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The ultrasonic diffuser

The ultrasonic diffuser, also called ultrasonic or noisy is a somewhat technical but very effective device. It is based on the aerial suspension of a mass of water and essential oils when they resonate with a very high frequency wave train (from 16 to 20 Mhz). This mode of diffusion is made cold so that you do not distort your essential oils and above all keep all their energy value. In addition, ultra-sound diffusion allows to slightly humidify the ambient air, making it less dry and therefore more breathable. Less powerful than a nebulized diffuser, the heater is, on the other hand, very quiet (small water spray) and will cover surfaces of about 30 m2. There is an important choice of ultrasound model. The covered/price ratio is often unbeatable. If you want to spread essential oils for a therapeutic purpose, forget the heater. Unlike nebulization, essential oil particles are not projected pure in the air, but coupled with heavy liquid water particles. The active principles of aromatic molecules will thus remain less suspended in the air before falling back, thus decreasing the duration of the effects of essential oils. This mode of diffusion remains ideal to enjoy the pretty mist that escapes and to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere.


Omelia ultrasonic diffuser - 60 m2

OMELIA ultrasonic diffuser - 60 m² - Innobiz

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Diffuseur OméliaThe Omelia ultrasonic diffuser combines aromatherapy with air humidification and allows you to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere. The colored illumination of its worked glass bell, easily configurable, makes this product an elegant decorative object.

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Presentation of Omelia diffuser

Voir la vidéo du diffuseur ELIADiffuseur d'huiles essentielles Omélia

The omelia ultrasonic diffuserIs both decor, design and performance. A nice combination for a beautiful object composed of noble materials (wood floor and glass bell worked) that will find its place in your interior.

It combines both a humidification of your air and the diffusion of essential oils of your choice to quickly create a pleasant olfactory and visual atmosphere. It will seduce you with its performance and design.

It works on a water spraying technology. A few drops of essential water oils (10 drops maximum) to spread their odors and benefits in your interior. In addition, its glass bell worked will offer a colorful and original illumination thanks to the built-in leds. You will have the choice between a soft and tamed or more sustained light, depending on the desired atmosphere.

Simple, efficient and multifunction
With its ultrasonic spraying technology, Omelia effectively diffuses all the benefits of essential oils in a soft mist with a multicolor light. Just add some essential oils to the water to diffuse their fragrances in the air and thus generate a soft olfactory atmosphere for your interior.

The Omelia diffuser works with 2 modes of diffusion: either continuously or intermittently 30 seconds depending on your needs and effectively diffusesup to 60 m2. 

Advantages of Omelia diffuser

Diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Omélia

+ Cold spraying that respects your essential oils
+ Light water volume that pleasantly moisturizes a dry air.
+ Multi-color light ambience (changing and variable in intensity lights)
+Wooded glass and wooden base
+ Dissemination up to 60 m2
+ Stops automatically when the water level is too low

What is the principle of diffusion ?

The Omelia diffuser works by noisy. The noise of the OMELIA diffuser is caused by the vibration of a very high frequency ceramic pellet that triggers ultrasound by its movement. This is why the OMELIA diffuser is called ultrasonic by noisy.

Technical specifications

- Broadcast mode : brumisation ultrasonic
- Functions: Light Control - Water level sensor and automatic shutdown when the level is low
- Distribution area: up to 60 m2 maximum
- Electric power: 12W
- Spread weight: 435 grams
- Distribution weight + adapter : 650 grams
- Water tank capacity: 100 ml
- Product dimensions:Ø 90 mm - Height 154 mm
- Power supply: AC 100~240V / 50~60 Hz - DC24V 500ma
- Manufacturer warranty: 5 years

How is the Omelia diffuser used ?

1 - Swivel the glass bell and remove it (Fig.1)
2 - Connect the mains adapter feed cord in the socket (A) under the diffuser base (Fig.2)
3 - Remove the lid positioned above the tank (Fig.2)
4 - Pour water and 5 to 10 drops of essential oil into the tank (Fig.3). Do not fill on top of the Max 100 ml mark. Do not use boiling water or demineralized water. Do not fill up when the device is under voltage.
5 - Replace the lid and glass bell on the base (Fig.4). Do not use the device without the glass bell.
6 - Connect the electric adapter to the mains socket.

It is recommended to drain the water from the tank and keep the unit dry when not used.

Montage du diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Omélia

The "Mist" button allows the activation of the device and the diffusion:
1st pressure : Streaming. The light indicator is fixed
Second pressure : Intermittent diffusion (30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF.) The light indicator is discontinuous.

To turn off the device, hold the Mist button for about 3 seconds.

The Light button allows the activation and adjustment of the light atmosphere (Fig.6):
1st pressure : Activation of automatic color change mode
Then successive pressures: manual selection of color and intensity (soft/gloss) or deactivation of light.

In a few minutes, essential oils will scent your interior, and clean up your atmosphere.

OMELIA broadcaster interview

After 5 to 6 uses, clean the product as follows :

1 - Disconnect the unit and remove the glass bell and the lid positioned above the tank.
2 - Completely empty the water tank
3 - Use a small amount of dishes to clean it. Dry gently using a soft and dry cloth to dry it.
4 -Never use aggressive products to clean the unit, as they could react with essential oil residues and cause noxious vapour discharge or create a dysfunction of the unit.

Video of Omelia ultrasonic diffuser

The box contains

1 - An essential oil diffuser OMELIA
2 - A sector adapter
3 - A leaflet translated into 7 languages

Diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Omélia

Precautions of use and warnings

The quantity and intensity of the mist varies according to the type of water, temperature and air currents of the room. The device is switched off automatically in case of water failure in the tank. Use only 100% natural essential oils. The use of oils containing chemical ingredients, synthetic flavours or impurities can damage the appliance.

If you're not a technician, don't try to disassemble the diffuser to repair it. Contact the seller if a repair is required. Clean regularly, in accordance with maintenance instructions to avoid malfunction. Always unplug before any maintenance. For hygiene reasons, after use, drain the water from the tank and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth. Do not let the mist come into direct contact with furniture, clothes, walls, etc. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not place the device on an unstable surface. Do not use sparkling water, use only tap water or mineral water and in no case demineralized water ( osmosis example) Never move the device when it works. Do not touch any part of the product wet hands. Keep the device away from domestic animals and young children. If the power cord smokes or burns, unplug it immediately. Do not touch the metal disc placed in the centre of the tank.

OMELIA diffuser conformity guarantee

In case of failure during the warranty period (5 years), you must contact us so that together a diagnosis can be made. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction.

If a breakdown is confirmed, your broadcaster will have to be full. In any case, don’t try to disassemble, or change the appliances, you would then lose all right to the warranty parts and hand of work.

The warranty does not support the break, or defects related to misuse or improper maintenance of the device (water level or essential oils too high, uncleaned device regularly, etc.)

Works on
Light effects
Changing colors
Speed adjustment
2 speeds
Surface covered
60 m2
Emission of noise
Less than 30 db
Clear wood

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OMELIA ultrasonic diffuser - 60 m² - Innobiz

Diffuseur OméliaThe Omelia ultrasonic diffuser combines aromatherapy with air humidification and allows you to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere. The colored illumination of its worked glass bell, easily configurable, makes this product an elegant decorative object.

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