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Recharge Cleaning Sols - 1 tablet - Pure Pills

Floor Cleaner Refill - 1 tablet

€2.50 Tax included
Delivery expected from 06/06/2023

Suitable for all types of coverings, (linos, tomettes, tiles, laminates...) even fragile, such as marble and parquet, this floor cleaner allows you to obtain a clean floor, a shiny floor, without damaging the materials. ...or your health. 100% natural and certified organic. Innovative product: immerse the tablet in the water in its bottle, wait a few minutes and your cleanser is ready. Soils effervescent tablet sold individually.

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Pastille du nettoyant sols Pure Pills

A classic cleaning product is 80% water and a single-use plastic bottle that is thrown as soon as it is empty! Isn't there something that shocks you there ?

The brand Pure Pills revolutionizes the natural maintenance products of our homes by offering the effervescent watermelon ready to plunge into a 100% vegetable and reusable bottle. No need to survey the appliance-produced rays, nor to pass you 3 kg of plastic cans. you choose your product, you receive it in your box. Everything's happening at home !


Shine your habits
A cleaning session cannot be complete without soil cleaner. be it tiles, parquet, laminate, lino, whatever your type of coating, it is essential to clean it without damage... but also without damage to the planet or your health. This is why it is vital to use a certified natural product, as well as adequate equipment.

Thecleaning Sols Pure Pills has been designed for this purpose. thanks to its neutral ph, it is suitable for all types of coatings (lineos, tomettes, tiles, stratified). even fragile, such as marble and parquet (yes!). Therefore, only 1 product is sufficient for all parts. only one restriction: untreated natural wood, or not varnished. This cleaner soil allows you to obtain clean soil, glossy soil, without damage or materials. your health.

Sound eucalyptus fragranceWill seduce you and spread a good smell of clean in your home.

The principle is no longer simple:i fill my bottle with the tap water, I plunge the water into the water. I'm waiting six minutes. It's ready! With a watermelon, I find myself with a bottle of products for soils of 75 cl, which allows to do 19 wash buckets !

Pure Pills, it is both innovative, zero-plastic, eco-certified, but also with efficiency. Why? Because the best way to change a habit is to find another that is virtuous, equally effective and even more practical !


+ of Sols Cleaning Package
+adapted to all types of coatings
+ ideal on : linos, tomettes, tiles, stratified, marble, parquet
+ without harmful residue for your pets
+ Eucalyptus odour for a fresh fragrance in your interior (natural fragrance)
+ diy cleaner ready in 6 minutes. 1 tablet = 75cl of product Sols = 19 washrooms
+ 100% natural product certified by ecocert and tested/approved by 2 independent laboratories
+ without controversial materials: endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, mutagens
+ plastic microfilm tablet
+less impact on the planet: without water transported and without a chemical, we eliminate 94% co2
+ 0 single-use plastic: a refilled bottle with a watermelon is a less plastic bottle in the ocean
+ 100% vegan and Cruelty-free - without animal testing
+ a French manufacture (near perpignan)


How does it work ?
It's really simple. Do you have an empty spray bottle, water and 6 minutes in front of you? so okay, easy

Comment fonctionne le prinicpe du Pack nettoyant vitres et miroirs Pure Pills ?

In other words: the more you need to survey the household product rays – the more you need to transport water – you receive your products at home – the more you need to put cans at recycling... everything is happening at home!


Pastille du nettoyant SolsPure Pills

User advice
Use cold water tap. Do not use hot water to make your mixture: the watermelons are effervescent and they work in cold water (or at room temperature, but not warm either!). Hot water would “surmousse” your watermelon, and could damage your bottle Pure Pills.

The particularity of our cleaner for the floor is that it does not have the same cap as the other bottles Pure Pills. for practical reasons, it is a dose pump that replaces the usual spray.

Once the product is ready, have a bucket and a locker. to get the ideal dose for 1 bucket, press the pump 4 times. when you’re ready, put your favorite playlist and it’s gone !

No need to rinse after the passage of our natural cleaner for soils. We'll just have to let it dry for a few minutes. Enjoy it to rest !

N.B.:This cleaner is not suitable for untreated natural wood, or not varnished.


The composition of this watermelon
Contains linalol, lemonene and géraniol. also contains: carbonate salts, citric acid, stabilizers and dyes.
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


Physical and chemical characteristics of this watermelon
• weight of the pellet: 5g 5.%.
• odor: eucalyptus
• color of the diluted solution: green
• ph: 6 0.5 (1 tablet in 750 ml of water, 20°C)
• biodegradable product: in accordance with Regulation No. 648/2004 on detergents.


Conditioning: 1 special effervescent watermelon Kitchen in its safety bag. sold without the vegetable bottle Pure Pills.To get the bottle Pure Pills,appointment here.


Certification:Product controlled and certified by ecocert greenlife F.32600


Frequently asked questions

Is natural efficiency as powerful as petrochemical ? 
Let us be clear: going natural, it is also accepting to forget the miracle promises of petrochemical... “without scrubbing”, “immediate blossom” etc. these so-called magical effects that in reality are the result of particularly harmful “petrochimic” components. so yes, to have the same result; It will sometimes be necessary to let act 1 min, or to take a whistle to dry (maximum 5 sec!)... in exchange: no surfactants from petrochemicals, no devastating effect on our environment and our health. In the end, against an extra rag, we get used to no more aggressive odors. We even enjoy finding the right move. cleanse it healthy, without harming health !


Am I obliged to buy the bottles Pure Pills? 
Of course not;-) you can very well buy only the watermelons and use your own bottles! However... we recommend you try the 100% vegetable and mineral bottle, 100% rechargeable: experience and welcome to a Zero-Plastic world !


Should I shake my bottle to melt the watermelon? 
No, it's not helpful. nothing serves to shake your bottle, the watermelon dilutes itself in cold water or at room temperature. Just wait 6 minutes and see your super powers: you just created your own maintenance product !


Should I finish my bottle before charging it ? 
That’s better! Why? because each tablet is a concentrate intended to create 75cl active product. It is therefore better to leave on a clear water and an intact concentrate. The dosage is thus perfectly respected. It’s better for your budget, as for the planet !


How many pellets should I use to make my Sols cleaner? 
Be it to make its glass product, its cleaning floor, bathroom, its degreasing kitchen or its Multi-Usages ...the method is always the same: 1 tablet = 75 cl of ecological maintenance product go, to you now make your favorite household product !


What are plastic zero pellets retained? 
Pellets already have the advantage of not being dressed in a plastic film, and this is already a great victory over the diffusion of microplastics in the environment!!! only small concession, by safety measure for children, the pellets are presented in in tearable aluminum case. Next step, Pure Pills work on the topic to find a replacement solution! .

What if the bag of my pellets is wet? 
A priori, the packaging of the pellets is perfectly waterproof. but an accident can happen... in any case, it is best to keep your pellets in a dry place. however if you notice such a defect at the reception of your parcel, (damaged, wet, etc.). Don’t hesitate to let us know and describe the problem. if the problem is related to shipping (or any other manufacturing defects), we will be happy to replace them!.


How much do I need charging? 
Everything depends on your pace of use, and the number of people that make up your family. to start you can rely on our packs. integral, essential or solo, they will allow you to start without buying recharges during the first months. so you can evaluate your needs.


Pure PillsAbout the brand pure pills

Pure Pills is for all those who want to take a step further in the ecological transition: to all who want to adopt an eco-responsible lifestyle, while protecting their health and budget:-)

It is a young French company that offers eco-friendly maintenance products for the whole house. with a seat in the area, perpignan, and local suppliers (less than 200 km)! It is proof that we can change our habits today and have a positive impact on our environment.

Commitments Pure Pills :
• act against the use of single-use plastics.
• design water-free products, therefore less transport, less co2.
• offer rechargeable products, with Zéro-Plastiques recharges
• ban all harmful or controversial products from their composition
• offer reusable bottles and reduce plastic consumption
• offer a bottle without any petrochemical plastic, 100% vegetable and mineral, biodegradable and compostable..
Labels / certifications
Cruelty free
Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Type of surface
Ideal for
Ideal for
Ideal for

Specific references


Data sheet and security

SDS for Sols Cleaner Pure Pills

Download (427.26k)

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Floor Cleaner Refill - 1 tablet

Suitable for all types of coverings, (linos, tomettes, tiles, laminates...) even fragile, such as marble and parquet, this floor cleaner allows you to obtain a clean floor, a shiny floor, without damaging the materials. ...or your health. 100% natural and certified organic. Innovative product: immerse the tablet in the water in its bottle, wait a few minutes and your cleanser is ready. Soils effervescent tablet sold individually.

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