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The ultrasonic diffuser

The ultrasonic diffuser, also called ultrasonic or noisy is a somewhat technical but very effective device. It is based on the aerial suspension of a mass of water and essential oils when they resonate with a very high frequency wave train (from 16 to 20 Mhz). This mode of diffusion is made cold so that you do not distort your essential oils and above all keep all their energy value. In addition, ultra-sound diffusion allows to slightly humidify the ambient air, making it less dry and therefore more breathable. Less powerful than a nebulized diffuser, the heater is, on the other hand, very quiet (small water spray) and will cover surfaces of about 30 m2. There is an important choice of ultrasound model. The covered/price ratio is often unbeatable. If you want to spread essential oils for a therapeutic purpose, forget the heater. Unlike nebulization, essential oil particles are not projected pure in the air, but coupled with heavy liquid water particles. The active principles of aromatic molecules will thus remain less suspended in the air before falling back, thus decreasing the duration of the effects of essential oils. This mode of diffusion remains ideal to enjoy the pretty mist that escapes and to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere.


Diffuser Seville - 40 m2 - Zen Arôme

Diffuser Seville - 40 m2 - Zen Arôme

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The essential oil diffuser Sevilleperfume your interior while decorating it in a modern and elegant way. It has 4 diffusion programs and 2 light programs. It is designed to cover surfaces that can go up to 40 m2. The cherry on the cake, you can remote control thanks to his remote control.

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Presentation of the SEVILLE diffuser

diffuseur ultrasonique d'huiles essentielles Séville

The Seville ultrasonic diffuser will satisfy your desires ! Notice to lovers of aromatherapy but also to lovers of decoration.

Seville is composed of a very successful imitation wood base and a laser-cut metal tealight holder with precision.

Its metal shell is designed with abstract and symmetrical patterns inspired by the emblematic city of Spain, in particular its Plaza de España surrounded by a round canal.

Resulting from an innovative diffusion system, the Seville diffuser has many advantages to help you enjoy your aromatherapy sessions. It lights up like a photophore to create an intimate and warm atmosphere. Elegant, trendy and luminous, this ultrasonic diffuser will immerse you in a healthy atmosphere conducive to well-being.

Its ultrasonic technology allows you to diffuse your essential oils cold without denaturing them, but also to slightly moisten the air inside your home to make it less dry and more pleasant to breathe.

This diffuser is fully controllable from a distance thanks to the supplied remote control. 4 broadcast programs are available: continuous or alternating broadcast with timer function which defines automatic shutdown after 1 or 2 hours.

As for the lighting, it will operate thanks to an integrated LED. You will have the choice for the atmosphere; color variation or fixed on the color and intensity of your choice. The warm light embellishes the captivating mist that perfumes your interior to create a cocooning atmosphere.

The Seville ultrasonic diffuser is a powerful device that has a 120 ml tank giving it good diffusion autonomy (up to 3 hours at full power). It also covers a large diffusion surface (up to 40 m²). Perfect for using it in living rooms such as a living room or dining room, for example.

Diffusion and lighting can be ordered separately.

Advantages of the SEVILLE diffuser

+ A dual function device: diffuser and mood lamp
+ A cold diffusion to preserve the benefits of your essential oils
+ Up to 3 hours of streaming at full power
+ Openwork metal shell with patterns
+ A trendy and modern decorative object
+ A French creation and an authentic design
+ 4 possible distribution modes
+ 2 possible lighting modes
+ Diffusion up to 40 m²
+ Perfect for learning aromatherapy
+ Suitable for both beginners and advanced

Presentation of the elements of the Seville diffuser

1- Power supply
2- Light button
3- Broadcast button
4- Diffusion head
5- Lid
6- Maximum water level
7- Reservoir
8- Ventilation mouth
9- Ceramic disc

Composition du diffuseur Séville 

The principle of operation of the Seville diffuser

The misting of the Seville diffuser is caused by the vibration of a ceramic disc at very high frequency which triggers ultrasound by its movement. The vibrations will then cause the molecules of water and essential oils to react, which will mix and rise in very fine droplets, creating a very elegant mist. This is why the Seville diffuser is called ultrasonic by misting. This innovative technology allows cold diffusion of essential oils. For this, the oils must be diluted in water that is in the tank. But beware, diluting oils in water inevitably reduces their virtues. This is why, if you wish to diffuse for a purely therapeutic purpose, we strongly advise you to orient yourself towards a diffuser by nebulization, rather than by misting.

But rest assured, ultrasonic diffusion is an excellent method of atmospheric diffusion. Especially since these models also provide two other functions: ionization and humidification of the air. This allows, in addition to perfuming your interior, to offer a healthy and pleasant air for all.

How is the SEVILLE diffuser used ?

Diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Séville

We recommend that you place the appliance in the room half an hour before switching it on so that it takes on room temperature.

Step 1 : Remove the diffuser covers

Step 2 : Make sure the tank is clean and pour in a maximum of 120ml of demineralised water at room temperature (The water temperature must be between between 5°C and 30°C)

Step 3 : Pour a few drops of essential oils into the water (not included)

Step 4 : Replace the covers

Step 5 : With dry hands, plug in the transformer connector, press the buttons to turn on the diffuser.

- Press once: lighting with gradient color change.
- Press the button again to set the color of your choice.
- Press the button again to set the intensity of your choice.
- Keep the button pressed to turn off the lighting.

- Press the broadcast button once to start a continuous broadcast
- Press a 2nd time to launch a broadcast alternating between pause and broadcast times every 30 seconds.
- Press a 3rd time to start a broadcast with automatic stop after 1 hour.
- Press a 4th time to start a broadcast with automatic stop after 2 hours.
- Press a 5th time to stop diffusion and light

CAUTION : The buttons located on the base of the device are not waterproof and must therefore not come into contact with water. Do not immerse the device. Take care that water does not enter the vent. Despite the safety device that interrupts the operation of the appliance, avoid leaving the appliance switched on when you are not using it or when the tank is empty. For complete shutdown, unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. To empty the water from the tank, tilt the diffuser, ensuring that the vent is upwards. If water enters this part, it may cause the unit to malfunction.

To fully enjoy your diffuser and limit the problems of soiling, we recommend using our special essential oils diffusion:

-Special synergies : 25 mixtures available, for all tastes and situations or our synergie diffusion including 6 bottles of 10 ml (Douces nuits, Douceur d'hiver, Excursion en forêt, Méditerranéen, Provence et Secret d'herboriste)

-Pure essential oils for diffusion : 20 Pure Essential Oil References Penn'ty Bio (in 30 ml or 100 ml) or our offers Penn'ty Bio : Offer #1 Including these 7 bottles of 10 ml: Citron, Citronella, Eucalyptus globulus, Super Lavandin, Soft Orange, Cinole Romarin and Exotic Verveine) or offer n°2 including these 7 other 10 ml bottles: Tropical Basilic, Atlas Cedar, Globulus Eucalyptus, Fine Lavender, Green Mandarine, Peppermint and Ravintsara).

Maintenance and storage of the SEVILLE diffuser

If the water contains too much lime, calcium or magnesium, it can deposit a “white powder” in the device. If this scum gets on the membrane, it can prevent the unit from working properly.

The life of the membrane is limited (about 3000 hours). After a while of operation the amount of mist generated will reduce. This is normal wear of the ceramic membrane.

We recommend :
1) To use demineralized water for each use.
2) To clean the tank every 2 days and the membrane once a week.
3) To change the water in the tank regularly, not to leave it for more than 2 days.
4) Clean the device (see explanations below) and ensure that all its parts are perfectly dry when not in use.

To clean the membrane and reservoir :

It is important to regularly clean the ceramic membrane and the surface of the device with a soft cloth or cotton swab soaked in white vinegar and then leave to act for a few minutes.
- Do not press or scrape the membrane or water level control sensor
- Do not use cleaning products to clean the device.
- Do not use a hard tool to scrape the surface.
- Rinse the base tank with clear water.
- Make sure that water does not enter the ventilation opening and that it is not blocked.

After cleaning and drying, store the device in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children.

Technical characteristics

- Dimensions: Diameter: 11 cm / Height: 22 cm
- Weight: 0.50kg
- Diffusion surface: up to 40 m²
- Materials: Metal and PP
- Tank capacity: 120ml
- Packaging: Delivered in a neat cardboard box with photo and multilingual description
- Contains: 1 diffuser, a remote control, a transformer and 1 multilingual user manual (French, English, Spanish, Italian and German).

Seville Diffuser Conformity Guarantee

In the event of a breakdown during the warranty period (2 years on the electrical part), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. You may be asked for a start-up video so that we can see the malfunction. If a breakdown is confirmed, your diffuser must be returned to us complete.

Learn more about the Zen Arôme brand

French company born in 2007 in the sun, on the French Riviera, Zen Arôme is the fruit of the marriage between know-how and a passion for aromatherapy. We design our own models inspired by nature, everyday life and what surrounds us while associating innovative technologies. We use our skills to turn a simple idea into an original, functional object that is a source of well-being.

Works on
Light effects
Changing colors
Light effects
Fixed light
Speed adjustment
Surface covered
40 m2
Emission of noise
Less than 30 db
Clear wood

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Diffuser Seville - 40 m2 - Zen Arôme

The essential oil diffuser Sevilleperfume your interior while decorating it in a modern and elegant way. It has 4 diffusion programs and 2 light programs. It is designed to cover surfaces that can go up to 40 m2. The cherry on the cake, you can remote control thanks to his remote control.

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