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Micro diffusion diffuser

The micro-diffusion diffuser also known as nebulization remains the best way to maximize the therapeutic virtues of essential oils. The principle is simple and effective. A pump sends air in a glassware containing your essential oils. The air will expel and burst through the giffard system of the micro particles of oils inside the glassware. A smoke will then form (like a fog), loaded with millions of particles of essential oils. She\'ll get out of the glassware and spread into your room. The micro diffusion diffuser operates cold so that essential oils can not be altered and they can maintain all their benefits.


Broadcaster bo black - 100 m2 - atmosphere view 3

Diffuser BO Black - 100 m2 - Innobiz

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The electric diffuser of essential oilsBO BLACKby nebulization. Thanks to this innovative technology, the conservation of aromas and therapeutic benefits of your oils is guaranteed. It sits in all the rooms of a house, quickly sanitizing the atmosphere of a surface up to 100 m2.

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The broadcaster BO BLACK(ex ONA) is a model known to nebulization or micro-diffusion. This process allows to release a maximum of aromatic molecules of essential oils without heating them. Their fragrance promotes a pleasant atmosphere and are beneficial to health. Keeping all their properties, they provide a healthy atmosphere, rid of germs and microbes. This diffuser incorporates a silent air pump in its wooden base and a glassware designed to contain a quantity of essential oils. The diffuser has a diffusion power variator. Discreet, sober, aesthetic and quiet, this diffuser will find its place in all home styles. The particularity of this diffuser is to add to the resolutely nature look, a high technology.


The + of this essential oil diffuser
+ Dissemination capacity up to 100 m2
+ Eco-designed materials based on bamboo fiber and 100% biodegradable
+ Respect essential oils thanks to its diffusion by nebulisation.
+ Provides an electronic power variator to adapt its diffusion to your needs.
+ Easy use. For all rooms of the house, a trade or office,
+ Has a low consumption of essential oils. (about 2ml/hour)
+ The glass cap reduces the discreet noise of diffusion, regulates diffusion and protects the inside of the glass from dust.
+ Low energy consumption.


Powerful and silent
The BO BLACK electric diffuser is located in all rooms of a house, quickly sanitizing the atmosphere of a surface up to 100 m2. By playing on essential oils, you create the atmosphere you prefer, depending on your desires or the theme of an evening.


This broadcaster was designed by London designer Adrien Lassalmonie. The BO BLACK diffuser has been designed with environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo fiber, wood and mouth blown glass. The outer shell of the product was made of an eco-designed bamboo fibre-based material agglomerated by a corn-based glue.


The box contains
1- A power variator
2- A blown glass nebulizer in the mouth
3- A silent cap
4- An adapter + 1 user notice
5- A bamboo fibre base and wood integrating the electric pump
6- A top part of bamboo fiber

contenu de la boîte du diffuseur BO Black

The box contains
1- wooden base (with anti-slip background) of natural color incorporating the pump.
2- mouth blown glass nebulizer
3- 360-degree orientable diffuser
4- control interface
5- adapter + 1 user notice

Verrerie pour diffuseur Bo (ex Ona)Technical specifications of BO Black
- Food:
. Input: 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz - 0.3A Max
. Output: 6.0V - 0.5A 3.0w
- Power: 2.5w
- Weight: 500 gr
- Maximum broadcasting area: 100 m2
- Dimensions: Diffuser H: 205 mm x W: 100 mm.
- EC Standard
- Varier diffusion power
- Manufacturer warranty: 5 years


Instructions for use
Carefully insert the glassware into the wooden base. Then the cork on the glassware. Finally, connect the adapter to the mains socket. Pour around 20 drops of essential oils or a mixture into the glassware (equivalent to 1 or 2 teaspoons). We remind you that a diffuser can work without any problems without essential oils. So it's better to put less than that. The diffuser is now ready to operate. Turn the variator to put your broadcaster into a king, then adapt the diffusion power to your desires and interior. Do not activate dissemination in the presence of children under 3 years of age and pregnant women. In a child’s room, we recommend that you do so outside their presence and at least 30 minutes before arrival. Do not spread continuously, at the risk of saturating air into aromatic molecules.

Learn more about microdiffusion
Micro-diffusion is the most efficient process to diffuse essential oils in the atmosphere. It allows to spread all essential oils while maintaining their benefits and properties, without changing chemical structure and without heating. The compressed air transforms the oils into micro aromatic particles which, in the form of mist, escapes through the collar of glassware, thus embalming the ambient air.


BLACK broadcaster interview
The essential oil diffuser must be maintained using a suitable cleaner, indispensable for its proper operation 1 to 2 times a month. To do this, empty the essential oils of your diffuser, pour the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of coffee glass cleaner and run your diffuser for 3 to 5 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, empty the excess cleaner. You can re-produce essential oils.

If you diffuse essential citrus oils (e.g., Bergamote, Citron, Orange, Petit Grain), it is necessary to alter their diffusion with more fluid essential oils (e.g. Lavandin, Lavender, Eucalyptus or Ravintsara). If you don't use your diffuser for a long period of time, you have to empty it, clean it (using it with alcohol or diffuser cleaner) and put it away from dust.


Noise and vibration
The noise emitted by the diffuser pump was measured by Penntybio to 37 db (measurement made using a 20 cm sensor from the pump start to full power), making it a really diffuserQuiet. Rubber pads at the base of the pump allow to limit the noise emitted by the pump.

To minimize noise and enjoy the BO Black electric broadcaster, we suggest you try it on different supports. Cap, fabric, wood, tiles can reduce or increase the noise emitted by the pump. To avoid a possible vibration of the glass cap placed on the glassware, unlock the glassware of the wooden base. Delicately pull the glassware by turning it very slightly from a few degrees to the left and right (do not make an important rotation that would risk to clean the joint).


Video of broadcaster BO (ex ONA)


List of spare parts available on our site for BO Black diffuser
- Verrerie BO
- Silencers BO
- Bo diffuser adapter - output 6V - 400 mA


To fully enjoy your diffuser and limit the problems of soiling, we recommend using our special essential oils diffusion :

- Special synergies : 23 mixtures available, for all tastes and situations or our synergie diffusion including 7 bottles of 10ml (Deodorizing, Sweet Nights, Evasion, Grand Air, Mediterranean, Provence and Pur Air)

- Pure essential oils for diffusion: 13 Pure Essential Oil References Penn'Ty Bio (in 30 ml or 100 ml) or our offer diffusion Penn'Ty Bio including 7 bottles of 10 ml (Citron, Citronella, Eucalyptus globulus, Super Lavender, Soft Orange, Cineole Romarin and Exotic Verveine)


SAV diffuser Bo Black
In the event of a failure during the warranty period (2 years), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction.If a breakdown is confirmed, your broadcaster will have to be full.

Works on
Light effects
No light
Speed adjustment
Surface covered
100 m2
Emission of noise
Between 35 and 40 db
Automatic shutdown

Specific references

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Marité 06


Très bon produit

elfrida p


trés contente ,rien a voir avec le dernier diffuseur que j'ai acheté en pharmacie !!!
dommage que j'ai cassés le bouchon j’espère en trouver un de remplacement .

Elise M


C'est mon premier nébulisateur et je ne regrette pas mon achat!
Je n'ai pas de point de comparaison donc difficile de juger niveau bruit mais je m'attendais à pire. On entend un ronronnement, qui s'oublie rapidement.
Le système de capuchon qui cache la verrerie est bien pensé. La verrerie n'est pas spécialement salie après utilisation mais je trouve que c'est aussi bien de ne pas avoir à la dépoussiérer et ainsi limiter le risque de casse.
Il est joli, les matériaux qualitatifs (ca fait pas nioniotte en plastique bas de gamme).
La nébulisation des huiles essentielles est efficace!
Il est très probable que j'en achète un 2ème un peu plus tard.

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Vraiment beau

Rien à dire sur ce modèle. Très esthétique et performant. Il s'intègre parfaitement dans mon salon et diffuse très bien mes huiles essentielles. Produit de qualité.


Diffuseur Bo

Excellent achat. Marche parfaitement. Vraiment silencieux et couvre à merveille mes pièces de vie.

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Diffuser BO Black - 100 m2 - Innobiz

The electric diffuser of essential oilsBO BLACKby nebulization. Thanks to this innovative technology, the conservation of aromas and therapeutic benefits of your oils is guaranteed. It sits in all the rooms of a house, quickly sanitizing the atmosphere of a surface up to 100 m2.

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