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The ultrasonic diffuser

The ultrasonic diffuser, also called ultrasonic or noisy is a somewhat technical but very effective device. It is based on the aerial suspension of a mass of water and essential oils when they resonate with a very high frequency wave train (from 16 to 20 Mhz). This mode of diffusion is made cold so that you do not distort your essential oils and above all keep all their energy value. In addition, ultra-sound diffusion allows to slightly humidify the ambient air, making it less dry and therefore more breathable. Less powerful than a nebulized diffuser, the heater is, on the other hand, very quiet (small water spray) and will cover surfaces of about 30 m2. There is an important choice of ultrasound model. The covered/price ratio is often unbeatable. If you want to spread essential oils for a therapeutic purpose, forget the heater. Unlike nebulization, essential oil particles are not projected pure in the air, but coupled with heavy liquid water particles. The active principles of aromatic molecules will thus remain less suspended in the air before falling back, thus decreasing the duration of the effects of essential oils. This mode of diffusion remains ideal to enjoy the pretty mist that escapes and to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere.


Tulip fountain spray - mood image

Tulip Fountain Mist Maker

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Delivery expected from 06/09/2023

The Tulip Fountain Mister is a decorative object with an innovative design. This fountain is very aesthetic and the built-in light system will make your interior warm and colourful. The fog is light without overflowing the frosted glass vase.

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This frosted glass fountain works on the principle of ultrasound. With a frequency of 1700 KHz, it is designed not to disturb animals.

Very easy to use, simply pour water into the receptacle and plug in.

Advantages of the Tulip fountain sprayer

Tulip Fountain Diffuser

+ Sanitizes the air while diffusing essential oils

+ Aesthetics

+ Automatic colour change

+ Excellent life span  

How does this diffuser work ?

As soon as the fountain is plugged in, it will produce a fine mist that completely covers the basin. This mist will gently overflow as the air blows. The fountain is equipped with LEDs with various powerful and changing colours that create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

These warm lights will be even more fascinating in semi-darkness, thus highlighting the wisps of mist.

Thanks to the innovative splash guard, you will not find any traces of moisture on your furniture. The misting system is made of ceramic to ensure a long service life. Thanks to the water level sensor, your misting fountain will stop by itself in case of lack of water, thus preventing the ceramic disc from being damaged in the open air.

This way, you will be able to breathe less dry and healthier air because it is less dusty.

By pouring a few drops of essential oils (3 to 4 drops) into the tank, you can create different atmospheres according to your moods.

Technical specifications

- Power : 12w
- Material: Highly impact resistant frosted glass
- Dimension: height: 200mm diameter: 125mm
- Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7 Mhz
- Ceramic disc designed for approximately 2000 hours of use
- Mist supply: >250 ml/hour
- Consumption > 50 ml of water / hour
- Delivered with 220v/24v transformer, detailed instructions and in a polystyrene box for total protection during transport. 

Assembly and instructions for use

1 - Place the base of the shield in the centre of the misting motor

2 - Place the assembly in the cylinder

3 - Attach the splash shield to the foot

4 - Insert the cord into the hole at the bottom of the glass vase. Pack the hole with the small rubber stopper (you can moisten the rubber to insert it easily). Fill the vase with water according to the indicated water level diagram to get a perfect mist! The fogger will not work if there is not enough water. Likewise, the mist will not disperse if there is too much water.

5 - Check that the voltage indicated on the transformer corresponds to the mains voltage. Connect the misting motor cord to the transformer. Place the transformer in a dry place away from the mist. Connect the transformer to the mains and your device will start automatically.


Assemblage brumisateur fontaine Tulipe

Note : the anti-splash shield is adjustable to allow you to adjust the intensity of the mist.

Precautions for use

1 - Be careful with the water sensor. Do not hold the spray motor by its sensor, and be careful not to hit or scratch it with any solid object to avoid damaging it.
2 - Do not shake the spray motor or pull on its cord when it is running.
3 - Do not put your fingers on the ceramic disc of the mister when it is running, as the ultrasonic vibrations could injure you, without risk of electrocution.
4 - Use the transformer in a dry and ventilated area.
5 - Be sure to protect your furniture or other support from any possible water splashes. 

The principle of ultrasound diffusers

Ultrasound is a sound but its frequency is higher than 20 khz and cannot be heard by the human ear (too high-pitched). When a sinusoidal signal is applied to the piezoelectric ceramics, they deform by contracting, thus transforming an electrical wave into a mechanical vibration. This vibration will pull water molecules (and any essential oils you add to it) from the surface of the water and spray them, creating what is called a dry mist.

The size of these "droplets" will depend on the frequency of the device and the characteristics of the fluid (density, viscosity, surface tension). The higher the frequency, the finer the droplets. The high frequency of this device makes it possible to obtain a very light mist.

Water is the most important part of a fountain misting system

Water level fountain misting Tulip

1 - Always use mineralised water : tap water is very suitable or bottled spring water in the case of very hard water. Demineralised water does not allow a current to flow, your level sensor will prevent the fountain from working.

2 - Always use perfectly clean water and change it regularly: The slightest particle of dust, hair, etc. can alter the proper functioning of the fountain or prevent it from working.

3 - Always respect the indicated water levels: not enough water will block the detector, too much water can alter the proper functioning of the fountain or prevent it from working. 

If your fountain does not work or malfunctions

If your misting fountain does not work or malfunctions

We are regularly contacted about fountains that seem to be out of order (the fountain is switched on for a short time and then goes out). After checking, we find that the fountain is working perfectly. Before contacting us, you should :

- Unplug your fountain

- Clean the water sensor and the ceramic (especially if your water is hard or if you use essential oils).

- Change the water

If the problem persists
- Remove the water.
- Start your fountain without water (the sensor prevents it from starting).
- Fill the tank with water up to the level of the sensor.
- Gradually add more water until the fountain starts up. If there is more than a few millimetres of water above the detector, the fountain should start up.

Good to know
Dirty water and hard water affect the atomisation effect. If your device generates a simple jet of water without a mist effect, the water used is not sufficiently clean, contaminated with grease, dust or other particles that interfere with the principle of ultrasonic vibration vaporisation. Make sure to change the water and clean the vase regularly. Too much essential oil is detrimental to the proper functioning of the device. 2 to 3 drops are sufficient.

If, after having carried out all these points, your fountain still does not work, please contact us so that we can take care of its repair. Please note : the After Sales Service only takes into account fountains that have a real breakdown and not misuse. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the return of your fountain.

The Penn'Ty Bio opinion

The mist is light without overflowing the vase. Decorative object, possibility of diffusing essential oils, even if you won't have the same performance as a microdiffusion diffuser.

Tulip Fountain Mister Video


Guarantee of conformity of the Fontaine Tulipe

In the event of a breakdown during the warranty period (2 years on the electrical part), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. A video of the start-up may be requested so that we can establish the malfunction. 

If a failure is confirmed, your diffuser must be returned to us complete. In any case, do not try to disassemble or modify the devices, you would then lose all rights to the 2-year warranty on parts and labour.

The guarantee does not cover breakage, nor defects due to incorrect use or poor maintenance of the device (level of essential oils too high, device not cleaned regularly, etc.).

More about the Direct Nature brand

Direct Nature logo

Since 2007, Direct Nature has specialized in the manufacture and distribution of essential oil diffusers in all forms and for all markets, becoming a key player in the French market.

Direct Nature also offers a range of pure and blended essential oils, certified organic or natural, made in France, as well as a wide range of body care products, certified organic or natural, with essential or vegetable oils, and finally a range of natural products for the home.

As a human-sized company, Direct Nature reconciles internal development and subcontracting to specialized partners in order to respond efficiently and reactively to requests in each of its fields of expertise.

Light effects
Changing colors
1 speed
Surface covered
30 m2
Sound level
Below 30 db
Type of diffusion

Specific references

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CHIDE Nicole

Le moteur a rendu l'âme le 2ieme jour.

Le remplacement a été fait rapidement.
Tout marche bien à présent.


Bon brumisateur

Esthétique, bonne brumisation que l'on peut régler un peu.
Par contre le maintien précis de la buse au fond du vase est un peu aléatoire


J’aime beaucoup!

Tout à fait conforme à ce que je souhaitais! Donne une magnifique touche colorée à mon intérieur.


Très satisfaite

Agréable pour une ambiance un peu zen



Donne une ambiance excellente dans la pièce de vie



Super. Je cherchais un brumisateur sans interrupteur (rare !). Je le fais fonctionner selon mes désirs avec une "prise" programmable par 1/4 d'heure.

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Tulip Fountain Mist Maker

The Tulip Fountain Mister is a decorative object with an innovative design. This fountain is very aesthetic and the built-in light system will make your interior warm and colourful. The fog is light without overflowing the frosted glass vase.

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