ Secure: thanks to its wall mounting plate and key to avoid flights.


Learn more about cold nebulisation
Cold nebulization (also known as micro-diffusion) is a highly efficient process to diffuse essential oils in the atmosphere. It allows to spread all essential oils while maintaining their benefits and properties, without changing chemical structure and without heating. the compressed air transforms the oils into micro aromatic particles which, in the form of mist, escapes by the dedicated outlet of the appliance, thus embalming the ambient air.


Zoom on the Walia diffuser
From the top of its 18 cm, the walia diffuser is a discreet, compact and design diffuser. ideal to cover living rooms up to 100 m3, it will have its place in waiting rooms, medical offices, commercial shops. it works on batteries or on its electric charger, so it does not require large installation work. its internal clock and programming via the lcd screen on the façade is its real asset. It is possible to program the beaches and the broadcast time for each day of the week. Once the programming is done, let him do his job without worrying about him. You just have to think of filling the bottle of essential oils and changing batteries from time to time (if you choose to run it with batteries). for example: based on a 10-hour usage per day, a simple battery game will allow it to run 26 days on the basis of 3 seconds of diffusion and 100 seconds of pause. 70 days for 3s on / 300 off, 130 days for 3s on / 600s off, 228 days for 3s on/900 s off.


Technical characteristics
- diffusion technology: nebulization
- diffusion space: 40 m2 (100 m3)
- tank capacity: 100 ml
- power supply: 2.5W
- AC/DC:
Input / input : 100 - 240v - 50/60Hz 0,4A
Output / output: dc 5v - 1.0A
- net weight: 509 grams
- Product dimensions: l112 x P71 x H182 (mm)
- noise:

Vue éclatée du diffuseur Walia

The box contains
- a base integrating the pump and programmer
- an empty bottle
- a polyethylene sealing ring
- a key
- a usb cable + its mains socket
- A mode of employment
- a suspension plate
- several fixation screws


Mounting of the walia diffuser
1 - insert the key to unlock the lid, then remove the oil tank.
2 - place 3 aa batteries in the device (or connect the power supply).
3 - fill the oil tank - make sure that the sealing ring is properly inserted. it ensures the joint between the diffusing part and the bottle - mount it with
the sprayer then recast it into the device.
4 - regulate operating time and lock the lid to start.
5 - follow the installation diagram to hold it to the wall

Montage du diffuseur Walia


Operation of the walia diffuser

Fonctionnement du diffuseur Walia

1 - Switch the device on, press the 【MODE】 button for 2 seconds to turn on the lcd display.

2 - The lcd screen displays the current time, minutes and day. it also indicates the current state of operation: work on, pause on or pause off.

3 - Press 【SET】, then 【UP】 or 【DOWN】 to set time, minutes or day.

4 - Press 【MODE】to set the operating time of the device and the operating time/pause. for example,

A. press 【MODE】to adjust the activation time of the first operating period. then press 【SET】【UP【DOWN】, to adjust time, minute and day respectively.

B. press 【MODE】 a second time to adjust the time of the first operating period. Then press 【SET】【UP【DOWN】to adjust time, minutes and days respectively.

C. press 【MODE】. the set work setting will be displayed for 3 seconds (not editable).

D. press 【MODE】 to set the break time between 100 and 900 seconds by pressing 【UP】/【DOWN】.

5 - Please repeat the steps above to set the 2nd/3rd/4th operating periods.

6 - Restore the default setting by pressing 【MODE】 for 10 seconds. default setting:

The start time (on) of the first operating period is 8h00, the stop time (off) is 22h00, the working time (work) is 3 seconds, the break time is 300 seconds and the second, third and fourth work periods remain empty.

7 - Automatically switch to energy saving mode if you do not use your device for 10 seconds. Press any key to activate it.

8 - The red led flashes when the battery is weak.


Maintenance of the walia diffuser
To ensure the best diffusion effect, check and maintain the device regularly following the following steps.
1 - unlock the valve and exit the empty oil tank
2 - fill the tank cleaner for diffuserAnd clean it up.
3 - Install it on the device by filling it with cleaning and leave the appliance in a working condition for 5 to 10 minutes.
4 - turn off the device when you have finished cleaning.
5 - exit the tank and fill it again with fragrant oil. Install it on the device, then lock the lid. maintenance is over

Attention: Always use a cleaner to clean the diffuser.
The glass cleaner Penntybio being based on mineral salts, it is not suitable for the maintenance of walia diffuser. it is therefore strongly recommended to use that based on alcohol and lavandin (here)
Never use water to clean the diffuser. Indeed, the water is not misecible with essential oils and could thus obstruct the nozzle from the diffusion.


Precautions of use
Carefully read the manual provided before using the device and keep it carefully.
1 - do not use overloaded power socket, wire or damaged charger; This could compromise your safety causing a fire.
2 - do not attempt to open the device shell. Please contact your seller quickly in case of a problem.
3 - please do not return the appliance after filling it with oil; risk of leakage and damage not covered by the warranty.


Video of the walia broadcaster


Sav diffuserur walia
In case of failure during the warranty period (5 years), you must contact us so that together a diagnosis can be made. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction.If a failure is confirmed, your broadcaster will have to be full.

Works on
Works on
Port usb

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Walia Wall Diffuser - 40 m2 - Innobiz

Diffuseur mural WaliaThebroadcaster Waliawill seduce a good number of users of essential oils. The individual and the professional. Equipped with an internal clock, it is programmed via its LCD screen to broadcast on the days and hourly beaches of its choice, in volumes up to 100 m3.

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