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Discover our organic skincare products for men

The skincare and beauty industry is evolving to meet men's growing need for quality products. For those looking for natural, environmentally-friendly cosmetics, the Penn'Ty Bio online shop offers a range of organic skincare products specially designed for men.

More and more men are turning to organic cosmetics to look after their skin and appearance. Aware of the benefits of natural and organic ingredients, they are looking to avoid the harsh chemicals often found in traditional products. Penn'Ty Bio is responding to this growing demand by offering a selection of skincare products exclusively for men.

A variety of products, from facial care to hair care and shaving products. These products are formulated with certified organic ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils and natural components, which nourish and revitalise the skin without causing irritation or side effects.

The range's star products include gentle facial cleansers with soothing botanical extracts, moisturisers rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and soothing aftershave balms for a pleasant, trouble-free shaving experience. Men can also opt for organic shampoos and shower gels that preserve the natural balance of skin and hair.

As well as looking after your skin and your appearance, Penn'Ty Bio's organic skincare products for men also help to reduce your environmental footprint. Packaging is often designed in an eco-responsible way, and ingredients are sourced sustainably, ensuring that every purchase helps to support planet-friendly practices.

Penn'Ty Bio offers men the opportunity to adopt a personal care routine based on quality, naturalness and respect for the environment. By choosing organic cosmetics, men can take care of themselves while making a positive choice for their skin and the planet. Feel free to explore our men's skincare range and discover the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics.

Mann shaving balm – 50 ml bottle - Logona

Aftershave balm - 50 ml bottle

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Delivery expected from 10/03/2023

This organic aftershave balm is the perfect care for men allowing them to keep their skin supple and soft. Thanks to the combination of liquorice, caffeine, ginkgo and hyaluronic acid, this balm contains remarkable assets to support the beauty of the skin, in all circumstances. 50ml bottle.

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Repeated passages of a razor blade on your face can create micro cuts or irritations.

To fight these inconveniences day after day, adopt a suitable after-shave treatment your skin type and designed to specifically address your skin problems.

Say goodbye to the unpleasant burning sensation and revitalize your skin thanks to balm after shaving Mann Logona.

The skin of men is much thicker and more robust than the skin of women and requires a specific formulation.
This post-shave balm with the revitalizing combination of organic caffeine, dgingko bio extract and dtiger walnut oilmoisturizes and treats the skin. It is soft and supple after shaving. Spicy and oaky fragrance.


The benefits of this balm after organic shaving
+ Its active ingredients calm the skin after shaving
+ Antibacterial effect
+ Contains liquorice extract: anti-inflammatory action
+ Caffeine extract to to tone and stimulate microcirculation.
+ Ginkgo bio extract to stimulate cell renewal.
+ dermatological tests on volunteers confirm the correct tolerance of the product.
+ Without coloring, without perfume or synthetic curator, without paraffin or raw materials from petrochemicals.
+ "Natural controlled cosmetics", Natrue, Vegan and gluten-free


This is Natural balm is the ideal daily care to mitigate the attacks that can lead to shaving. Only ingredients of irreproachable quality, this treatment is certified organic. Its spicy and oaky fragrance, permanently wraps the skin of a vegetable perfume Very nice. Fresh, supple and soft, your skin radiates with beauty!


Zoom on the main assets:
Actifs - Crème à raser - Logona Mann

Hyaluronic acid:Hyaluronic acid, obtained by biotechnology, is an effective moisturizer, as it can fix much more water than any other substance. Not only does it store hydration, but it also forms a smooth film that stabilizes the corneal cells. The wrinkles are filled and the skin becomes wonderfully supple and smooth

Coffee:The stimulating properties of coffee are due to the presence of caffeine. It is also used as a stimulant and vitalizing in natural cosmetics, to support the skin metabolism and to improve the blood circulation of the skin.

Ginkgo:The curative virtues of ginkgo have been used in China for more than 1,000 years. The flavonoids it contains are of particular importance to the skin. These secondary plant compounds protect against free radicals that accelerate skin aging. Ginkgo also helps to to tone and strengthen the skin, improve tissue blood circulation and activate metabolic exchanges.

His composition :
Water (filtered by reverse osmosis), alcohol*, vegetal glycerin, sugar alcohol, soft almond oil*, vegetable emulsifier, soy oil*, shea butter, ester of fatty acids, welt oil*, xanthan gum, liquor root extract, gingko extract*, caffeine*, sodium lactate, hycal acid, vitamin E, acid



INCI ingredients:

Aqua (Water), Alcohol denat.*, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil*, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Isoamyl Laurate, Cyperus Esculentus Rootm Oil*, Xanthan
*Ingredient from organic farming

** Natural essential oils


Instructions for use: Apply day and/or night on a cleaned skin.


Certification:This shave lotion respects the BDIH chartercontrolled natural cosmetics.


Packaging: 100 ml glass bottle.


The range Logona Mann: Natural care for male skin

Even the masculine skin needs care, adapted of course to its particular requirements. For although this masculine skin is thicker and more resistant, it also loses its firmness over the years, suffers from environmental aggression and premature aging. LOGONA mann offers human skin intense hydration, combined with vitalizing and protective assets such as organic ginkgo and organic caffeine. For a fresh and vibrant skin, with a spicy and masculine fragrance, based on precious wood.


Quality guarantees Logona
- Consistent with the demanding criteria of NaTrue certified natural cosmetics
- Without colorants, perfumes or synthetic curators
- Without paraffine oils or other ingredients from oil chemistry
- With vegetable oils and extracts from organic farming
- Dermatologically confirmed skin tolerance
- No ingredients from dead animals
- Developed and manufactured without animal testing
- "Made in Germany": developed and manufactured in Germany

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Gluten free
Labels / certifications
50 ml

Specific references



Best aftershave balm ever

I am using Logona Aftershave Balm since many years. It is doing very well to my skin, giving a sympathic light odour and a smooth feeling. I am convinced the ingredients are natural and healthy. At least also the price is allright.

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Aftershave balm - 50 ml bottle

This organic aftershave balm is the perfect care for men allowing them to keep their skin supple and soft. Thanks to the combination of liquorice, caffeine, ginkgo and hyaluronic acid, this balm contains remarkable assets to support the beauty of the skin, in all circumstances. 50ml bottle.

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