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DIY curator for cosmetics - 30 ml - Cosmo Naturel

DIY preservative for cosmetics - 30 ml - Cosmo Naturel

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This preservative of natural origin is the essential ingredient: it protects and prevents the development of bacteria, yeasts, molds in cosmetic products containing water. 30ml bottle.

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Fabriquer ses propres cosmétiques bio

What is a Conservative?
A preservative is an ingredient that prevents the development of micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi) in cosmetic products.

Whether it is conventional or organic, a cosmetic cannot be protected alone from aging and deteriorates from an organoleptic point of view (which relate to the sensory sphere). The smell can “turn”, the texture and the color change... This natural degradation of the product may even be dangerous in some cases.

If the law requires all cosmetics placed on the market to be able to protect themselves from external microbial contamination (and thus to contain a preservative for the most part), you do not have to submit to it if you even manufacture your home cosmetics. But you will quickly see that this type of product is becoming indispensable.

The goal of a curator is to protect the cosmetics of aging, but also to protect the formula from possible external microbiological contamination.


Do you have to be a curator in my preparations?
As soon as there is water in your cosmetic preparation, the addition of a curator is recommended. The most fragile products are:
- Lotions (only with aqueous phase)
- Oil in water creams, containing an important aqueous phase

When your cosmetic preparations contain only fatty bodies, it is not useful to put a preservative but only an Antioxidant, which will have the role of preventing rancir oil (example: our Vitamin E).

In some commercialized cosmetics, no preservatives are added. This is even the preferred option by manufacturers when possible. But it is unfortunately not always the case.

The non-preservative formulation is possible through the use of a suitable packaging or a special process:
- Airless Pack: it is a packaging designed so that the product never comes into contact with ambient air
- Sterilization (type UHT, as for milk) + suitable packaging, which remains sterile when used by the consumer (such as product range Dermatherm). The implementation of this technology is very expensive and therefore remains relatively undeveloped.


The + of the Conservative Cosmo Naturel
+ Avoids that your preparation starts to release an unpleasant odor, whether it takes a color or a troubled aspect
+ Also avoids that active substances in your preparation lose their effectiveness
+ Avoids that the alteration of your preparation results in various allergies and skin reactions
+ Conservator approved by the bio-ecological specifications
+ Made in France

Utiliser de la vitamine E pour ses cosmétiques maison

Use this Conservative in practice

Conservatives are sometimes critical because some may be allergic or irritating. This is due to the fact that they fight against any microorganism, which can disrupt the microbial flora of the skin.

Manufacturers now have good knowledge of the Conservatives. Conservatives are therefore carefully integrated into cosmetic formulae. They then undergo extensive tests to ensure their safety for consumers.

By doing your home cosmetics, it will be necessary to pay attention to the recommendations made to avoid overdosing.

The recommended dosage is 0.2 to 1% of the total weight of your preparation. The curator is added to the preparation once finished and cold. Mix well to homogenize.

This curator integrates at the end of preparation in emulsions or in the aqueous phase within 1%. The pH of the final product must be less than 7 for maximum efficiency. The curator is soluble 1% in water and alcohol.


Accédez à notre dossier sur l'utilisation et l'emploi de l'insecticide 4J

Our advice to optimize the conservation of your cosmetic preparation
Cosmetics made "house" are kept less than cosmetics sold on the market. They may, however, be held at least one month in accordance with the following conditions:
- Make suitable quantities (not more than 50 ml for facial care and 100 ml for body care).
- systematically add an antioxidant when the cosmetic contains a fat phase (e.g.: natural vitamin E)
- systematically add a bactericidal / fungicide when cosmetics contain aqueous phase (our conservative)
- Keep your creams in the refrigerator and use cosmetic spatula to remove cream
- Do not expose your products to high light or high heat

In addition, some simple precautions to make the most of your cosmetic products:

- Refer to your cosmetic products after use: in contact with the air, your cosmetic product can lose its qualities (parfum, texture, etc...).
- Do not expose your cosmetic products to bright light.
- Avoid heat sources: radiator, sunglasses, rear beach of a car, etc.
- Prive the tube flasks and when using pots, avoid dipping your fingers inside, but use a small clean spatula.


Composition :Benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid (Conservateurs agréés pour la cosmétique Bio-écologique).

Packaging :Flacon glass amber account drop 30 ml


Precautions of employment :Although being a registered bio-ecological cosmetic preservative, these products are legally considered to be a chemical that must comply with the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labeling and Packaging) which defines the European rules for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals. It is from their classification that the safety pictograms and phrases on the label are defined:

CAUTION CONTIENT benzyl alcohol. Nocif in case of ingestion. Nocif by inhalation. Keep out of reach of children. If a doctor is consulted, keep the container or label available. Wash hands carefully after handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke by manipulating this product. Avoid breathing fog/steam/aerosols. IN INGESTION: Call a ANTIPOISON CENTRE in case of discomfort. Eliminate content/recipient in an approved waste disposal facility.


Learn more about the DIY brand Cosmo Naturel
An exceptional recipe combining a touch of economy, a spoons of responsible consumption and an important dose of pleasure to get homemade cosmetic formulas perfectly adapted to the specific needs of your skin and your hair. Enjoy the pleasures of a homemade cosmetic by discovering the ingredients, accessories and bases of the DIY range Cosmo Naturel.

30 ml

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DIY preservative for cosmetics - 30 ml - Cosmo Naturel

This preservative of natural origin is the essential ingredient: it protects and prevents the development of bacteria, yeasts, molds in cosmetic products containing water. 30ml bottle.

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