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The ultrasonic diffuser

The ultrasonic diffuser, also called ultrasonic or noisy is a somewhat technical but very effective device. It is based on the aerial suspension of a mass of water and essential oils when they resonate with a very high frequency wave train (from 16 to 20 Mhz). This mode of diffusion is made cold so that you do not distort your essential oils and above all keep all their energy value. In addition, ultra-sound diffusion allows to slightly humidify the ambient air, making it less dry and therefore more breathable. Less powerful than a nebulized diffuser, the heater is, on the other hand, very quiet (small water spray) and will cover surfaces of about 30 m2. There is an important choice of ultrasound model. The covered/price ratio is often unbeatable. If you want to spread essential oils for a therapeutic purpose, forget the heater. Unlike nebulization, essential oil particles are not projected pure in the air, but coupled with heavy liquid water particles. The active principles of aromatic molecules will thus remain less suspended in the air before falling back, thus decreasing the duration of the effects of essential oils. This mode of diffusion remains ideal to enjoy the pretty mist that escapes and to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere.


Audelia burner diffuser - 50 m2 - Innobiz

Audelia misting diffuser - 50 m² - Innobiz

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The AUDELIA essential oil diffuser is based on mist diffusion technology. It can cover an area up to 50 m². With an attractive design, this diffuser is equipped with changing LED lights that you can activate (or not) to create a real warm atmosphere.

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Diffuseur Audelia

Presentation of the Audelia diffuser

Voir la vidéo du diffuseur CERALIA

The AUDELIA essential oil diffuser is a real interior decoration object. Bamboo dress and metal shaped, it offers several bright mood options. For a warm and colorful atmosphere, the lights connect one after another. For a more ambience, the fixation of a single color is possible. And reassure yourself, you can also activate only noise, without lights.. Including blue to purple, white, yellow, red and pink, AUDELIA adapts to each of you !

Obviously, this device is not just a decorative object with changing lights, it is also above all a diffuser and essential oil burner. It therefore combines aromatherapy and air humidification. A really interesting double function to familiarize yourself with the diffusion of essential oils. Just exert a slight pressure on the AUDELIA and it diffuses your essential oils through its integrated control system in the base.

It works on a water spraying technology. Just add a few drops of essential oils to the water (15 drops maximum) to spread their odors and benefits in your interior. Its use is simple and intuitive. In one hour, AUDELIA consumes between 15 and 45 ml of water and essential oil(s). The diffuser is equipped with a safety system interrupting the operation of the appliance if the water level is too low.

Advantages of the AUDELIA diffuser

Diffuseur Audelia

+ Designed from noble materials such as bamboo and metal
+ Associates aromatherapy and air humidification
+ Parametrible multicolor light atmosphere (fixed, continuous or absent)
+ No visible button = even more aesthetic
+ Automatic stop when the tank is empty
+ Cold diffusion that respects essential oils
+ Very quiet
+ Maximum broadcast time: approximately 3h00
+ Maximum broadcasting area: 50 m2
+ Economa in essential oils

What is his mode of diffusion ?

The Audelia diffuser is in the noisy category (also called ultrasonic diffuser). Brumization is caused by the vibration of a very high frequency ceramic pellet that triggers ultrasound by its movement. This is why the AUDELIA diffuser is ultrasonic by noisy.

Technical specifications

- Functions: Light Control - Water level sensor and automatic shutdown when the level is low
- Distribution area: up to 50 m2
- Power: 12W
- Product dimensions: Diam 125 mm x H 137 mm
- Spread weight: 900 grams
- Power supply: 100 V ~ 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
- Manufacturer warranty: 5 years

How to use the Audelia diffuser ?

Installation and use
1. The device must be placed on a horizontal and flat surface.
2. Connect the mains adapter to the diffuser without plugging it onto a sector socket.
3. Remove the lid and base.
4. Use tap water at room temperature (no demineralized water) to fill the base tank with a maximum of 100 ml (do not exceed the maximum level mark).
5. Add 5 to 15 drops (maximum) of essential oils to spread in water.
6. Replace the lid on the base.
7. Connect the adapter sector to a mains socket.
8. To turn on your AUDELIA, just press the top of the device. This gesture will activate the “feet button” under the device.

The successive pressures will offer you several operating modes :
1st pressure : Mist + light with changing colors
2nd pressure : Diffusion of mist + light fixed on the last color appeared
Third pressure : Mist without light
4th pressure : The aircraft turns off (no mist or light)

Diffuseur Audelia

AUDELIA diffuser maintenance

It is best to clean the diffuser regularly. The Audelia tank must be cleaned every two days if the essential oil or mixture used is identical, otherwise clean it after each use. The membrane is cleaned once a week.

1 - Make sure your device is off.
2 - Disconnect the sector adapter from the sector socket, then disconnect the sector adapter from the Audelia base.
3 - Take off the lid.
4 - Empty the remaining water from the Audelia tank.
5 - Use a cotton-tige or a clean soft cloth to clean the inside of the Audelia diffuser; be careful not to press too hard on the ceramic disc; this element is fragile.

Video of AUDELIA diffuser

What is the diffuser made of ?

contenu de la boîte Audelia

The box contains
1- AUDELIA diffuser
2- A sector adapter
3- A manual translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.


AUDELIA consists of the following elements :
A - A lid
B - A base with
1 - A ceramic disc
2 - Maximum water level (100 ml)
3 - Air out
4 - A "button foot" of operation (under the device)
C - A sector adapter

Precautions of employment

Do not activate the broadcast in the presence of children under 6 and pregnant women. In a child’s room, we recommend that you do so outside their presence and at least 30 minutes before arrival. Before using the device, read the precautions carefully.

AUDELIA diffuser conformity guarantee

In the event of a failure during the warranty period (5 years), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction.

If a breakdown is confirmed, your broadcaster will have to be full. In any case, don’t try to disassemble, or change the appliances, you would then lose all right to the warranty parts and hand of work.

The warranty does not support the break, or defects related to misuse or improper maintenance of the device (e.g. essential oil levels too high, uncleaned device regularly,

Works on
Light effects
Changing colors
Speed adjustment
Fixed 1 speed
Surface covered
50 m2
Emission of noise
Less than 30 db
Automatic shutdown
Clear wood

Specific references

Click on a thumbnail to load the video

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Brumisateur joli design

Client depuis longtemps chez Penntybio
Je trouve ce produit pratique peu bruyant et la diffusion assez puissante pour un local de 20 à 30 mètres carrés maximum.

Alain A


Ma vielle amphore en verre donnant des signes de fatigue (au bout de 10 ans c'est un peu normal) je voulait tester cette dernière nouveauté et c'est une réussite totale. Non seulement c'est beau (une esthétique pouvant se placer aussi bien dans un ameublement ancien, comme moi) que moderne mais en plus la brumisation est d'une efficacité redoutable (fumeur, mon salon sent bon.............).
Les trois modes sont enfantin à comprendre, seul hic elle ne fonctionne pas avec une prise programmable (ne gardant pas la mémoire du mode de fonctionnement choisi).
Qu'à cela ne tienne elle reste couplée avec mon amphore qui elle fonctionne parfaitement avec une prise programmable et dés que cette dernière se met en marche je n'ai qu'à appuyer sur mon Audélia.

Produit recommandé plus que vivement.

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Audelia misting diffuser - 50 m² - Innobiz

The AUDELIA essential oil diffuser is based on mist diffusion technology. It can cover an area up to 50 m². With an attractive design, this diffuser is equipped with changing LED lights that you can activate (or not) to create a real warm atmosphere.

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