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Example application for moisturizing lipstick 04 confidant pink health

Moisturizing lipstick 04 Confident Pink - 4.5 gr - Makeup Sante

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The Red to Lips N°04 Confident PinkHome Santeis made from organic jojoba oil. It offers a naturally beautiful color, a care and a smooth protection. For irresistibly colored lips! 4.5 gr stick.

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Rouge à lèvres 04 Confident Pink Santé

Frequently in contact with saliva, the lips tend to crawl and thus create a suitable ground for microbial infections. It is for this reason that a lipstick should not only promote a nice color, but also offer an optimal quality of care.

Sante naturkosmetik presents its new range of organic lipstick: beautiful unmatched and natural colors. high-quality components based on oils and plant extracts guarantee both smoothness and optimal tolerance, even for the most sensitive skins.

Hyaluronic acid contained in the formula is the anti-ageing asset par excellence. he hydrate, , comb the wrinkless and gives repulpant effect.

Glossy finish associated with an ultra creamy moisturizing formula. A natural and intense color for a 100% natural lip reading. The bright and nourishing color makes the lips bigger and leaves a long-lasting hydration thanks to the natural hyaluronic acid. lipstick n°04 confidant pinkMarries perfectly with an appropriate sante lip pencil and lets lips talk about themselves !


+ of this lipstick n°04 confidant pink
+ comb and provides long-lasting hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid
+ lips seem more pulpy and smoother
+ intense and luminous colour
+ glossy finish and satin finish
+ without preservative, perfume or synthetic coloring,
+ refined mineral pigments,
+ vegetable oils and waxes.


Its main assets

Actifs rouge à lèvres Sante

Hyaluronic acid:Hyaluronic acid, obtained by biotechnology, is an effective moisturizer, as it can fix much more water than any other substance (up to 1000 times its water weight). It not only stores hydration, but it also forms a smooth film that stabilizes the corneal cells. wrinkles are filled and the skin becomes wonderfully supple and smooth

Ricin oil:Regenerates and strengthens. Ricin oil is an oil obtained from ricin seeds. the ricin is a plant at the base originating from eegyptus, ethnic and indian but whose culture then spread over many other countries. during the ancient eegyptus, cleopatra used already the crecin oil as a masker. Today it holds an important place in cosmetics because it strengthens the eyelashes, nails and hair by stimulating the push of the kerat. for the skin, the caster oil is known to be softening and healing. It promotes adhesion and moulding of pigments in decorative cosmetic products.

Candelilla wax:This wax is obtained from the cultivation of candelilla (euphorbia antisyphilitica), mainly mexico and texas. this plant secretes a thin layer of wax to protect itself from water loss. By cutting and heating the shoots of the shrub, you get the candelilla wax that you then extract. In cosmetic care, the candelilla wax is particularly pleasant on the skin, not sticky and it fits perfectly with other oils. It is mainly used in protective emulsions, revitalising hair care, as well as in lip and makeup pencils.

The japon varnish bark wax: The wax is obtained from the fruit of the japon varnish. berries are cooked and raw wax is then extracted and filtered. soft consistency this wax allows it to be used as a thickening and moisturizing component in cosmetic products, especially in lip balms and care sticks, but also in emulsions, as well as in hair care and makeup products. This wax brings shine to the lips.


Result: A glamorous smile and lips both subtly colored and hydrated.
Excellent compatibility with all skin types, no coloring, preservative or perfume.
Very easy to apply, it has the advantage of being carried everywhere or we go (Take-up, handbag, etc.)


Colour: N°04 : confidant pink


  The info + : Lipsticks must do much more than take care of the lips and dress them. they must also have a long outfit.

- the secret of a long-lasting lipstick lies in the combined action of colored pigments and slightly volatile oils that evaporate in contact with the temperature of the skin. they fix the colored layer on the surface of the lips at about a minute.

- Long held lipsticks can only be manufactured using substances to which certified natural cosmetic manufacturers do not use (synthetic compounds close to silicone). This is why lipsticks from natural cosmetics have a ‘normal’ outfit. applications should therefore be repeated more often. but natural substances in return guarantee optimal quality of care.


Application advice 
Start by applying lipstick in the middle, then stretch on the sides. for a more intense makeup, draw a pencil line around the lip contour in advance.


Ingredients inci
Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil oxide, Oleic/Linolenic polyglycerides, euphorbia cerifera oxide (candelilla) wax, mica, hydrolyzed sunflower contains seed wax, rhus verniciflumina peel wax, isoamyl laurate, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax.

* ingredients from organic farming.
** from natural essential oils.


Life after opening: 12 months


Capacity: 4.5 g


Certification: NaTrue certified lipstick. Label cruelty free (no animal tested ingredient).


Les engagements de la marque Sante Naturkosmetik

The brand Sante you say more
We're sante! the brand of natural cosmetics created and made in German, which is committed to the environment, the planet, animal well-being and of course you. We're not doing this because it's fashionable, but because we've loved it for over 30 years.

All we do is designed to improve your natural beauty, be fun and protect our planet. because protecting nature makes you simply beautiful! And how do we do all this? We steal the green carpet for you: authentic and simple natural cosmetics with natural ingredients and certified according to the established quality standard #natrue. For this, we use selected organic raw materials based on plants and purely natural fragrances. After all, true beauty comes from nature !

With us, you can be sure: we commit ourselves to animal welfare. our natural cosmetics are #crueltyfree and mainly #vegan. It is also important for us that our packagings are recyclable and recyclable. but we don't rest on our laurels. we are constantly working on new ideas - for a more sustainable world. for a better future. for you, for our environment.

Really natural - without compromise.

Labels / certifications
Cruelty free
Labels / certifications
4.5 gr

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Moisturizing lipstick 04 Confident Pink - 4.5 gr - Makeup Sante

The Red to Lips N°04 Confident PinkHome Santeis made from organic jojoba oil. It offers a naturally beautiful color, a care and a smooth protection. For irresistibly colored lips! 4.5 gr stick.

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