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Xanthan gum - Multi-product household gelling agent - 200 gr - La Droguerie Écologique

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Xanthan gum is a natural gelling agent that allows you to prepare DIY household products. Easily make your white vinegar gel, citric acid gel, soda crystal gel, etc. 100% biodegradable. Kraft bag of 200 grs.

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Fabriquer un produit d'entretien en gel avec la gomme de xanthane

Miracle and natural products to clean your interior from the floor to the ceiling, we all dream of it, right? We know the benefits of products such as white vinegar, soda bicarbonate, citric acid (to name only!). Except by preparing our DIY products with these powders or liquids, we realize that the application is not always easy. The inconvenience? Very liquid, so they prove difficult to let them act on a shower wall or in the toilet. Wouldn't the solution be to transform our household DIY products into a gel?


What's the xanthane gum?
Naturally, the xanthane is made up of polymers of natural sugars produced by biotechnology: fermentation of beet sugar, cane or corn by Xanthomonnas campestris bacteria present in the cabbage. It comes in the form of a very fine white powder. It is 100% biodegradable and GMO-free. The xanthan gum is a gelling and thickening of aqueous phases. It allows to change the viscosity and texture of the aqueous phases. With a low concentration (less than 0.5%), it allows to stabilize emulsions while bringing a silky texture. With a stronger concentration, it has a strong thickening power and will allow you to achieve high viscosity textures.


What can she serve me?
The xanthane gum Ecological Drugs allows you to make your self-constructed household products. Flavoured, you create vinegar gel, oven decapant, toilet gel, detartrant gel for simple and biodegradable products at home. It is enough to combine it with multi-purpose powders (citric acid, soda bicarbonate, percarbonate, soda crystals, alcohol vinegar, ...). You will get a gel texture that will make it easier to clean and replace many household products with a single action: oven decapant, barbecue, toilet detartrant, bathroom ... The xanthan gum allows to create perfectly transparent gels, and remains very stable over time.


Why want to get a gelled product?
The gel texture allows you to stay well in place even on tilted surfaces. The gel does not flow and dries much less quickly. So you use less product and your household is simplified!


The advantages of xanthane gum
+ Glossary and thickening of aqueous phases
+ Achieve your household products in a gelled form
+ Increased efficiency of products
+ Low temperature sensitivity, very well supports freezing and defrosting
+ Natural raw material 100% biodegradable, GMO-free warranty
+ Manufacture and packaging in Western Europe
+ Kraft and indoor bag in compostable bioplastic PLA from corn starch.
+ Non-toxic product for humans and the environment.


Fabriquer un gel WC avec de la gomme de xanthane

Possible uses with xanthane gum

Do 0.3% to 2% depending on the desired viscosity, directly in vinegar, or in an aqueous solution of household powder such as soda percarbonate or citric acid.

1 - Degreasing cleaning gel or dishes liquid
Pour 400 ml of water into a salad bowl and add 4 CS* (* soup kitchen) of concentrated crystals with 1 CS* of black soap. Mix energeticly (with an electric whip if possible) until the powder is dissolved in the water. Add 8 g xanthane gum and mix. Then pour the mixture into a minimum 500 ml pump bottle. Applied to a sponge, it can serve as a dish liquid.

2 - Multi-purpose vinegar gel (anticalcaire - detartrant - degreasing)
Mix energeticly (if possible with an electric whip) 400 ml of white alcohol vinegar with 4 to 8 g of xanthan gum depending on the desired texture. You can add a few drops of essential oil for the smell (citron, lavender, eucalyptus ...). Pour the preparation into a minimum 500 ml pump bottle. Adjust the amount of gum: if you want a more liquid version, pour only 4 g of gum, for the maintenance of your toilet, or clean your tap for example. For a gel texture, in anti-calcar application on seals or shower walls, for example, prefer 8 g of gum in your preparation.

3 -Soda percarbonate gel (whitening – cleansing – decaying)
Mix 400 ml of water with 40 g soda percarbonate in a salad bowl. Add 8 g of xanthane gum gently (even if percarbonate is not completely dissolved) and mix again. Pour it all into a minimum 500 ml bottle. This recipe will allow you to clean your oven, tiled joints, barbecue grills... This recipe is suitable for other natural household powders. You just need to replace percarbonate with citric acid (detartrage, rust removal,...), or with crystal soda (surfaces to degrease, burnt pans,...) depending on the expected results.


Composition : 100% xanthane gum


Packaging : 200 grease kraft with PLA interior ( compostable bioplastic from corn starch)


Precautions of employment :Store in a dry place (maximum 30°C). Keep out of reach of children.


Learn more about the brand Le Droguerie Ecoologique
Created by Ecodis, Ecologic Drugs is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of everyday products for simplified use. The brand is distinguished by the culture of the spirit of creativity to allow its consumers to customize accessories and maintenance products. Certified ECOCERT, FSC and AB, each product has been designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and nature.

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Xanthan gum - Multi-product household gelling agent - 200 gr - La Droguerie Écologique

Xanthan gum is a natural gelling agent that allows you to prepare DIY household products. Easily make your white vinegar gel, citric acid gel, soda crystal gel, etc. 100% biodegradable. Kraft bag of 200 grs.

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