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Discover our organic skincare products for men

The skincare and beauty industry is evolving to meet men's growing need for quality products. For those looking for natural, environmentally-friendly cosmetics, the Penn'Ty Bio online shop offers a range of organic skincare products specially designed for men.

More and more men are turning to organic cosmetics to look after their skin and appearance. Aware of the benefits of natural and organic ingredients, they are looking to avoid the harsh chemicals often found in traditional products. Penn'Ty Bio is responding to this growing demand by offering a selection of skincare products exclusively for men.

A variety of products, from facial care to hair care and shaving products. These products are formulated with certified organic ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils and natural components, which nourish and revitalise the skin without causing irritation or side effects.

The range's star products include gentle facial cleansers with soothing botanical extracts, moisturisers rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and soothing aftershave balms for a pleasant, trouble-free shaving experience. Men can also opt for organic shampoos and shower gels that preserve the natural balance of skin and hair.

As well as looking after your skin and your appearance, Penn'Ty Bio's organic skincare products for men also help to reduce your environmental footprint. Packaging is often designed in an eco-responsible way, and ingredients are sourced sustainably, ensuring that every purchase helps to support planet-friendly practices.

Penn'Ty Bio offers men the opportunity to adopt a personal care routine based on quality, naturalness and respect for the environment. By choosing organic cosmetics, men can take care of themselves while making a positive choice for their skin and the planet. Feel free to explore our men's skincare range and discover the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics.

Men's pack

€46.73 Tax included
Delivery expected from 10/06/2023

With the Penn'Ty Kit for Men, find the essential hygiene and beauty products for your daily hygiene. Pack including 4 products.

This pack contains

Shave cream – 75 ml tube - Logona

Organic Ginkgo and Caffeine shaving cream – 75 ml tube

x 1
Shave lotion – 100ml bottle - Logona

Aftershave lotion – 100 ml bottle

x 1
New packaging for human body deodorant vetiver bio

Men's Body Deodorant - Organic Vetiver Essential Oil - spray 125 ml

x 1
Moisturizing and smoothing cream Q10 - 50ml - Logona Mann - View 3

Hydrating and smoothing cream Q10 Ginkgo and Caffeine - 50 ml

x 1
Unavailable for the moment

Penn'Ty Bio also thinks about men ! Men need skin care products that are particularly adapted to their skin. Even if men's skin is more robust, it also suffers from oxidative stress, premature aging and loses its strength over the years.

The Penn'Ty Kit for Men contains organic products that are essential for men's daily cleansing.

Based on organic ginkgo and organic caffeine, real protective agents, the Logona Mann range intensely moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, thanks to its fresh and spicy smell.

The products are Natrue certified and have been around for many years, winning over a large number of customers who want to use quality natural products on their skin.

Logona Organic Shaving Cream cares for and protects the skin with jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and caffeine and gingko extracts. Fluid and unctuous, it spreads perfectly on the skin. You can use it even without a shaving brush by lathering well with a wet hand. The skin is not dry and remains elastic after shaving, even after rinsing.

Logona's after shave lotion effectively calms redness and irritation after mechanical or electric shaving. It refreshes and invigorates you with its spicy and woody scent.

The deodorant Vetiver for man Douce Nature : with the extract of comfrey (softening) and essential oil of vetiver allows to block the action of the bacteria responsible for the bad smells without modifying the natural process of the perspiration.

Finally, Logona's Q10 Moisturizing and Smoothing Cream will give you a fresh look. This 2-in-1 product provides revitalizing hydration. 

Quick overview of each product

Shaving cream logona mann1 - Organic Shaving Cream - 150 ml - Logona Mann
The formulation of the Logona Mann organic shaving cream, particularly rich, creamy and pH-adjusted, softens the hair and allows an easy and gentle shave. The selection of plant extracts, which compose it, soothes the skin and prevents irritation. A shaving cream to start the day gently.

The + of this product : With its high pH, it swells the hair and thus allows a very close shave soft and without irritation. A synergy of plant extracts already prevents redness and irritation during shaving.

To learn more about this product, go to the detailed sheet


Logona Mann After Shave Lotion2 - After Shave Lotion - 100 ml - Logona Mann
Say goodbye to the unpleasant burning sensation and revitalize your skin. Men's skin is much thicker and more robust than women's skin and requires a specific formulation. The remarkable combination of ginkgo and organic caffeine forms the heart of the new Logona Mann products.

The + of this product : Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory licorice extract, caffeine extract to tone and stimulate microcirculation, organic Ginkgo extract to stimulate cell renewal, dermatologically tested, formulated without coloring agents, synthetic fragrances or preservatives, kerosene or petrochemical-based raw materials.

To learn more about this product, go to the detailed sheet


Organic Vetiver Deodorant Douce Nature3 - Deodorant Spray for Men with Vetiver - 125 ml - Douce Nature
This special body deodorant for men, with the pleasant scent of Vetiver, without aluminum or synthetic dyes, will fight all day long against perspiration and bad odors. It is appropriate for all the types of skins.

The + of this product : With the extract of Consoude* (with the softening virtues), aromatic composition with essential oils 100% pure and natural of which the Vetiver, active ingredient of vegetable origin, blocks the action of the bacteria responsible for the bad smells without modifying the natural process of perspiration, long action: 8 hours (according to the physical activity), does not stain clothing, guaranteed without aluminium, without PEG, EDTA, Paraben, nor dyes of synthesis, nor petrochemical derivatives, not tested on the animals.

To learn more about this product, go to the detailed sheet


logona mann Moisturizing and smoothing cream4 - Q10 Moisturizing and Smoothing Cream - 50 ml - Logona Mann
The daily care for men in one step. Start your day with vitality and energy by using this organic moisturizer with a masculine scent (woody note). It will intensely moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy film. The Co-Enzyme Q10, a real cell booster, revitalizes and smoothes the skin. This cream soothes sensitive skin irritated by shaving. Moreover, the extract of caffeine invigorates and stimulates the microcirculation. As for the extract of gingko, it stimulates the cellular renewal.

The + of this product : Revitalizes the skin. Hydrates intensely. Non-greasy and non-sticky texture. Reduces wrinkles. Visible smoothing effect. Tones and revitalizes the face. Calms skin irritations. Contains no gluten or lactose.

To learn more about this product, go to the detailed sheet

N.B.: If this Penn'Ty Kit is not currently available for purchase, it is because one or more products are missing and are being restocked. Once the product(s) is (are) back in stock, it will become available again.





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Men's pack

With the Penn'Ty Kit for Men, find the essential hygiene and beauty products for your daily hygiene. Pack including 4 products.

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