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ALT'O SERPENTS - Repulsive pellet snake – 300 gr – Penntybio

ALT'O SERPENTS - Granular Snake Repellent - 300g - Penntybio

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Composed of cereals, margosa extract and vegetable oil, this highly concentrated natural snake repellent will effectively keep all snakes away from places where their presence is undesirable. Can of 300 grams.

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Repousser les serpents naturellement avec notre répulsif serpents

When the beautiful season arrives, it is common that our moments of relaxation are disturbed by the presence of outdoor snakes. They love shelters and hiding places of any kind such as high herbs, stones, debris, tiles, rocks, tarpaulins, or piles of various materials such as wood clusters or lumbers.. So you can find your nose with a snake at a picnic near a river, at the edge of your home like the terrace or the basin ...

If some people are totally phobic, its presence does not reassure most of the time. However, snakes remain indispensable to our ecosystem. These include regulating the population of rodents (souris, mulots...), insects (mouches, mosquitoes, bugs, cockroaches, etc.) and larvae. They can also prevent a garden from having its vegetable garden and plants squandered by small insects that devour them. So the idea is not to eliminate them, you would be sanctioned because snakes are protected species (the 1976 law that protects all snakes in the territory).

The solution not to be disturbed by their presence is to put in place a solution that will push them back and hold them away from places where they are unwanted.

Composed of cereals, margosa extract and vegetable oil, ALT'O SERPENTSis a very concentrated natural repulsive that will allow effective removal all snakes places or their presences are undesirable.

Use ofALT'O SERPENTSis very simple since it is enough to create a barrier by spreading a line of granules around the area you want to protect.

This anti-serpents will therefore be perfectly adapted to preserve your home, garage, garden, orchard, terrace but also the surroundings of pool or pool, rocks, playgrounds, picnics, camping, and wherever the presence of poisonous or harmless snakes is not desired.


Targeted animals

Targeted animals --> Snakes:
- The snakes: snake with necklace, viperine snake, sprinkle of sculap, green and yellow snake...,
- The vipers: viper aspic, evil viper..,


Benefits of ALT'O SERPENTS

+ Keep your outdoor living spaces from the coming of snakes
+ Allows to delineate areas to protect and to flee reptiles.
+ A repulsive that acts on the sensory receptors of reptiles
+ An exclusively vegetable composition without a synthetic product
+ Granulates allowing excellent time holding (up to 3 weeks)
+ Used by individuals and professionals
+ granules are biodegradable
+ Easy to set up
+ Made in France


How does ALT'O SERPENTS work ?

As you may know, the snake has a very powerful olfactory organ that serves to decode the fragrant molecules caught in the air by its bifid language. This organ is called Jacobson's organ. Thanks to their tongue, it “collects” substances in the air. This information is transferred to the palace and then transmitted to the brain by means of Jacobson’s organ located behind the vomer, between the nostrils and the mouth. But in addition to the “decoding” of these chemical data by the vomero-nasal organ, much of the snakes can also recognize the heat emitted by warm-blooded animals. Located in front of its nasal pit, this information detector is used to find a potential prey but also to recognize family members.

Since Alt'O Serpents is made up of highly fragrant and unpleasant substances for him, he will move away immediately, preferring to visit a space or smell does not exist. The leaking by reptile is therefore assured. Alt'O Serpents acts on the sensory receptors of reptiles and plays an excellent barrier role.


Instructions for use

Disperse the granules on the entire area to be protected to flee the snakes.

After 48 hours, make a strip of 10 to 20 cm wide all around the perimeter to protect.

In order to have good protection, for at least 4 grams of repulsive snakes per linear meter or 400 gr per 100 ml. With this dosage the tests showed that the area could be protected for 3 weeks (see tests)

Despite rigorous treatment and good vigilance, a snake can come out of the earth, for example, through a mulot gallery. It is therefore very important to remain vigilant by scattering on the surface of the area some granules on the fly, from time to time. To keep the properties of this repulsive, our cans are treated "anti-migration". It is therefore necessary to keep the product in its original bidon.


His composition

Organic active ingredient: Margosa extract (CAS: 84696-25-3): 0.1% m/m, vegetable oil. Biocide product TP19.



300 gram paper



Given the high smell of this product, it must be used exclusively outside.

Mandatory regulatory information

Prudence advice (CLP) : P102 -Keep out of reach of children.P103 -Read the label before use.

Additional Phrases : Eliminate empty darts packaging.Use biocides with care and protection when needed.

Types of insects
Creeping insects
Application mode
A spread
300 gr

Specific references


Data sheet and security

Fds repulsive snake penn'ty bio

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Un répulsif qui me semble bien faire son travail. La couleuvre que j'observais dans ma rocaille à déménagée. C'est donc bon signe !


répulsif serpent.

bien reçu j'en ais mis a plusieurs endroit et pour l'instant je n'ai revu aucune couleuvre. ça a l'air de marcher mais un peu tôt pour le dire on verrat l'année prochaine.

Claudine O


les serpents n'ont clairement pas appréciés l'odeur (moi non plus d'ailleurs). Ce qui les a fait fuir très vite. Donc au final, plutôt satisfait de cet anti-serpent naturel.


un peu decu !!

les lézards ont disparus quelques jours avant de revenir comme avant

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ALT'O SERPENTS - Granular Snake Repellent - 300g - Penntybio

Composed of cereals, margosa extract and vegetable oil, this highly concentrated natural snake repellent will effectively keep all snakes away from places where their presence is undesirable. Can of 300 grams.

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