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Natural coloring with plants Dark brown brown - 100 gr - Khadi®

Natural coloring with plants Dark brown brown - 100 gr - Khadi®

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Plant teinture Khadi®Dark brown for a dark, intense and shiny shawl result. Tenacious coloring. Single care, volume and shine in one application. 100 grits.Installation time: 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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Nuancier Khadi Marron foncé brun

plant colours Khadi®Contain100% natural ingredientsAnd sour plants. a true natural alternative to chemical colours. They treat your hair without altering its structure. all plant colours Khadi®Are composed of agents strictly controlled by rigorous and certified non-toxic tests.

Result obtained with dark brown brown Khadi®
This plant dye Dark brown brown Khadi®Will give a dark, intense and shiny chestnut complexion. a precoloration is recommended on blonde or white hair. can be associated with light chestnut, natural hazel, pure cooked and hennate, amla and red jastropha.

Can in 50% of cases cover grey hair in a coloration. Please respect its use on blonde, blond or gray hair (proceding a 2-step coloring in these cases).

Unlike chemical colors that penetrate into the hair fiber and weaken the hairvegetable coloring does not affect the hair. She wins it and gives it volume and shine.

Active ingredients of this coloration
Indigo(indigofera): brings color, shine and care
Indigo is a plant but also a color extracted from its leaves, which is between blue and violet. It is native to eastern asia and indian. It was the Portuguese explorer vasco de gamma who reported indigo in europe. Since then, the indigo replaced most of the dyes used so far. Indigo leaves bring hair not only color, but also shine and care.

Hnné(Lawsonia inermis): offers reflections, protects the hair and strengthens it
The henne is a spicy shrub from north and east Africa, also pushing in much of Asia. to thrive, it needs a lot of light and heat. the pleasant scent of the henna has been appreciated for millennia: because of its soothing smell, the henna is an extremely popular garden plant. obtained from the leaves of the shrub, the henne powder was already used in antiquity to paint the body. It has also been known for a long time as a natural hair dye. In addition to offering nice reflections, the henna protects the hair, strengthens it and gives it all its shine.

Amla(Emblica Officinalis): purifying and antibacterial action on the scalp. promotes hair growth.
The amla is also called Indian fat. it has a purifying and antibacterial action on the scalp, which allows the follicles to regenerate. It also stimulates the growth of the hair. Amla is a tree of long life and noble according to the classification of plants in Indian and sour culture.

The + of this natural brown color dark brown brown
+ formulated from medicinal plants
+ certified product "natural cosmetic controlled" by bdih and under sourvedic license
+ respect for Indian producers of raw materials
+ vegetable coloring that covers white hair
+ 100% vegan
+ no test is performed on animals, whether the final sourvedic product or the ingredients.
+can be used by pregnant and nursing women.

The guarantees of plant colours Khadi®
- without colorants or synthetic fragrances,
- without conservatives,
- without essential oils
- without peroxide,
- without ammonia,
- without metallic salts
- without any noxious color boosters,
- without mineral oil, without paraben,

Composition:Indigofera tinctoria leaf powder (indigo), lawsonia inermis leaf powder (henna), Emblica Officinalis fruit powder (amla), eclipta alba leaf powder (bhringaraj), azadirachta indica leaf powder (neem).

Good to know about plant colours Khadi®

The colorings to the plants are prepared by inde according to ancestral soured recipes. unique by their composition and quality, these colours show exceptional quality and intensity of colour.

They are prepared based on ingredients from the best Indian crop regions. the remarkable brilliance of the coloring results from the finesse of the grinding which reveals the color after the first dripping.

Dyes to plants Khadi®, purely natural, are composed of a mixture of various plants that are dried, finely crushed and tamed before being conditioned.

The henné has an orange-red pigment called lawsone that binds to hair proteins. it is translucent and the color reflected is a mixture between the color Khadi® and basic hair color. dyes to plants Khadi® mask white and grey hair effectively.

Dyes to plants Khadi® does not lighten the hair. they can be used on any type of hair, whether chemically treated, bleached or tinted.

Dyes with henna-based plants are permanent and do not tarnish. they oxide after a few days and take a slightly darker shade.

Directions of employment
N.B: not only your starting color, but also the structure of your hair and the application duration are decisive for the result.It is therefore recommended, before any use, to test on a wick.

Prepare the color by mixing 50 g of powder with 200 ml of water at 50°C. Once the dye is delayed, apply the dough obtained after dried on washed and dried hair using a hair towel. Keep your head warm with a towel or shower hat.

The longer you let the dye act, the more intense the coloring effect and the care will be. depending on the structure of your hair and depending on the intensity you want to get, please let the coloring act 30 minutes to 2 hours. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry your hair.

You can without problem mix all natural dyes Khadi® between them to create your individual color.

♪ I got white hair ♪, i am the protocol below by adding a precoloration:

If I take dark brown coloring, then I make a precoloration with pure cooked hennaor Henna, amla and red jastropha. this extra step will allow dark pigments to better adhere to your white hair. after step 1, I do step 2 with the pure cooked hennaor the henna, amla and red jastropha. I leave to pose 30 min, I rinse, then proceed again to step 2 with the selected shade.

I don't have white hair, i am the protocol below:

Protocole de coloration Khadi

Accéder à notre dossier sur les colorations végétales

1 question = 1 answer

It is imperative to follow the use advice. the result of coloring will depend on the structure of the hair, the temperature of the water used and the temperature of coloring during the application.Any questions? do not hesitate toConsult our complete coloring folder: here

Conditioning:Carton containing 1100 g preparation bag (sufficient for mid-length hair), gloves and single-use cartridge, and a instructions for use.

After opening:12 months

For technical reasons, the colors obtained on the screen or on the print, although fairly true to the reality, are given for indicative purposes and are not contractual.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
100 gr

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Très bien !

La couleur n'est pas aussi foncée que je l'aurais souhaité, mais les cheveux restent très brillants, souples et doux.


Excellente coloration naturelle!

Bien meilleure que les autres marques que j'ai déjà essayé (bio ou non). Très belle couleur!

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Natural coloring with plants Dark brown brown - 100 gr - Khadi®

Plant teinture Khadi®Dark brown for a dark, intense and shiny shawl result. Tenacious coloring. Single care, volume and shine in one application. 100 grits.Installation time: 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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